Sunday, June 03, 2018


Actor Ray Fisher aka Cyborg from 2017's Justice League movie once said, ~I'd have all these crazy sort of 'who would win battles' with my friends who were big fans of other comic book characters, and I'd always find a way for Batman to win. It was deep for me, man.~ Without a doubt, there has always been lively to heated debates/discussion/arguments concerning who would win in hypothetical battles between characters in either the anime and/or comic book realm. For it can most definitely be an intensely crazy situation indeed as relatively calm face to face and/or online conversations between friends/strangers suddenly turn into loud screaming matches that go absolutely nowhere. Of course, when the latters happens the only thing that ever gets accomplished is the exchanging of endless amounts of childish, immature insults/comebacks that don't end up helping both side's case at all.

As I said before, there has always been lively to heated debates/discussions/arguments concerning who would win in hypothetical battles between characters in either the anime and/or comic book realm. Thinking about it further, when it comes to The Dark Knight otherwise known Batman there is a constant debate that has been going on for years of him having the ability to defeat any of his opponents with enough prep time. True, this is evident in how smart, knowledgeable, and not to mention calculating Batman is in studying the weaknesses of not only his enemies but his allies as well, which was show in the animated movie Justice League: Doom. True, although The Caped Crusader doesn't have the Kryptonian strength of Superman, fast speed of The Flash, Wonder Woman's Amazonian strength etc. he does use his keen sense of observation then utilizes the information for a potential takedown.

If you think about it, the argument involving who is the strongest anime/comic book character of all time has been tirelessly talked to death to where it becomes incredibly ridiculous. Goku, Vegeta, Jiren, Thanos, Darkseid, Hulk, One Punch Man, Superman, etc. are such names proclaimed as the strongest character either in the anime/comic realm to the point where Dragon Ball Z character Goku have been hypothetically pitted again strong characters from other different anime/comic book universes. Granted, the main argument involves the character's overall power and strength with a character like Goku who turned into going from ordinary Saiyan to Super Saiyan 2 leveling up SS3 then becoming SS God leading to SS Blue and ultimately achieving Ultra Instinct against Jiren in the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super. Hey, whether he is or isn't the strongest overall character continues to be highly debated.

Let me ask this question to my fellow geeks/nerds, are you for DC or Marvel? Personally speaking, I'm both. In any case, its a seemingly normal question to ask someone unless its posed to any die hard fan willing to express their opinions on the subject matter at hand. Oftentimes, it's considered a truly risky endeavor to express the reasons they're for or against DC/Marvel without having to state the following: DC/Marvel Sucks! Of course, much can be said for the strong success the MCU has had for the past 10 years with the exception of Thor: The Dark World. On the other hand, the struggles the DCEU has had with their live action movies like Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice have achieved relative success in regards to the animated movies being produced. Essentially, the battle between Marvel and DC is overwhelmingly one sided for now and there could possibly be a gradual shift in DC's favor later down the road. Time will tell.

In retrospect, there will always be hypothetical battle debates amongst deeply passionate and arguable insane geeks/nerds around the world pertaining to anime/comic book characters depending on the hero and/or villain in question. Of course, there will be those certain factions of geeks/nerd who will continually state that particular characters sucks and can't beat whoever he or she is pitted against. For the most part, you just have to remind yourself it is all merely hearsay as it involves a fantasy world comic book, as well as anime fans enjoying discussing at length about. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who get too passionate so much so it can very well take it very personally. Ultimately, what it primarily comes down to is the fun factor in being able to talk about what we most enjoy without going completely bonkers and in the end up getting triggered when something is said one doesn't agree with.

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