Monday, November 12, 2018

Happy Little Accidents

The Joys of Painting Bob Ross once said, ~The secret of doing anything is believing that you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe.~ If you think about it, life would most definitely be easier and not to mention peacefully calm if we all exuded a Bob Ross like mentality in regards to experiencing the ups, downs, as well as everything in between. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to have him narrate our life as well. For its a thought provoking situation indeed to have one's metaphorical paintbrush and paint pallet of assorted colors on hand to try to create a beautifully painted portrait on the quintessential canvas of life. A canvas in which each of us are given the opportunity on a daily basis to creatively mix it up knowing full well we're individual "artists" with the ability of wielding an unlimited, powerful sense of success.

Let me ask you this question pertaining to the iconic childhood legend that is Rob Ross, what is one of the things other than his awesome afro that stands out about him. If you answered his positively, calm demeanor then you'd be absolutely correct. Thinking about it further, life certainly get considerably noisy/messy/dark with every stroke of the brush to the fact we as individuals our own thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions can at times get the better of us. True, those 3 just previously mentioned combine with our personal/professional lives can negatively affect one's outlook on life as long as you allow it whereby showing it on the canvas that's entitled "My Life". For the most part you just avoid putting pressure on yourself, relax as best as you can, and see what happens with a smile on your face as you continue painting, so to speak.

As said before, we're all provided a metaphorical canvas in which each of us are given the opportunity on a daily basis to creatively mix it up knowing full well we're individual "artists" with the ability of wielding an unlimited, powerful sense of success. Of course, our creativity as "artists" as we try to continually paint a positive portrait of our lives can be a struggle so much as it can be hard to find the inspiration when its momentarily lost. Essentially, that's when you remember/adhere to the following 6 words of Bob Ross we all know by heart: BEAT THE DEVIL OUT OF IT. In other words, in order to gain back that initial inspiration to get "creative" with life again is to do such things as going to the gym, dance, or whatever outlet utilized in order to beat the anger, frustration, disappointment, doubt, etc. to slowly get inspired thus regaining one's creativity for a hopefully much brighter painting.

Without a doubt, Bob Ross always took a risk with all his painting by suddenly adding a tree and as a viewer our initial thought was its not going to work. However, our doubts were quelled when he actually made it work to where it made the painting even more breathtakingly spectacular. Hey, what we can learn from Bob Ross as it involves life through painting is that you sometimes have to go out on a limb every now and then by taking a risk. I think its safe to say life wouldn't be interesting or fun for that matter if you didn't take a risk by adding a tree to our ongoing portrait of life. You see, that aforementioned tree may be a representation of relationships associated with love/true love, friendships, a job, family, etc. Ultimately, the decision to add the tree may very well be risky; but at the same time it may also set you up for the potential of future success as well.

Bob Ross said, ~Anytime you learn, you gain.~ In retrospect, life would be so much simpler an easier if our own lives were done like a painting by Bob Ross himself. Unfortunately, that's not the case as we have to learn to work with the colors we have on our messy paint pallet or mixed, assorted colors, use the brushes that we at our disposal, and accept the mistake that we want to correct. Granted, there is a tendency to try to correct those mistakes and what one ends up doing is possibly making more mistakes causing one's painting to become totally unrecognizable. Oftentimes, its the imperfections in our attempt in a perfect painting that make each of our lives uniquely different and being able to do what we can with the best of our own abilities or lack thereof is more than enough. In the end, for most of us our painting of life isn't done as of yet so keep painting and don't be afraid to make mistakes along the way or should I say happy little accidents.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Crash and Burn

Someone once said, ~I think that we are like stars. Something happens to burst us open; but when we burst open and think we are dying; we're actually turning into a supernova. And then we look at ourselves again, we see that we're suddenly more beautiful than we were before.~ If you think about it, when two people suddenly find themselves falling for each other it's like two stars colliding with one another to the point where they possibly merge together to form a newer and larger star. The sheer impact of it all for him/her/both has the propensity to cause unknown and not to mention a mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual reaction in an unstable way. For its most definitely a thought provoking situation indeed as it pertains to matters of the heart in regards to forming an absolute worthwhile relationship that has the potential to shine brighter amongst a sea of countless other starts trying to do the same as well.

As I said before, when two people suddenly find themselves falling for each other it's like two stars colliding with one another to the point where they possibly merge together to form a newer and larger star. Of course, it's considered to be an awe inspiring sight to behold knowing everyone is witnessing it unfold and it's not an event that can be kept hidden or a secret either. Thinking about it further, it's in a way how love/true love can be witnessed and/or personally experience at time as those gravitating around you/him/her/them, so to speak, clearly see what's going on despite their attempts to keep it hidden from view, which can be also deemed an inspired sight to behold to say the least. Oftentimes, its a genuinely rare occurrence that has you truly transfixed. Hey, for anyone who is in all intents and purposes a star watcher of sorts you can't help but genuinely smile for two people in hopes its destined to turned into something worthy of a supernova.

