Thursday, May 11, 2017

Me, Myself and I

Sarah L. Harvey once said, ~Love yourself without shame. Without fear of being selfish or silly. Love yourself wildly, ridiculously without a single once of restraint, Love your real, messy, gritty, raw, rapturous, divine self. Because where has hating yourself ever gotten you?~ Let me ask you this question to my fellow single peeps out there, does it really matter if you don't end up falling in love? For it's certainly a thought provoking situation indeed to ponder that particular question knowing that maybe being in a strong, worthwhile relationship is not often the case to be truly happy. Thinking about it further, living the single life while focusing on yourself in a selfishly positive rather than negative way is considered to be the best alternative as it potentially gives you a whole new perspective on life without the possibility of love/true love.

Without a doubt, any person who experienced in the past utter heartbreak has every right in wanting to be selfish in regards to their own heart in a positive way of course. Trust, faith, honesty, respect, intimacy, understanding, commitment, communication etc. are considerably important aspects of true happiness you want to regain back after it's all been taken from you, so to speak. True, it's the desire of any single person's heart who feels they are absolutely deserving of it. Yet, instead of fulfilling the desire of wanting to fall in love focus on being able to fulfil the desires of your own personal journey of self discovery. You see, it's during your time of enjoying the freedom of having crazy fun you're given the opportunity in gaining wisdom, as well as new memorable experiences to the point where there is a gradual metaphorical rebirth of sorts in a mental and emotional way.

As I said before, while enjoying the freedom of doing your own thing you're given the opportunity in gaining wisdom, as well as new memorable experiences to the point where there is a gradual metaphorical rebirth of sorts in a mental and emotional way. In other words, taking a vacation from thinking and feeling that's been long overdue concerning matters of your own heart in which it had you or is having you constantly fighting what seems like a losing battle at times of who you are as an individual. Oftentimes, a much needed mental and emotional break is in order to gradually regain your sense of self and not to mention your inner strength unfortunately drained by bad past relationships. Hey, it may take days, weeks, month, and/or years to feel fully renewed but its well worth it in the long run so much so you become much stronger in ever sense of the word.

For the question can be asked to those on their own proverbial walkabout of rediscovering yourself, has there ever come a point where you've thought to yourself it just may be better off being single? I think it's safe to say everyone including myself at some point has considered to forever live a life of being a bachelor/bachelorette. You see, there is innate selfish mindset where flying solo has its financial advantages and add to that the comforting notion of not having to deal with the stress of dating and the issues associated with it. In addition, spending time by yourself is considerably liberating as it provides you the chance to go wherever you want whenever you want to and not be questioned about it. Essentially, anyone who is single would feel very protective of not wanting to disturb a life of harmonious, blissful solitude you've grown so accustomed do.

In retrospect, when you're single there aren't any restraints to hold you back and to a certain extant you make your own rules. Of course, those aforementioned rules only make sense to you even though it may be considered weird or absolutely silly to others as it applies to what you're passionate about. Hey, it's that passion that shows the real, raw, and gritty side that's inside you waiting to reveal itself, which can be a scary albeit therapeutic experience while trying to figure yourself out. In the end, for how long your time of singledom lasts be open with and go for any adventure that comes your way as each new experience positively fuels the passion within your heart; but until the moment you find yourself wanting or should I say allowing it to slowly open it up to a certain guy/girl your only focus is to the following three people: me, myself, and I.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Etched In Stone

Ursula K. Le Grun once said, ~Love doesn't sit there like a stone, it has to be made like bread; remade all the time, made new.~ Without a doubt, there are times when you're living the single life it can seem as if you're metaphorically standing in front of your own heart with chisel and hammer in hand in order to reshape it like a stone sculptor. For it can most definitely be a tremendously long process indeed to say the least in trying to smoothly shape your own heart to what you imagine it to be, especially when love/true love is involved. Essentially, it takes a considerable amount of patience in working to in all intense and purposes chisel out how its intended to look to what it actually looks like, which is considered at times to be a far better end result than you've imagined.

