Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I Love You Came Too Late

Someone once said, ~People so seldom say I love you and then its either too late or love goes. So when I tell you it doesn't mean I know you'll never go, only that I wish you didn't have to.~ Let me ask you this question, how many of you out there were at some point in a relationship with a guy/girl you considered to be "the one that got away?" For its that person you deeply regretted not saying I love you to and not sharing within your heart what you didn't have the courage to say to him/her when opportunities presented themselves in the relationship. I think it would be safe to say that some of you possibly have someone in mind as you're reading this to where so many memories that have been tucked away, so to speak, in the back of your heart come flooding back, which are painfully depressing in a good way of course.

Without a doubt, every person possibly has a story of "the one that got away" and by their own stupid mistake let him/her slip right through one's own fingers, in a manner of speaking. Thinking about it, one can most definitely experience feeling the blues when reflecting back on that certain someone in the past who you supposedly cared for with your heart. The color of his/her eyes, the sound of his/her voice, the way he/she laughed, the way he/she smiled are just some of the things that a guy/girl is never able to forget as they're considered a haunting reminder of what he/she could have held on to now, but instead it was all lost because he/she could never really bring himself/herself to say those three important words that he/she has been waiting, as well as, wanting to hear for quite some time.

As said before, there are certain people who can never really bring themselves to say I love you leading his/her potential/significant other to become absolutely frustrated to the point where he's/she's sick and tired fo waiting for those three words to come out of your mouth. Why? I think what it comes down to are that he/she may not have been certain as of yet if those three words were just that...words. Its a sad situation indeed when a person simply goes through the motion of saying I love you knowing full well they're not just lying to their potential/significant other, but also to himself/herself as well. You see, for any girl or guy for that matter you want the words I love you to mean to have true meaning as they in all intensive purposes pierce deeply into your heart in such a person and emotional way you don't question it.

For the question can be asked, if it were humanly possibly would you go back in Quantum Leap type way to fix the wrong and make it right concerning "the one that got away" essentially erasing all your past yesterdays? If you you think about it, being able to change the past when it pertain to matters of the heart is a leap many would not pass up on but unfortunately life doesn't work that way. Its tough for any person to deal with the regret of not opening their eyes in time as he/she didn't wake up to the signs of the lack of attention that he/she gave to that certain someone whereby putting him/though an all out mental, as well as, emotional rollercoaster inevitably pushing him/her away little by little. Oftentimes, the words I love you followed by a geuninely remorseful I'm sorry weren't enough to rekindle what once was as pain of losing him/her again hurts twice as much.

In retrospect, when it comes to "the one that got away" a smile can appear on your face as you know he/she was the one person who knew you better than you knew yourself. Plus it's this particular person who could see through all your bs and has that innate ability to have you open yourself up leaving you not only scared but vunerable. Hey, its a fear that every person has faced, is facing, or is going to face and whether you stay in order to conquer the fear or run away completely because you're scared he's/she's going to leave you first is all up to you. In the end, to those who are in a potential/significant relationship don't be afraid/put off saying out loud what's in your heart or you'll end up looking back at past regrets because the words I love you came too late, which is a song by solo artist/NKOTB member Joey McIntyre that best reflects this thought.

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