Without a doubt, when two stars collide there is a chance it potentially merges and becomes/forms something tremendously spectacular. However, it has the capability to turn into something totally opposite causing a collapse whereby forming a black hole. True, the sheer impact of it all for him/her/both has the propensity to cause unknown and not to mention a mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual reaction causing conflict as previously mentioned. Essentially, it's a conflict where they may not even be a significantly strong relationship forming at all due to a person or both people's thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions being sucked into the quintessential black hole of doubt, anger, fear, sadness, worry, frustration, utter contempt, disappointment, etc. Let me tell you something, nobody every wants to experience being one of those stars or even be a witness to the sudden collapse leading to the painful death then gradual disappearing of the human heart into the darkness of heartbreak.

Let me ask you this question to those who have found themselves in the past colliding with a star representing a certain special someone and have happily merged together, is/was there at any point feeling as if you wanted to burst open? What I'm asking is were you able to completely open up to clearly convey all that you've been holding inside? A confusing jumbled, twisted mix of your thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions expressed to where it actually made sense out loud so much so it inevitably helped alleviate any of the stress that just weigh you down. In any case, I think its safe to say not too many people would suddenly burst open in song expressing their love in front of a guy/girl they're falling for as it leaves one vulnerable in putting yourself out there and at the same time facing the scary realizing of the fear of being rejected. Yet, if the opportunity presented itself and were given then chance to I honestly think they would do it all for a chance at true happiness.

In retrospect, there comes a point where for those living the single life the thought of meeting their forever best friend is like looking up at the starry filled night sky to see a shooting star then make a wish soon after. In other words, it's merely wishful thinking and the dream come true of finally having a solid foundation of trust, faith, honesty, respect, contentment, commitment, communication, etc. will be sucked once again into the quintessential black of hole of being single for eternity. Granted, while it may be wishful thinking to some its something to grab and hold on to for others who wholeheartedly believe their supernova will happen as its just a matter of having utmost patience. In the end, don't ever crash and burn when shooting for the stars in the form of wrong and unhealthy relationship that ultimately wasted your time because one day you'll have a reason to believe there's truly someone out there for you who'll make you believe he'll/she'll beautifully outshine the rest.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

My Own Thing

Someone once said, ~The happiest couples never have the same character. They just have the best understanding of their differences.~ Without a doubt, one of the things that makes a strong, worthwhile relationship work between two people is their independence in regards to allowing each other to pursue their own personal interests. For its a truly interesting and though provoking situation indeed concerning 2 completely different individuals who are able to have a deep understanding when it comes to embracing one another's independent side. What it primarily comes down to is having a partner who knows certain or every aspect of their significant other's weird/unique/nerdy/geeky individuality pertaining to what one thoroughly enjoys doing.

If you think about it, there are times when taking time for yourself while being in a committed relationship are deemed opportunities that should be never be passed up. In other words, being able to take a step back from time to time in order to all intense and purposes recharge the mental, emotional, physical, as well as spiritual batteries that tend to get drained, so to speak. When I say drained, it doesn't necessarily have a negative connotation as its more of a positive reflection in which you know taking a moment for yourself is considered to be tremendously cathartic, especially for one's own sanity. Essentially, to take time away from your best friend for life can considerably strengthen the already strong bond established between each other.

As I said before, its a truly interesting and thought provoking situation indeed concerning 2 completely different individuals who are able to have a deep understanding when it comes to embracing one another's independent side. Of course, to attain that aforementioned deep understanding there should most definitely be open communication to honestly discuss being able to avoid becoming absolutely burned out, in a manner of speaking, due to the relationship itself. Thinking about it further, by doing this there's a much stronger and not to mention deeper ongoing understanding to the point where you're able to gradually regain one's individuality back one has a tendency to possibly be lost or forgotten after in a committed relationship for quite some time.

Let me ask this question to those in a significant relationship, even though there's a shared mutual strength are you able to encourage one another's independent individuality? I think it's safe to say to have someone in your life who isn't reliant on having their wants and needs being constantly fulfilled shows he/she has a much deeper understanding of having your own space whenever it's warranted. Oftentimes, being encouraged by your best friend for life to reconnect with yourself or vice versa doesn't always mean doing it alone as it provides a reconnection with your best buds/gal pals. In any case, the shared encouragement to go through a personal self rejuvenation of sorts gives himself/herself and the relationship itself a renewed sense of a brighter future together.