If you think about it, when you're single you have a tendency to spend a considerable amount of time just taking a step back, in a manner of speaking, visualizing as a whole one's proverbial heart of stone. True, it can sometimes take days, weeks, months, and/or years to get any kind of feel/idea pertaining to a guy/girl who truly inspires you to start chiseling away piece by piece in hopes it gradually forms into true happiness. Hey, while standing there with chisel and hammer in hand representing one's thoughts, feelings, as well as emotions there can inevitably be indecisiveness concerning where to start or not even start at all. Thinking about it further, it can get to a point where you'll find yourself continuously walking around your heart, in a manner of speaking, without making any move whatsoever.

As I said before, there's a tremendously long process indeed to try to smoothly shape your own heart to what you want it be, especially when love/true love is involved. Of course, mistakes will probably be made but not too many to where you'll run the risk of chiseling away too much or you find yourself starting completely over from scratch. Unfortunately, a number of people have found themselves starting over experiencing utter heartbreak whereby important relationship pieces such as trust, hope, faith, respect, honor, intimacy, understanding, communication, commitment, etc. are chiseled off. Sadly, what first started out largely as the potential for endless possibilities would dwindle down to absolutely nothing so much so there's quite possibly a lack of inspiration to make a move regarding a certain guy/girl in question.

Let me ask this question to those who are artfully inclined in the area of stone sculpting, what is the most difficult part of the process? The answer is don't try to be perfect because once that mentality sets in of wanting absolute perfection it puts more pressure on yourself to where a plethora of mixed emotions like anger and frustration set in. In a sense, when it comes to matters of the heart you have to realize it's the imperfections that make establishing a strong, worthwhile relationship absolutely perfect. In other words, as much as you want to chisel off/smooth out the uniquely weird and not to mention rough aspect of your heart pertaining to who you are just leave them as is. You see, even though it may not feel/look aesthetically pleasing to one person it does to someone else who will appreciate the imperfections that are seen/felt as considerably special to him/her.

In retrospect, patience does in fact plays a big part regarding the stone that is one's own heart and it's summed by the following two words: don't rush. For the most part, just take your time in carefully figuring out what you want to take shape personally, mentally, emotionally and most importantly spiritually. Oftentimes, by giving yourself the time to get to know yourself that's when you'll be able to get/find that much needed inspiration to chisel away from the inside-out instead of the outside-in. Granted, the finished product that is someday falling in love/being in love with your forever best friend won't necessarily be finished as it will always be a work in progress. In the end, all I can say is to my fellow single peeps is keep busy chiseling away doing your own thing having fun and someday without even realizing it you'll meet someone who'll have their name permanently etched in stone on your heart.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Message

Amy Larson once said, ~There is a distinct difference between what you hear and what a person is actually saying. When you listen to them using what you know; what you've learned what you want to say next. If you truly want to understand and connect forget every you know.~ If you think about it, to truly understand and genuinely connect with a guy/girl forget everything you know, especially when it pertains to matters of the heart. For it's most definitely a tough task indeed to do because of how insanely frustrating and confusing it can be at times. I think it's safe to say there are those who can make a clear distinction between knowing what being in a strong, worthwhile relationship is all about and having an absolute understanding of what it really mean to be in one. What it primarily comes down to is being able to distinguish between hearing and listening.

Let me ask this question to those who are in a potential and/or significant relationship, did you have any preconceived notion as to what being in a deeply committed relationship would be like? I think its safe to say there were maybe some preconceived notions and then a reality check was given. Of course, the aforementioned reality comes in the form of the following 5 words in the form of a question: "Are you listening to me?" Women, more often tend to ask that particular question and then some to the point where the following 4 words follow afterwards: "You just don't understand." Thinking about it further, most of what being in a deeply committed relationship with someone you love is about listening to and trying understanding you're partner's wants and/or needs knowing full well there will be miscommunication from time to time.

