Saturday, February 17, 2018

What's The Catch?

Someone once said, ~Once in a lifetime maybe you meet someone who is instantly different from everyone else. Whatever level it might be the two of you belong together. As just friend, or lover, or something entirely different. For some reason, you just work. What is it called? Not coincidence. Not sheer luck. I don't know what I believe in. Fate sounds too good to be true. Whatever it is, it makes me believe in something.~ Without a doubt, every person has heard or said the expression "if it looks too good to be true it probably is" and in this particular case it can most definitely involve a guy/girl in regards to love/true love. For its a suspicious mindset indeed to inhabit when meeting someone new after experiencing disappointments pertaining to past potential and/or significant relationships.

As said before, the expression "if it looks too good to be true it probably is" has been heard or said at one point or another, especially when it involves a guy/girl in regards to love/true love. I think its safe to say every person finds or has found himself/herself mentally questioning what could possibly be wrong with someone they're interested in/dating who by all accounts is deemed boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife material. Yet, he/she has been living the bachelor/bachelorette life for quite some time. True, one can certainly have a nagging feeling to the point of being absolutely suspicious at what he/she could be personally, mentally, emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually hiding.

If you think about it, to have the too good to be true mentality has the propensity to constantly dig for anything to be suspicious of even though there may not be any evidence/proof to the contrary. Unfortunately, it can become a persistent nagging feeling as previously mentioned that's so unrelenting it has the ability to negatively affect how and what an individual thinks/feels/views pertaining to a potentially hopeful worthwhile relationship. Essentially, its a type of mental and emotional self sabotage of nitpicking something seemingly insignificant or totally irrelevant and turning it into a much bigger issue knowing full well there's none at all to deal with.

Let me ask this question to those who have encountered in the past or are encountering now a "too good to be true" guy/girl, what questions weighed/are weighing on your mind on whether he/she was/is genuinely the real deal? Thinking about it further, those aforementioned questions could be as such: Why has he/she been single for so long? How many exes does he/she have? Is he/she not over an ex? Does he/she have a great relationship with their mom/dad/parents? If not, what sort of issues is he/she dealing with? Is he/she relationship material? Of course, the inquiring minds of the vast majority of women than men want those questions to be answered and so much more.

Someone said~ It's sad how I just wait for the best things in my life to end cause good things never last for me...and this is almost too good to be true.~ In retrospect, experiencing consistent heartbreak can leave someone jaded to where there's no meaningful value in the word trust anymore and replaced it with a highly suspicious mentality. What it primarily comes down to is being able to meet a guy/girl unlike any other who somehow has the innate ability to forever break that suspicious mindset whereby giving trust back its meaning and value. In the end, I say to those who are hoping and maybe even have met that person may your first thought not be the following three words: what's the catch?

Friday, February 09, 2018

Chaos Heart Theory

Jonathan Carroll once said, ~Real love is always chaotic. You lose control; you lose perspective. You lose the ability to protect yourself. The greater the love, the greater the chaos.~ Let me ask you this question in regards to matters of the heart, do you think there are seemingly random events that will unknowingly lead you to that certain someone in a serendipitous sort of way? For it's a thought provoking situation indeed as the chaos of bad past relationships are ultimately a much larger interwoven scheme that my be utterly confusing and frustrating at first; but they eventually become considerably clearer once you finally see what or should I say who is standing in front of you.

Without a doubt, there is potentially an inherent unpredictability involving love/true as it pertains to a certain guy/girl who is considered to be the proverbial chaos who may or may not be known or vice versa. Thinking about it further, its the chaos of the absolute unknown where it feels as if there is a tornado of thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions creating havoc internally so much so, it gets uncontrollable to where it sweeps you up and swallows you whole, in a manner of speaking. However, its that same chaotic individual who also has the innate ability to be the quintessential calming peace to the personal, mental, and emotional pandemonium you've been experiencing for quite some time.

As said before, there is potentially an inherent unpredictability involving love/true as it pertains to a certain guy/girl who is considered to be the proverbial chaos who may or may not be known. Of course, there is a tremendous amount of risk involved when meeting someone you're truly interested in/drawn to and for the most part you want to instinctively put all your effort in words, as well as your actions into something positive in hopes the odds turns out positive in your favor. Unfortunately, that's not always the case as a person will in all intense and purpose never be seen again after being swept up in the chaotic tornado of their thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions whereby having no way of finding a way out it.