In retrospect, there are times when being in a relationship has its fair share of conflict and stressful moments so much so a quintessential time out should be called. A time out in which there's an open forum of what's wrong and how it can potentially be fixed. You see, a lack of open communication will only cause even more stress related conflict. Ultimately, matters of healing the mind, body, and heart for the sake of metaphorically/literally coming back to not just yourself, but to your partner in crime is at times a vital necessity to grow closer together instead of apart in love/true love. In the end, when or if it ever gets to the point where there's a feeling of getting burned out in the relationship don't be afraid to openly talk it out to discuss with him/her of wanting to do my own thing.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Rise To The Occasion

Someone once said, ~Live, love, laugh. Volleyball the main necessities. Love like you never loved before. Live like you are going to die tomorrow, and play like you mean it!~ If you think about it, a strong worthwhile relationship and the game of volleyball are synonymous with each other. How and in what way you might be asking yourself? You see, they both deal in being able to face a strong and quite possibly unbeatable opponent whose strength, as well as abilities can seemingly be viewed unmatched, which is love/true love. For it's certainly a tough task to undertake indeed knowing how it can leave any person or couple for that matter absolutely overwhelmed with a plethora of mixed thoughts, feelings and/or emotions as you're playing with the volleyball that is a representation of 2 hearts potentially becoming 1.

Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects in the game of volleyball other than teamwork is communication, which relates to being in a strong, worthwhile relationship. Essentially, establishing effective communication builds cohesively, effective unity and not to mention tremendous success in regards to matters of the heart involving a best friend for life. Thinking about it further, being able to interpret and actually understand your teammate's/partner's verbal, as well as non verbal signals shows a profound ability in sharing any difficulties whatever they may be. What it primarily comes down to is to not let yourself carrying on your own shoulders the immense responsibilities in guiding each other in successfully scoring, in a manner of speaking, minor/major relationship points when they really matter.

As I said before, love/true love is considered to be an opponent whose unmatched strength and abilities can most definitely be viewed as overwhelming leading you to running around within you're thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions. Why? You see, it never gets tired thus having endless of amounts of stamina making it considerably tougher for a team of 2 knowing they're going to incredibly battle tested in more ways than one. Trust, faith, honesty, respect, understanding, and commitment combined as a whole instead of completely separate aspects makes a huge impact when facing the odds stacked against 2 players on the other side of the proverbial relationship net. True, it's a scary notion to think about the dominance of utter heartbreak it has befallen past "teams" but despite that the both of you forge ahead with game faces on, so to speak.

Let me ask you this question to any current or past volleyball players out there, what is the one thing you don't ever want to find yourself or another teammate doing while competing? If you answered looking down you'd be correct. I think it's safe to say you always want to look up and focused on where the volleyball is at all times because if you aren't closely paying attention then points are scored against you. In a sense, that's how two people who have committed themselves to each other in all intense and purposes be playing the game should always be doing. In other words, focusing up on each other's heart/volleyball to the point where you/him/her do everything in your/his/her power to mentally and emotionally dig after it in any/all directions from not ever hitting the floor to where it will continue to be in play at whatever the cost.

In retrospect, earning the bumps and bruises of a strong worthwhile love isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination. Granted, it would be simple enough to avoid all the effort, time, and hard work altogether in order to be crowned the quintessential champions of true happiness but the victory wouldn't in a way taste such as sweet. Oftentimes, by completely opening yourself up there's gradual reveal of a level of vulnerability to where you know the guy/girl in question is right there with you every step of the way even if you don't see him/her. Vice versa as well. In the end, there will always be great obstacles in facing the crafty volleyball veteran otherwise known as love/love; but if there's a willingness to do the hard work, to never quit, scramble to dig for every point, and be in constant communication with each other then my friend the both of you will rise to the occasion spiking down together any challenging situation that lies ahead.

Friday, July 06, 2018

Dancing On My Own

Abira Mukherjee once said, ~Love is a mystery, love is passion, love is one of your truest emotions. It can take your breath away and leave you dancing in your hearts way.~ As I've said before, when it comes to matters of the heart in regards to the dating scene it can in a sense be like stepping into a crowded dance floor. True, there can be a plethora of mixed emotions to deal with, especially if you're truly interested in a certain someone one wants to set their sights on to dance with. In any case, it can most definitely be either a fun or nerve racking situation indeed in trying to find your own rhythm while being able to hopefully establish a strong, worthwhile rhythm located somewhere within the metaphorical crowded dance floor, in a manner of speaking.