Without a doubt, women want a guy who'll be able to actively listen rather than just hear them to the point of paying attention to where he understands the situation so much so a response is hopefully given that's helpful and/or informative. Of course, it's just not our ears that should be open as our heart should be open as well, which helps create a deeper level of understanding between two people. Oftentimes, by listening with open ears and heart it shows her that she's important enough to give our undivided personal, as well as emotional attention to. Plus, it makes any female feel good inside to where she can't help but smile. Essentially, it's that type of listening and deep level of understanding that is considered to be a rarity these days for females living the single life to come across in regards to a guy and yet he's out there somewhere.

For the question can be asked to you ladies who are a significant relationship, does your forever best friend know your likes and dislikes? Here's another question does your forever best friend understand the reasoning behind why you like/dislike certain things? You see, there is innate level of deep understanding that is considerably meaningful in a very special way when a certain special someone listens to and is able to understand why you may or may not like a certain movie/food instead of just knowing about it as if it's just something that's merely trivial. Ultimately, there's a sense of scary vulnerability when a woman is so comfortable around someone she loves with all her heart she's willing to open herself up because she's found the person who absolutely understands who she is in every sense of the word and not to mention how she ticks, in a manner of speaking, in her own unique way.

Someone said, ~I speak because I know my needs. I speak with hesitation because I know not yours. My words come from my life's experiences. Your understanding comes from yours. Because of this, what I say and what you hear may not be the same. So, if you will listen carefully, not only with your ears, but with your eyes and heart. Maybe somehow we can communicate.~ In retrospect, part of what makes true happiness such a worthwhile experience is being able to listen to each other and effectively communicate the shared understanding of what each other is trying to clearly convey. In other words, a partnership where a continuous open line of communication without fear of confrontation has been established. In the end, to have a partner who makes the conscious effort to listen, understand the message, and then talk it out together as two mature adults instead of argue of over it gives you hope for when someday eventually happens.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Half The Battle

Someone once said, ~The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing about.~ If you think about it, there are countless people who are fighting countless battles that can't be outwardly seen. A silent battle that can most definitely be either mental, emotional, and/or physical to the where it's an absolute unknown if any given day will have an individual experiencing highs, lows, or something in between. In other words, riding their own metaphorical rollercoaster of thoughts, feelings, and or emotions that isn't fun at all so much so he/she would gladly stop the ride in order to get off knowing how much of a toll it takes on him/her. I think it's safe to say it's a tough and not to mention frustrating situation indeed for anyone fighting for peace, as well as a sense of utter normalcy in regards to living life while dealing with the painful struggle of their own disorder/condition.

As I said before, there are countless people who are fighting countless battles that can't be outwardly seen. Of course, one of the battles that's silently fought is depression and when it comes to the statistics they don't necessarily mean much in the whole scheme of things if a person hasn't experienced it firsthand for himself/herself. For the most part, it's sometimes described as living in a personal nightmarish hell where being emotionally stuck or overtaken by the state of a particular mood like sadness leads to an inability to get out of it on their own. Essentially, once in that emotional mood state it's considerably difficult to break free whereby it becomes a quintessential straightjacket that grows tighter and tighter when trying to remove it, so to speak. Fortunately, it can be in all intense and purposes be removed with the right medication, therapy, and/or from the unwavering support of family/friends by one's side.

Without a doubt, finding yourself in a constantly physical battle in the form of painfully, tender muscles, joints, and/or bones is truly a fight in itself as it pertains to Fibromyalgia. For it's a chronic disorder in which a person experiences a much more intense pain in the aforementioned 3 areas. Granted, even though there may not be a mental battle being fought it does have the capacity to put a tremendous amount of mental stress along with the stress they're possibly feeling physically and maybe even emotionally as well. Oftentimes, it's the simplest things in life like taking a walk makes a significant impact, especially if cold or rainy weather is involved. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for Fibromyalgia but that doesn't mean life's over. Far from it. What it primarily comes down to is lifestyle changes along with treatments in hopes in helping to physically live a much less painful life.

