Friday, August 19, 2005

Here's Your Sign

Someone once said, ~The problem with America is stupidity, now I'm not saying there should be capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the safety labels off everything let the problem solve itself.~ If you think about it, there people you meet along your journey of life who have a good head on their shoulders and seem quite intelligent. Yet, there are some people who you meet that really need to get their head examined due to the fact they do or say things without being properly supervised. On any given day you could be standing next to or talking with someone who has the capacity to do or say something stupid; but the decision of when and where to show that particular act of stupidity rests on his or her capable shoulders.

Let me ask you this question, what was the most stupidest thing you ever saw, heard, done, or were involved in that when you look back you asked this simple question, why? For the most part, it seems harmless enough until one realizes there are consequences for his or her actions and the so called "victims" suffer from it. In some ways, its like catching a disease which there is no known cure for because quite frankly nobody is immune to random acts of minor or major stupidity. Yet, is it stupidity, a lack of common sense, or is it both that can get the better of a person? Case in point, there are a lot of stupid criminals and one particular criminal robbed a taco bell but instead of fleeing the scene he placed an order to go. The criminal was arrested at the scene.

Whether or not any of us wants to admit it we all go through spurts of stupidity every now and then. A perfect example is when we're in an elevator, there is a tendency to jump the gun, so to speak, and get off on the wrong floor. For its that realization that lets the people know of you minor act of stupidity, which they help to rectify your situation by letting you back in... sometimes. Its that split second decision to play it off as if you did get on the right floor that can be considered great acting on your part. Unfortunately, our own pride and stubborness can get the better of us to the point where we will not allow ourselves to get back on knowing they have alreadly been amused at your faux pas.

Without a doubt, love and stupidity go perfectly together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. People can't help but be stupid when your with, near, or around someone you like or in with. For some unknown reason, the rational parts of our brain simply shut off and the irrational part turns on and takes control which is oftentimes never a good thing. For the question can be asked, were you ever in a past or in a present relationship where you saw and/or experienced total and utter stupidity either on your part or by that particular person. Undeniably, love can be or get stupid with the person your with; but if you can't be stupid with the one you love, then who can you be stupid with?

Working in the asylum for the past 9 years, I've seen, heard, been involved in, or done acts of stupidity that would make you either shake your head or roll on the floor laughing. One such act of stupidity involved my co-workers, a dare, a laundromat dryer, and me getting into that dryer. Needless to say I almost broke my neck doing something that seemed fun at the time but it would have suffered some serious injury such as not being able to walk. Anyways, acts of sheer stupidity will always happen, that's why we have the Darwin Awards to keep us informed and entertained all year round. In the end, comedian Bill Engvall said it best when he suggested that stupid people should where signs and if you ever come across a stupid person you can simply walk up to him or her and say here's your sign.