Friday, May 04, 2018

Love Takes Hostages

Connie Brockway once said, ~The heart doesn't ask permission. It is singularly unconcerned with the qualifications of those it chooses to love. It mocks the intellect, it subjugates reason, and it holds hostage the will to survive.~ If you think about it, when it comes to matters of the heart pertaining to potential/significant relationships and/or utter heartbreak you can yourself or should I say your heart being taken hostage by your own thoughts, feelings, as well as emotions. For its a thought provoking situation indeed to experience an inner hostage situation of sorts that can last days, months, and/or even years. Of course, while going through the metaphorical hostage situation deals are trying to be made to either embrace true happiness that could very well be an absolute positive or finally let go of negative past issues that are/have been considered a threat personally, mentally, and/or emotionally.

As I said before, when it comes to matters of the heart pertaining to potential/significant relationships and/or utter heartbreak you can yourself or should I say your heart being taken hostage by your own thoughts, feelings, as well as emotions. True, the initial beginning phase of any hostage situation is considerably violent or brief depending how long it lasts to subdue the hostages. Essentially, it's while one's own heart is subdued there can be in all intense and purposes an all out assault occurring and the instant or gradual impact of it can certainly be traumatic. Thinking about it further, there's initially an inner mental/emotional mass of chaos and confusion in a hopefully non violent way happening within, in a manner of speaking, after being captured to the point where it can be considerably difficult in focusing after coming to the realization of what is going/has gone down.

Without a doubt, once the initial phase of the emotional and mental hostage situation is over then comes the negotiation phase, which is an all too familiar experience for quite a number of individuals. I think its safe to say for those living the single life there can most definitely be demands listed off, so to speak, involving our thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions towards one's own heart. The proverbial inner conflict of what you think you want and what you're most deserving of as it pertains to true happiness. In that instance, the quintessential hostage negotiator enters the picture and even though there may not be an actual hostage negotiator present you're own inner voice takes metaphorical form in trying to negotiate/mediate a deal or deals whatever they may be. Unfortunately, one's inner voice may not be able to resolve the conflict to where a resolution is unable to be made thus a standoff ensues. So, how long has your inner standoff lasted?

Let me ask this questions to those who are currently in a hostage situation regarding their own heart that has lasted for quite some time, at any point have you come to the decision with the termination phase? What do I mean? What it primary comes down to are the following 3 scenarios/options: 1.) Your thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions surrender peacefully to the reality of the situation and let the possibility of potentially falling in love run it's natural course. 2.) You're mentally and emotionally strong enough in overtaking all 3 so that you can move on from past issues by your own terms. OR 3.) You've given into the demands settled for and didn't really want because you allowed them to overwhelm you therefore killing any chance of moving on to experience a worthwhile love life. For the most part, you have those 3 scenarios/option to choose from or go with something completely different altogether and hope it works out for the best.

In retrospect, the most frustrating part of your heart being taken hostage by your own thoughts, feelings and/or emotions is the unpredictability of it all. Oftentimes, its an absolute unknown as to whether or not negotiations will turn into a dangerously volatile situation to where it should always be handled with care. However, there are times where you have no other alternative than to just bust in with guns blazing in SWAT Team fashion to truly free yourself from past issues, which is an aggressive albeit useful tactic to undertake. Granted, you're not in this alone as you have your fellow SWAT Team members of best buds/gal pals who will always head in to make the save knowing they could become collateral damage. Hey, there's always a risk but it's a risk they're willing to take. In the end, love takes hostages and when or if you find yourself in one you want to come out the entire ordeal with very much "alive" heart rather than have it end up be "dead".

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