Let me ask you this question to those who are fighting a continuous battle with anxiety, how are you able to deal with a disorder/condition that has the power to completely disable you mentally in every sense of the word. Medication, counseling, and/or other alternative methods such as all-natural supplements are what a number of people are going for. Granted, in ever day life it's considerably normal to feel anxiousness, panic, and worry. However, in extreme cases the type of anxiety one suffers can have him/her suffer and have it be so overwhelming it completely disrupts the ability to lead a normal life. Thinking about it further, to having anxiety related panic attacks can wreak havoc on one's social life because of how incredibly uncomfortable it can you'll isolate yourself from the outside world. So, the question remains are you isolating yourself from the outside world or exuding a fighting mindset to be a part of it?

In retrospect, there's an old saying in order to really understand what someone is going through you must walk a mile in their shoes. I think it's safe to say it would give a whole new perspective for anyone who has never experienced anything like what people suffering from depression, Fibromyalgia, anxiety related panic attacks, or whatever the case may be are going through each day. Hey, I have to tip my hat to those continuing to go to war fighting the good fight with their disorder/condition even though there are days where it may seem or feel like a losing battle. You see, even though I may not know what you're personally going through I've at least gotten a slightly better and deeper understanding of it after taking the time to do my own research. In the end, all it ever takes is for someone willing to want know every mile metaphorically walked pertaining to a certain disorder/condition and if matters of the heart are involved knowing is half the battle.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

The Last Ride

WWE's Undertaker once said, ~We(Triple H) are the last of an era and a dying breed...The thing I find interesting is that he has figured out how to destroy The Undertaker. How to make the Undertaker disappear forever. Well, it's really quite simple. All you have to do is beat the Undertaker at WrestleMania. Easier said than done...Make no mistake I play no game and I bow down to no man, especially the King of Kings...I am indeed The Last Outlaw.~ Without a doubt, when it comes to the sport of professional wrestling none is more respected and not to mention deserving of the title G.O.A.T(Greatest Of All Time). As he said, the man who dug holes, as well as took souls was the last of an era and considered to be the only remaining connection in keeping wrestling's past alive. For he's most definitely is a legend in the business to the point where he's left a lasting legacy that's already cemented him into the WWE Hall of Fame. Ultimately, what's left to say that has already been said other than the following two words: thank you.

Thank you for evolving as a character over the past 27 years giving fans like myself the opportunity to witness the gradual change in personas. Of course, who could forget his debut in 1990's Survivor Series as the Western Mortician and then 4 years later his progression into The Deadman after a brief hiatus from the ring. The metamorphosis would continue as he would be reborn into the Lord of Darkness with a teardrop tattoo under his right eye, which would inevitably have him slip into a much darker 1999 version of the character lasting a year long as the Ministry of Darkness. A leader who answered to "a higher power" and it turned out to be Vince McMahon. In any case, a few months later he would reinvent himself into motorcycle riding American Badass inevitably morphing into the bully Big Evil. Once again a change would take place after and then rise up from the ashes, so to speak, as The Deadman. Finally, he would take up a combination of all his past personas portraying what we all would come to know as The Last Outlaw.

Thank you for giving us fans something we wanted to never be broken and that is the WrestleMania unbeaten streak or otherwise known as The Streak. Thinking about it further, the unbeaten WrestleMania streak was considered to be at least in my own opinion a truly impressive record indeed that defined his career. You see, when it comes to the streak itself each and every fan including myself personally felt protective of it in a very vocal way. Why? Essentially, it was deemed incredibly sacred that it should stand the test of pro wrestling time and never be surpassed by any current/future stars on the WWE. Unfortunately, it didn't happen as it was shockingly broken at WrestleMania 30 by Brock Lesnar and 3 years later the loss still makes a significant impact to where it's been debated on who's far more deserving of beating the streak instead of The Beast. Hey, as a pro wrestling fan the streak was one of the main things that fired us up and at the same time experienced a rollercoaster of mixed emotions in its purest form because of it.

