Thursday, September 05, 2019

2 Sides Of 1 Heart

Someone once said, ~Life is too ironic to fully understand. It takes sadness to know what happiness is. Noise to appreciate the silence and absence to value presence.~ Without a doubt, there is a complex duality of good-bad, light-dark, and hope-hopelessness in life, especially when it involves matters of the heart. Oftentimes what one is trying to do is establish an innate balance of opposing/clashing forces pertaining to thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions that push-pull you in so many directions it has the propensity to leave any person in every sense of the word drained. For it can most definitely be a tiring situation indeed to keep yourself from being mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually overcome by an unseen inner chaotic battle of the heart that has the ability to throw the balance you're trying to achieve completely off.

Let me ask you this question, does the earlier sentiment ring true that it takes sadness to know what happiness is? I think its safe to say for a number of individuals they believe it as it pertains to having to continually experience utter heartbreak then ultimately finding/meeting the sheer happiness of love/true love. Of course, being able to deal with the duality of bad and good within your heart as there is a seemingly back and forth shift of the positive-negative outlook in regards to a potentially strong, worthwhile relationship happening. In other words, you don't want the amount of negativity outweighing the positive thus swallowing you whole, in a manner of speaking, leaving an overwhelming sense of constant dread. What it primarily comes down to is focusing on your present leading to the future and not always reliving past pain.

If you think about it, within the human heart there's duality of light and dark where a war is waging, so to speak, in trying to in a sense silence the noise and at same time not get lost/swallowed up in the darkness of that noise. Fear, doubt, worry, confusion, frustration, disappointment, anger, utter contempt, self loathing, cynicism, etc. are as whole a representation of the noise constantly echoing within yourself. Thinking about it further, it's an internal darkness so tortuous, scary, and getting increasingly louder you're struggling/battling to keep one's own sanity in tact. You see, it's that quintessential inner voice magnifying the noise so much so you want to be free from one's own self imposed dark isolation. Essentially, you end up considerably exhausted in every sense of the word whereby the light/silence of true happiness either flickers or grows dim.

Without a doubt, there's truth in being able to appreciate absence that will eventually bring tremendous value to the presence in the form of that certain special someone. Oftentimes, the parallels in the duality of hope and hopeless coincide with being conflicted dealing with a haunting absence of a loving partner while appreciating the freedom of doing your own thing. True, life provides you with distractions giving you the opportunity to take the time to enjoy your independence as it potentially strengthens the hope instead of the hopelessness inside one's own heart. For the most part, you have to take notice/advantage of those aforementioned distractions and not let yourself wallow in your own personal issues. Hey, its just a matter of having a clear understanding of seeing the value of living the single life until the presence of hope finally stands in front of you.

In retrospect, it can certainly be quite difficult to attain a deep understanding of the sheer complex duality that is our heart. Granted, as you try to achieve any sort of inner balance there comes a point where it can teeter totter from comforting peace to destructive chaos. Unfortunately, that shift in the balance within the internal teeter totter that is the human heart is absolutely unpredictable and can happen in an instant like a snap of a finger. Yet, even though every one is has the same inner duality of the heart there is an unexplainable difference in how each one of us deals with going through it. Ultimately, it all depends in how it's handled as you can be overly complicated but at the same time easily simplistic if that makes any kind of sense at all. In the end, you have to realize there are more than 2 sides of 1 heart and when you do you'll gain a far better perspective regarding the duality of your forever best friend's heart.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Speaking My Language

Someone once said, ~May you attract someone who speaks your language so you don't have to spend a lifetime translating your soul.~ If you think about it, being attracted to someone is considered to be one of the major aspects in establishing an initial connection/relationship, especially if it involves the physical outside appearance. True, being able to attract a certain someone of interest with one's outer physical attributes is key, but it doesn't necessarily guarantee you'll be able to continually hold his/her undivided attention forever. Essentially, what it also takes is a deeply mental, emotional, and at times a spiritual sense of understanding to accurately know/translate/decipher the overall meaning of what truly is deemed attractive about any guy/girl you meet who may potentially be one's best friend for life.

As I said before, the physical outer appearance is key in establishing an initial connection/relationship, but when you're able to connect on a much deeper, mature level mentally, emotionally, and at times spiritually the language barrier regarding love/true love gradually begins to become incredibly clearer. Why? What it primarily comes down to is openly listening and communicating with one another to where there is a gradual building up of the following: trust, faith, honesty, honor, respect, intimacy, understanding, a strong verbal commitment, etc. For its most definitely qualities that if shown/shared with genuine intentions in mind without any ulterior motives behind it then the attraction grows so much so it will certainly shine forth in a tremendously positive way.

Without a doubt, women from time to time find or have found their language/words getting lost in translation by guys as it pertain to the dating scene. Oftentimes, it can be an annoyingly frustrating situation indeed for any woman when a guy isn't able to understand anything coming out of their mouth. Thinking about it further, they don't or should I say refuse to notice/hear you possibly pouring out their soul thus opening up leaving the quintessential door open to show a sense of vulnerability because they're solely focusing on their own selfish needs/wants. I think it's safe to say for a majority of single females being able say something and to actually have the message within the message be exactly understood/heard by a guy is an absolute rarity these days to encounter. In other words, they get it.