Without a doubt, we've all heard the phrase dance like nobody is watching and it can certainly pertain to living the single life involving the dating scene. I think every person has experienced while living it up and dancing to the beat of their own heart of noticing a possible dance partner you are/have been interested in only to find he/she is already dancing with someone. Thinking about it further, it can cause anyone to do either of the following 2 things: leave you completely thrown off to where you end just watching from a distance OR step forward to cut in whereby making your presence known to him/her. Essentially, there lies the difficulty in stepping out in order to want to be seen and at the same time the fear of not being seen at all by the guy/girl in question.

If you think about it, dealing with the aforementioned plethora of mixed emotions has the propensity to leave any individual dancing in circles within themselves so to speak. Unfortunately, it's in a negative rather than a postive way as your own thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions spin you around internally in such a complicated, as well as confusing way it drives you absolutely insane. For it's those 3 aspects previously mentioned that insanely spin you around internally to the point where you in all intents and purposes are backed in a corner not only figuratively, but literally as well. So, has anyone felt or is feeling like you're never going to be able to get yourself out of the corner representing heartbreak, the friend zone, or whatever the case may be?

Let me ask this question to those living the single life who are on the quintessential crowded dance floor, have you found yourself getting lost in the crowd or have you been able to maneuver your way through to the best of your ability? I think its safe to say being on an actual dance floor and the dating scene have their similarities in a number of ways like taking notice, the initial approach, possible rejection, potential acceptance, etc. Of course, this happens in the darkness that is a representation of the utter uncertainty of whether or not the connection made will continue once you both step out into the light and the music still plays on instead of dies out. What it primarily comes down to is to not quickly part ways when it gets too hard after losing the relationship dance rhythm.

Someone said, ~If you stumble, make it part of the dance.~ In retrospect, love/true love is all about stumbling in hopes of coming face to face with your forever dance partner somewhere within the crowded dance floor of the dating scene. Fortunately, for a lucky number of people they've stepped out from the darkness and into the light with their potential/significant other knowing the music hasn't stopped for the two of them. However, for those who haven't yet met him or her you have your best buds/gal pals to keep you company while living it up despite going through the mental and emotional struggle. In the end, from time to time each one of us who are still out on the dance floor have that one initial thought of how long will I be dancing on my own, which is a song by Swedish singer/songwriter/producer Robyn but performed in a much slower version by Britain's Got Talent alum Callum Scott.

Monday, June 11, 2018


Hall of Fame Laker center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar once said, ~Great players are willing to give up their personal achievements for the achievement of the group. It enhances everybody.~ Let me ask you this question in regards to Michael Jordan and Lebron James, who among the two men is considered to be the greatest basketball player to ever step foot on the court? For its most definitely a divisive question indeed as the initial debates that start off relatively calm end up turning into truly heated discussions/arguments so much so people tend to lose their sanity along with their composure. In any case, instead of focusing on stats such as career points per game times gone to the finals, etc. the focus will be on the following 3 things: competitive drive, being battle tested, and overall leadership.

Without a doubt, Jordan and James' competitive drive to be the best has resulted in countless and impressive accolades worthy of their historic legacy. However, Jordan's competitive drive is considerably noteworthy as his incentive was to play the game for the sheer competition of facing off against opponents who were considered the best as well. Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Isaiah Thomas, Domonique Wilkins, Hakeem Alajuwon, Gary Peyton, Patrick Ewing, Reggie Miller, etc. who were each in some ways teachers of sorts and vice versa. Therefore, the growing confidence in his skills and ability combined with his competitive drive to beat his peers deemed him in a sense a student of the game who was continually learning whether he won or lost. So, what's Lebron learned thus far?

If you think about it, the topic of whether or not Lebron James has actually been battle tested in the more physical has been contested for years. I think its safe to say today's NBA is vastly different when Jordan played as it was a more physical game back then. True, Lebron has faced physical challenges to where he's pushed himself beyond what he's capable of causing his body to break down, which shows his effort and commitment to the game itself. Yet, being tested physically playing the likes of The Knicks and Detroit Pistons back in the day who certainly brought the physicality and then some, which I dare say Jordan thrived on thus earning those quintessential battle scars. Hey, it makes you wonder how Lebron would've faired against Laimbeer, McDaniel, and Oakley who would let you know that he's been fouled.