Thank you for providing us underlying meaning to an historic and legendary career. What do I mean? Essentially, that underlying meaning is being associated with my childhood and how in some weird way it kept alive the pure love/enjoyment of my generation who grew up watching him since debuting as The Undertaker in 1990 at the Survivor Series. True, he was known as Mean Mark Callous in WCW utilizing his signature finishing move the heart punch before becoming the reaper of wayward souls of the WWE who metaphorically put the nail in the coffin of ever opponent he's faced after tombstoning them. Personally speaking, I had the honor and the privilege of being at Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando and watch what was probably his last match against Roman Reigns, which was considerably bittersweet. What made it even more bittersweet was witnessing him take off and leave his gear in the middle of the ring signifying his possible retirement whereby closing the door, so to speak, on part of my childhood that will fondly rest in peace.

In retrospect, the Undertaker provided the WWE universe over a decade of destruction along with countless memories we'll never forget within the confines of what was referred to as "your yard". Granted, it would have been awesome the dream match between Undertaker and Sting happened once The Icon finally signed with the WWE after 13 years. Sadly, it never happened but who knows anything could happen. If you think about it, wrestlers come and go in a business that has a tendency to oftentimes forget/ignore the immense contributions they've made while putting their body's on the line all year round. Fortunately, Undertaker's immense contributions will certainly not be forgotten or ignored for that matter because of how truly beloved he has become. It's safe to say when you think of WWE or pro wrestling in general Taker is quite possibly the first thing you think of. In the end, thank you once again for everything and if this is the last ride knowing there's nothing else left to prove after all you've accomplished then I respectfully tip my hat.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Running Home To You

Someone once said, ~I look at you and I'm home. I see nothing worse than to be without you because with you my soul feels complete, your the other half of me and I love you. You are my home no matter where that is.~ Home is where the heart is. For it's a saying that rings true for those who most definitely have that sense of home regarding their forever best friend after feeling as if they've been running non-stop, so to speak, within themselves or more specifically within their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Thinking about it further, it's what anyone living the single life strives for and hopes to one day experience to where there is no point in running anymore, in a manner of speaking, because of being able to set down roots with someone truly special wherever it may be.

As I said before, having that sense of home regarding their forever best friend after feeling as if they've been running non-stop, so to speak, within themselves or more specifically within their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. True, it can certainly be a tiring situation indeed constantly running back and forth within your own heart when you have absolutely no idea what every minute, hour, day or even how the future will unfold as it pertains to love/true love. Yet, as much as one can feel tired in every sense of the word running around in circles inside yourself and so wanting to have their status changed from single to in a relationship for reasons only that you're just feeling utterly alone is a foolish mindset to say the least. Hey, you have to pace yourself and if you don't you'll end up running yourself into the ground personally, mentally, and emotionally.

If you think about it, a person can be so consumed in metaphorically running towards establishing a significant relationship there's is an unfortunate tendency to miss out on what's happening in the world around him/her. Sadly, the mentality in which the world within their own heart is seemingly trying to run and catch up with everyone else who has already found a home representing a strong, worthwhile relationship. Oftentimes, that aforementioned mentality can turn into an obsession so much so it's considerably difficult to see even though it can clearly be seen by everyone as if it were standing right in from of them. What it primarily comes down to is now allowing yourself to let the world inside your heart gradually turn from light to dark inevitably becoming lost running in darkness, in a manner of speaking, not knowing which direction you're going.

Let me ask this question to those who now have a comforting sense of home pertaining to love/true love, is he/she the light who always brightens the world in your heart? Of course, whether or not you knew right from the start you were meant to be with the man/woman who is now the quintessential light of your life is a question that usually answered with just a simple smile. Essentially, it's a smile that can speak volumes without even saying a word knowing that one's partner in crime may not have known right away, but you did with 100% certainty. Granted, its a rarity these days to experience after witnessing/reading/listening to stories of how the lights of past relationships are now turned dark. However, when you know you've found your home the light shared between each other burns much brighter than ever before.