If you think about it, the chaotic tornado representing true happiness has the capacity to provide a sense of strength you can undeniably hold on to and all you have to is let go. True, there may be unrelenting fear, anxiety, doubt, disappointment etc. of letting go and allowing yourself to become vulnerable in being swept up in the emotional/mental vortex not knowing somewhere within the swirling chaos someone's hand is positively reaching out for you to take it. Essentially, its a hand that represents and signifies trust, faith, honesty, hope, respect, patience, safety, understanding, commitment, communication, stability, etc. So, the question remains will you reach out and take it?

In retrospect, the chaotic tornado that is potentially a strong, worthwhile relationship is like trying to solve an extremely long and difficult equation. Granted, it may work out for the best or you end up going to the metaphorical drawing board of the heart. In any case, despite the simplistic nature of it all you don't want to have that utterly complex chaos rule over you. What it primarily comes down to is being able to some way have control of the chaos and know where it's taking you. In the end, the equation otherwise known as the chaos heart theory is continuously being worked on for those living the single life like myself and hopefully each of us will be able to solve it someday.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Simply Perfect

Ed Sheeran once said, ~Your partner should be your best friend. You feel like you want to spend every single day with them and you always have something you can talk to them about.~ Without a doubt, its considerably rare these days to find/meet who will be considered your forever best friend. For its a type of forever best friend who you have the ability to in one's own unique way to perfectly communicate with each other verbally and nonverbally. Thinking about it further, it's a connection that is so deeply genuine personally, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and not to mention emotionally you can hardly believe he/she is real. However, when that realization finally sets in you smile knowing the guy/girl in question is someone who you've been truly waiting for has come true.

Let me ask this question to those in a potential and/or significant relationship, did you meet when you were childhood kids or later in life as a hopefully mature adult. Oftentimes, having two people who have been best friends since they were kids supposedly makes for a strong worthwhile relationship. Why? I think its safe to say a couple who have known each other since they were kids have more inside knowledge in regards to possible inside jokes, their hopes, dreams, shared family life/school experiences, and whatever the case may be while growing up together. On the other hand, the case can be said for those who've met/found each other after going through past relationship experiences whether they were bad or good whereby giving personal life lessons of love/true love. Hey, some people just click instantly while others just take time.

As I said before, you want a type of forever best friend who have the ability to in one own unique way to perfectly communicate with each other verbally and nonverbally. Of course, being able to show love without any words spoken can speak volumes with one's proverbial partner in crime. True, the eyes are said to be the windows to the soul and certainly have a way of to say so much without saying a single word when it involves matters of the heart. Yet, at the same time, a simple touch in a Sasuke touching Sakura's forehead from the popular Japanese anime Naruto has the innate propensity to affect any person in such a way your heart skips a bit, leaves you breathless, time stops, and/or all three combined. In any case, it's not always what you say in showing how much you love someone as its also how it can be said too.

If you think about it, having a guy/girl willingly hold your heart in their hands shows utmost trust. A trust in which that certain someone's heart is deemed the most valued and priceless possession any individual one can ever hope to. as well as lucky enough to own, in a manner of speaking. In a sense, its like being given the most special gift shared between one person to another you absolutely don't want to break, play with, and/or break for that matter. Essentially, it's a feeling you never want to go/fade away and if compared to it would certainly feel like walking barefoot in the grass, listening to a favorite song that defines the two of you, softly whispering underneath one's breath so much so it causes the back of their/your neck to stand, etc. For the question can be asked how many can say they've experienced this in the past or are experiencing it right now?

In retrospect, when it comes to the potential for true happiness you can either dive right in with someone who may/may not be your better half or keep yourself emotionally distant from experiencing something totally amazing. Fortunately, there are a number of people who taken the lead of successful leaps of faith and now are with their better half while others are keeping themselves from feeling the pain of getting hurt again. In some ways, whether you're diving in or keeping yourself emotionally distant it's like dancing in the dark and trying to blindly find then match the exact rhythm as him/her. Ultimately, we all want to find/share a literal and figurative home within someone heart who will be able to house, so to speak, more than just our own well kept/hidden secrets. In the end, when everything clicks whether you've know each other forever or for just certain amount of time it can feel simply perfect, which is song by 4 time Grammy winner Ed Sheeran that best represents this thought.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

I Let You Go (Last Yodaism of 2017)

Mareez Reyes once said, ~One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go. Whether its guilt, anger, love, loss or betrayal. Change is never easy. We fight to hold on and we fight to let go.~ If you think about it, when it comes to the turning over of a new year once again it's in a sense like a regeneration of sorts and each one of us is The Doctor. Essentially, every year we're given the opportunity to regenerate into a whole new person, so to speak, to the point where sticking to a resolution for the new year is considered to be a battle within itself we either face head on or struggle with entirely so much so you run away. For it can certainly be a tough and furstrating situation indeed at the very start knowing you'll be tested mentally, emotionally, physically, and not to mention spiritually as well.