Current Cleveland Cavs player J.R. Smith said, ~Its almost a gift and a curse. You play on his team, you’re playing with the best player in the world...and on the other side if you win he will get all the credits and if you lost you will get all the blame. That’s probably why Kyrie Irving wanted to be traded.~ Of course, Smith's words speak volume in overall leadership when the media such as ESPN Sportscenter and certain sports commentators would rather tout "The Face" of the Cavs as the greatest while treating his teammates as mere footnotes. Granted, even though Jordan was and will always be "The Face" of the Bulls he shared the spotlight with his non-footnote teammates Pippen, Paxon, Kerr, Grant, Armstrong, Kukoc, Cartwright who he encouraged to shine. Lead by example and in turn the leader will also follow.

In retrospect, there is no debate when it comes to proclaiming who is deemed the greatest player in basketball. Why? When you have former and current player/owners like Kobe who have gone on record as saying he's been the most influential in their career when they were young and for the most part pattered themselves somewhat like him. Of course, this goes without saying that Jordan staying with bulls and creating opportunities to help his teammates to become better whereby he becomes better reiterates the notion of not one person is better than the team itself. In other words, teamwork and working together as a team shows that Jordan is miles above Lebron in that particular aspect. In the end, tremendous amounts of respect are well deserved for a guy who went out on the court playing to win and that is why The King of The Air Michael Jordan will always be in my view the G.O.A.T.

Sunday, June 03, 2018


Actor Ray Fisher aka Cyborg from 2017's Justice League movie once said, ~I'd have all these crazy sort of 'who would win battles' with my friends who were big fans of other comic book characters, and I'd always find a way for Batman to win. It was deep for me, man.~ Without a doubt, there has always been lively to heated debates/discussion/arguments concerning who would win in hypothetical battles between characters in either the anime and/or comic book realm. For it can most definitely be an intensely crazy situation indeed as relatively calm face to face and/or online conversations between friends/strangers suddenly turn into loud screaming matches that go absolutely nowhere. Of course, when the latters happens the only thing that ever gets accomplished is the exchanging of endless amounts of childish, immature insults/comebacks that don't end up helping both side's case at all.

As I said before, there has always been lively to heated debates/discussions/arguments concerning who would win in hypothetical battles between characters in either the anime and/or comic book realm. Thinking about it further, when it comes to The Dark Knight otherwise known Batman there is a constant debate that has been going on for years of him having the ability to defeat any of his opponents with enough prep time. True, this is evident in how smart, knowledgeable, and not to mention calculating Batman is in studying the weaknesses of not only his enemies but his allies as well, which was show in the animated movie Justice League: Doom. True, although The Caped Crusader doesn't have the Kryptonian strength of Superman, fast speed of The Flash, Wonder Woman's Amazonian strength etc. he does use his keen sense of observation then utilizes the information for a potential takedown.

If you think about it, the argument involving who is the strongest anime/comic book character of all time has been tirelessly talked to death to where it becomes incredibly ridiculous. Goku, Vegeta, Jiren, Thanos, Darkseid, Hulk, One Punch Man, Superman, etc. are such names proclaimed as the strongest character either in the anime/comic realm to the point where Dragon Ball Z character Goku have been hypothetically pitted again strong characters from other different anime/comic book universes. Granted, the main argument involves the character's overall power and strength with a character like Goku who turned into going from ordinary Saiyan to Super Saiyan 2 leveling up SS3 then becoming SS God leading to SS Blue and ultimately achieving Ultra Instinct against Jiren in the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super. Hey, whether he is or isn't the strongest overall character continues to be highly debated.

Let me ask this question to my fellow geeks/nerds, are you for DC or Marvel? Personally speaking, I'm both. In any case, its a seemingly normal question to ask someone unless its posed to any die hard fan willing to express their opinions on the subject matter at hand. Oftentimes, it's considered a truly risky endeavor to express the reasons they're for or against DC/Marvel without having to state the following: DC/Marvel Sucks! Of course, much can be said for the strong success the MCU has had for the past 10 years with the exception of Thor: The Dark World. On the other hand, the struggles the DCEU has had with their live action movies like Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice have achieved relative success in regards to the animated movies being produced. Essentially, the battle between Marvel and DC is overwhelmingly one sided for now and there could possibly be a gradual shift in DC's favor later down the road. Time will tell.

In retrospect, there will always be hypothetical battle debates amongst deeply passionate and arguable insane geeks/nerds around the world pertaining to anime/comic book characters depending on the hero and/or villain in question. Of course, there will be those certain factions of geeks/nerd who will continually state that particular characters sucks and can't beat whoever he or she is pitted against. For the most part, you just have to remind yourself it is all merely hearsay as it involves a fantasy world comic book, as well as anime fans enjoying discussing at length about. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who get too passionate so much so it can very well take it very personally. Ultimately, what it primarily comes down to is the fun factor in being able to talk about what we most enjoy without going completely bonkers and in the end up getting triggered when something is said one doesn't agree with.