William Shakespeare said, ~The course of true love never did run smooth.~ In retrospect, Shakespeare was right as it can be considerably difficult to get your bearings straight involving where exactly home is involving true happiness. For the most part, it's not an easy road whatsoever as it's filled with unforeseen obstacles and not to mention overwhelming challenges to overcome. You see, if you don't quit and simply live the single life to the fullest while savoring every second of it then you're halfway home. Unfortunately, if you do because you're too tired to keep running while everyone else is running past you then you'll never get to where you want to be. Ultimately, once you do finally get there it may not be a completely smooth run but it will undoubtedly be well worth it after all you've been through. In the end, while standing in front of him/her you'll say no matter where or how far I am I'll promise to always be running home to you, which is song by Grant Gustin aka Barry Allen from the musical episode of The Flash that inspired this thought.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Change The World

Albert Einstein once said, ~Imagination is everything. It's the preview of life's coming attractions.~ Let me ask you this question, have you used your imagination more or less now as an adult than when you were a kid back in the day? I think its safe to say as an adult there is the tendency of having a lack of imagination because of focusing on the personal, as well as professional realities of life. However, there is most definitely a tremendous amount of untapped potential when an initial idea starts out small to the point where it gradually steamrolls into something much bigger than anyone could possibly every imagine. What it primarily comes down to is thinking up ways in being able to give rather than receive/take to the point where what's being imagined has its benefits for all of mankind.

Without a doubt, being able to learn and understand sign language is considered to be a useful life skill to where you're able to tap the imagination witnessing 2 or a group of individuals sharing a silent conversation. Thinking about I further, to be able to learn and actually sign is one thing, but being able to clearly listen/convey what's signed is truly amazing beyond belief. Essentially, the imaginative concept became an absolute reality in 2016 by way of 2 University of Washington Undergraduate students inventing what they refer to as "SignAloud" gloves, which recognize had gestures. Thomas Pryor and Navid Azodi thought of then implemented to the point where they invented an innovative new way to communicate whereby putting their own modern twist to sign language so much so they dynamic dup deservingly earned a $10,000 student prize.

If you think about it, utilizing one's imaginative talents in regards to having the vision impaired to participate in physical recreation is an immensely creative idea, especially if the idea was formulated by members of a bomb squad unit. Of course, it can certainly be difficult to fathom and yet its been done by members of the Kanawha County Bomb Squad who put their unique electronic skills to good use as it involved an Easter egg hunt. To be more specific, the bob squad unit created beeping Easter eggs giving the visually impaired kids the opportunity to take part in a traditionally fun event that they don't normally get a chance to be a part of, which has been a growing trend among bomb squad units across the country. You see, their efforts not only create an incredibly enjoyable experience it gives the bomb squad unit itself a way to make a much deeper connection with them as well.

For the question can be asked to those who have diabetes, does continually checking your blood sugar and adjusting it with insulin or a snack cause you to be sometimes annoyed by the process? Have you always imagined a better process that doesn't frustrate you at times? I fair to guess the answer would be a resounding yes. A possibly solution to the annoyance has been developed/imagined by Medtronic known as The Artificial Pancreas. For the most part, it's a simple process of simply attaching an iPod-sized device to the body and it measures the blood-sugar levels every 5 minutes then provides more or withholds insulin as needed. The device aims to render the seemingly tedious process obsolete. Fortunately, it has just been recently approved by the FDA and it's commercially available this year much to the joy for the 1.25 million people living with type 1 diabetes.

In retrospect, a person's imagination can certainly bring about some new and interesting changes in the way we go about our daily lives. True, not everything that has been thought up and then created has been a juggernaut of beneficial success. Hey, you have to break a few eggs in order to make an omelet right and in this particular case it's a few mental eggs. Oftentimes, the greatest ideas have produced countless inventions and not to mention innovations that simply started out in the imagination of the human mind. A human mind that if put to excellent use with other minds to solve/figure out ways to help each other rather than selfishly gain for financial purposes then the world would be a much better place don't you think? In the end, our own imagination can be an unstoppable force in thinking up endless ideas and if we work together in a positive way then each one of us has the power to change the world for the better.