As I said before, every year we're given the opportunity to regenerate into a while new person, so to speak, to the point where sticking to a resolution is considered to be a battle within itself we either face head on or struggle entirely so much so you run away. True, it can be quite difficult to stay focused in wanting to achieve set goals for yourself knowing there are countless Dalek-like distractions that could in all intense and purposes exterminate one's own journey into trying to become a far better person. Of course, it's a continuous journey year after year in which a person reflects back sometimes not by choice on the many faces of the past you can either fondly smile back on or shed tears of sadness. What is primarily comes down to is having the determination to see it through or run away because of how so overwhelming it is.

Without a doubt, it's during one year to year journey in their own etaphorical TARDIS in which it's much bigger on the inside regarding the deep vastness of your thoughts, feeling, and/or emotions. Thinking about it further deep emotions such as anger, confusion, betrayal, bitterness, utter heartbreak, etc. are remnants of a past self that may still remain underneath the surface and haven't really let have let go as certain mental, emotional, and physical memories are a unwanted haunting reminder that continue to resonate like a nightmare you so desperately want to wake up from. Unfortunately, its a sad state of affairs when the pain is so humanly unbearable you want to shout out with angered tears for everybody to hear in somewhat similar fashion of the 11 Doctor in a memorable scene of the episode Rings Akhaten.

Let me ask this question as it pertains to the bed buds/gal pals or should I say companions you've in a sense traveled across the universe with over the years? Are they still companions of yours or did you end up making the difficult decision to part way with him/her/them? Here another question. do you still remember their names and faces? You see, life and truly worthwhile friends are a rarity to hold on to whereby no matter how long you haven't seen/talked/interacted with each other falling into the same old fun filled, mischievous routine is easy. However, what's never really easy is making the decision to part ways with friends for the betterment of your own mental and emotional sanity like encountering a Weeping Angel and with an eventual blink of an eye they're gone for from your life never to heard or seen from again.

In retrospect, 2018 provides everybody the chance to push the quintessential reset button and experience a whole new set of unknown adventures lying in wait for each one us. Granted, whether it involves the same companions you've been traveling with for years or much different ones it will be considerably interesting to say the least. Fortunately, for some people they have a fantastic outlook to the new year with a 9th Doctor like vigor while others feel it's not getting here fast enough so much so you would gladly have your mind wiped like Donna by the 10th doctor in the episode Journey's End. Ultimately, this year has been a journey of more highs than lows and vice versa as its just a matter of perspective involving our own personal journey of life. In the end, I think each of us can unanimously agree and say to 2017 it's been a pleasure but now I let you go

Monday, December 18, 2017

No Strings

Someone once said, ~I let it happen again. You've gotten the best of me all tangled up. You have known which strings to pull, getting depth in this beaten heart. I trust you won't walk out again, as we both had the custom. This feeling is not something that is wanted. It's just needed from now on. Love was a monster I had no intentions of facing, but all it did was chase. I have been worn down to the end of my rope, I know you'll catch me before I fall.~ If you think about it, it can oftentimes feel as if love/true love is considered to be a master marionettist with the ability to pull the strings of the metaphorical marionette/puppet that is the human heart. For it can truly be a frustrating situation indeed in trying to deal with the mental, emotional, and not to mention the physical strings that can certainly get tangled up when facing the possibility of a worthwhile relationship after experiencing utter heartbreak.

As I said before, it can oftentimes feel as if love/true love is considered to be a master marionettist pulling the wire/strings of the metaphorical marionette/puppet that is the human heart. Essentially, what I mean is a person can inevitably go through similar motions when the strings associating matters of the heart become in all intense and purposes attached once again to the point where it gradually takes hold and twists you up inside, in a manner of speaking. I think it's safe to say we've all experienced this or are experiencing this and it's an absolutely scary feeling. True, there is an initial mindset in which you think you'll have the strength to resist being moved by the wires/strings representing one's own thoughts, feelings and/or emotions. However, it really depends on how strong those aforementioned strings are that determine if you have complete control or end up losing that control completely.

Without a doubt, when you do get tangled up in the wires/strings of one's own thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions it can most definitely be quite difficult to untangle the mental, as well as emotional mess you find yourself in. Of course, that's where a gradual internal panic sets in to where the initial instinct is to immediately struggle merely out of sheer desperation to get free causing one to be even more tangled up than you were ever before. Unfortunately, it has a detrimental effect in how you think, act, feel, and/or say as it internally flips you upside down in a such a negative way whereby making it harder to untangle yourself thus focusing on anything remotely positive. What it primarily comes down to is to avoid getting tangled up in the same relationship mistakes in the past or be left in a sense mentally, as well as emotionally dangling from the same strings of doubt, frustration, anger, fear, confusion, bitterness, etc.

Let me ask this question to those who are living the single life, does it ever feel like you're simply a marionette/puppet dangling on a wire/string when it pertains to dating sites/apps? You see, the thought of placing your heart in the hands of so called master relationship marionettists who tout their ability in being able to expertly move you in the right direction towards true happiness sounds easy. Yet, even though it may sound easy having the marionette that is your heart being dangled out there "dancing" for a potential future best friend there lies within the difficulty of the unknown in attracting and then keeping someone's attention in an age where it's simply now a quick swipe to the left or right. Hey, as much as certain number people place their heart in the hands of these marionettists you don't ever want to ever have the feeling it's going to be left hanging there being passed by not being truly seen.

In retrospect, nobody ever wants to put their heart out there hanging like a marionette/puppet and have it be utterly ignored or even manipulated by a guy/girl with their own sordid ulterior motives. Sadly, for most people past bad relationship experiences and heartbreak have taught them the master marionettist that is love is an incredibly cruel monster who has the power to expose your beaten down heart so much so you're left hanging absolutely vulnerable. Ultimately, it's a hard to face a harsh and unwanted reality in which you can either accept the fate of forever being a marionette/puppet to it or making the decision to cut the tight bonds of those strings/wires allowing you to move freely in every sense of the word. In the end, if the latter is chosen then and not let the pursuit of a relationship be your entire reason for living then my friend you'll have the confidence in saying that when it comes to your own heart there are no strings on me.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

United Not Divided

Ramor Ryan once said, ~If solidarity is unity of purpose or togetherness, how to span this great divide of inequality, privilege, universal rights, political agency, and even our seeing things completely different? In constructing this bridge of international solidarity across we even begin?~ If you think about it, that's the million dollar question right there and being able to bring people together with words and/or action instead of creating a divide is considered to be far more imperative as it pertains to the state of a seemingly broken culture system sorely needing to be fixed, so to speak. For it's not a complicated situation indeed to understand as it merely takes common sense to not say and/or do anything one would end up regretting whereby facing the consequences because of their utter recklessness in not thinking before they act/speak.

Without a doubt, it seems as if there has been as of late a tremendous amount of negativity in regards to harsh words being spoken, especially when it involves senseless acts of tragedy. A tragedy that happened on the night of Oct 1, 2017 in Las Vegas. Its those words that are intended to cut a much deeper divide rather than heal an already extremely sensitive open wound that was and still is fresh in the hearts, as well as minds of the American people. You see, a cold and heartless remark from CBS executive Haley Geftman-Gold concerning the unfortunate victims of the Vegas shooting referred to the country music fans attending a Jason Aldean as "Republican gun toters" and addition to that she wasn't sympathetic at all towards them. Fortunately, that controversial statement caused absolute outrage so much so she ending up getting fired from her job and rightfully so.

As I said before, words harshly spoke in a negative way doesn't help in bridging the divide as it causes more of increasing the distance to where it hinders the process of getting to the other side. For the most part, Democrats and Republics will never really see eye to eye on certain hot button topics; but at the end of the day their human beings. Yet, it's a sad state of affairs when a human being such as Union County Democrat James Devine called for a "hunt" on Republicans and said he had little sympathy for Republican House Majority Whip Steve Salise after getting shot by James Hodgkinson during a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia along with 4 others. True, even though words can be spoken out of anger the decision to not express concern on the health and well being one's fellow man whom you disagree with from time to time show incredible lack of human decency.

Let me ask you this question as it concerns President Trump, no matter what you think of him personally and his policies is there a way of bridging the gap in order to bring everybody together and not constantly be at war, in a manner of speaking? In other words, focusing on the more important issues facing the United States and abroad knowing how much hatred Trump gets from every direction. Thinking about it further, the news media as a whole has to be responsible entity in not being out rightly bias and out for their own agenda in reporting what may or may not be solid piece of potential damning information. Granted, I'm not a Trump supported by any stretch of the imagination, but when the media and certain a number of Senator's sole focus is get Trump out of office and brushing off other news that needs to light to be shed on there's something totally wrong in my honest opinion.

In retrospect, the words "lead by example" holds a incredibly deeper meaning now more than ever. Oftentimes, the childish antics and demeanor of those up in Washington D.C. are far too embarrassing to even contemplate. Sadly, there aren't any signs of the fighting between both sides to stop any time soon and so it's up to American people to step up to be the true leaders we know we can be. Hey, we as citizens of the United States may have differences of opinions but when the chips our down we help our fellow man during times of great sadness and tragedy. Ultimately, it's what makes America great in coming together in being able to heal in times of immense crisis. In the end, let's all lead by example and take the initiative to be a more united not divided country because our elected official aren't doing a very good job at it.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Take A Knee

Benjamin Franklin once said, ~Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom; and no such thing as public liberty, without freedom of speech.~ The first Amendment. Without a doubt, the right to free speech is considered 1 of the 5 basic freedoms of rights guaranteed to we the people in order to express it in a verbal and/or nonverbal way. Essentially, the right to freely expressing a powerful and not to mention controversial message concerning the decision to kneel during the playing of the national anthem involving the man who initially started it last year Colin Kaepernick. For it truly has been a highly heated and much debated discussion indeed in which it has certainly garnered tremendous amount of attention to say least to the point where an individual's patriotism is being called into question.

Let me ask you this question pertaining to the decision by a number of NFL players and most recently a MLB player in not standing when the national anthem is played, has your opinion been positive, negative, or somewhere in between? True, there has been mostly a negative backlash deeming the rebellious act of protesting while down on one knee can be from a certain point of view labeled unpatriotic. Why? In a number of individual's eyes it spits in the face, in a manner of speaking, of all that is good and what has been freely given provided by those who swore a patriotic oath to protect those freedoms so much so their own lives were give up in doing so. Thinking about it further, those aforementioned men and women of the armed forces who are far more deserving of respect knowing full well what they have been/are enduring on a professional and personal level.

As I said before, there has been mostly a negative backlash deeming the rebellious act of protesting while down on one knee can be from a certain point of view labeled unpatriotic. However, on the flipside, the reason for kneeling is bringing to light social injustices in regards to racism and police brutality among the African American community that have constantly being going on for years. Granted, the topic has been brought up countless times in the past and even though they've become the proverbial hot button topic they've gradually faded or should I say set aside for much more important matters whatever it may be at the time. Of course, one could argue the fact that it's a seemingly repetitive cycle that has yet to be broken and even though its right in front of our eyes we as a nation have not fully open our eyes in properly handling such a touchy subject matter.

For the question can be asked, if you could come up with a compromise or some sort of solution of sorts to deal with what some have viewed as being disrespectful to the American Flag what would it be? I think its safe to say in order for a compromise or solution of sorts to happen their must be open dialogue to where the 2 or 3 sides are speaking with and actually listening to each other instead angrily of at/over each other. Thinking about it further, one possible proposal is having athletes, singers, etc. pay up a substantial portion of their salary to a charity of their choosing every time they make the decision to kneel so that way they're in a way giving to a cause while their standing up for theirs, so to speak. Unfortunately, the possible proposal may not solve anything and at the same time it's a potential starting off point for a meeting of the minds in a more respectful way.

In retrospect, I will always stand when the national anthem plays because I am the son of a retired military veteran who severed in the United Stated Navy and in turn his country proud for many years. Personally speaking, it's an honor and privilege to stand knowing my father proudly served/honored a flag that provided with him so much despite having so little coming from the Philippines. Oftentimes, we forget this great country is based on the ideals of being able to have the freedom to say/do/choose knowing that in certain countries they don't have that afforded right. Sadly, those rights in certain countries are taken away and punishable by death when it comes to their own laws. In the end, what it primarily comes down to is choice and if you choose to make a statement you're wholeheartedly standing up for then by all means take a knee; but don't do it because it's simply a popular trend you want to take part in.