Let me ask this question to those who are in a strong, worthwhile relationship, how long after the initial attraction did it take for the both of you to all intents and purposes be on the same relationship wavelength language being spoken? For the most part, it doesn't happen instantly as it takes keenly noticing, becoming self-aware, and at times discovering certain things by accident/surprise that are usually unnoticeable that make your significant other 10X more adorably attractive even if he/she doesn't considered himself/herself to be. You see, even though the language/words being spoken isn't quite the same for every couple the message itself is wholeheartedly universal when it comes to matters of the heart who aren't lost whatsoever translating it in their own weirdly, unique way.

In retrospect, to meet and continually be in a constant state of attraction is a type of true happiness that doesn't happen or seem to not exist at all for that matter. Of course, you know it's exists in the form of couples who somehow share a youthful, energetic longevity of a 50/60/70 year marriage. Yet, despite the wrinkles along with the some grey hairs mixed in they're able to still remember back as if it was yesterday as to what was most attractive about him to her or vice versa. Ultimately, for those living the single like myself we want to experience a mutual attraction that lasts to infinity and beyond. In the end, its that type of infinite mutual attraction in which you're able to somehow constantly translate/understand/describe their beautifully attractive soul back then to now and say with a smile of your face you're always speaking my language.

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

3 Inches

David Harbour's Stranger Things character Chief Jim Hopper once said, ~I've been stuck in one place, in a cave you might say, a deep dark cave. And then I left some Eggos out in the woods and you came into my life. I started to feel happy…I don't want things to change…I know that's na├»ve. It's just now how life works. It's moving, always moving whether you like it or not. And yeah, sometimes it's painful. Sometimes it's sad. And sometimes it's suprising, happy…Make mistakes, learn from them, and when life hurts you – because it will – remember the hurt. The hurt is good. It means you're out of out of the cave.~ Let me ask you this question in regards to the cave of the your heart representing the upside down of utter heartbreak how long have you been stuck inside not wanting to come out?

Without a doubt, when it comes to the possibility of experiencing true happiness it can most definitely be a scary situation indeed, especially after the pain of past relationships. In a sense, you can/do find yourself inwardly hiding away in your heart within the deep dark cave representing your version of the upside down in order to protect/distance yourself from any kind of feelings whatsoever. Thinking about it further, by distancing/protecting yourself in your own cave from the personal, mental, emotional, and not to mention physical chaotic storm you avoid a far greater impact that ends up devouring/ripping you apart in a monstrous demogorgon/mindflayer kind of way. In other words, not allowing yourself to truly feel to where you would rather embrace the familiarity of darkness instead of the light of the unknown.

As I said before, being able to keep a person your potentially care about and maybe even love at arm's length is an unfortunate way to handle things. For it's a sad state of affairs to have a mindset where there is an attempt in trying to control any changes for the best interest of your own heart. However, what one ends up doing is pushing you to the brink of mental and emotional sanity so much so it causes you to inwardly spiral out of control. Of course, when it happens a plethora of mixed emotions such as anger, fear, worry, depression, desperation, doubt, frustration, confusion, disappointment, contempt, hopelessness, bitterness, are turn to or go way past 11, in a manner of speaking. What it primarily comes down to is gradually accepting those changes knowing you'll experience the pain in hopes from moving out of your internal cave of darkness and stepping into the light.

For the question be asked to those who eventually made the decision to move out from their out quintessential deep dark cave of their own heart, what did you end up leaving out or should I say showing to where that certain someone of interest came along into your life? Granted, it may not necessarily be actually an Eggo but a representation of one that initially started to reveal/leave out endearing, quality aspects of who your are. A quirky sense of humor, a creatively artistic side, adorable geeky/nerdy nature, giving heart, etc. are just a few qualities that are sometimes revealed without even consciously showing them it shines a bright positive light in your favor to someday catch the eye of a potential future best friend. Hey, the easy part is being seen then and from there focusing on yourself to where you're self esteem/worth is strongly built up whereby one's lost smile gradually returns.

In retrospect, being stuck in a perpetual cave of darkness within your own heart because of past painful heartbreak is an unfortunate way of hiding within yourself. Sadly, far too many people would rather stay safe in the uncomfortable comfort of their dark cave and continue hurting than getting out of it to take a risk in order to share what will hopefully start the healing process. Ultimately, there will be a day where you'll have the strength to move forward even though it hurts to do so, meet someone, have the courage to open up, become vulnerable, make mistakes, learn valuable lessons, grow closer in every way possible, and even possibly get to a point where your story of love/true has a neverending song shared between one another. In the end, never rule out completely closing the door to your heart because the possibilities are endlessly surprising and when/if you do may I happily suggest leaving it open 3 inches.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

6 Sided Heart

Brian Cramer once said, ~Love is like a Rubik's Cube, there are countless numbers of wrong twists and turns, but when you get it right it looks perfect no matter what way you look at it.~ If you think about it, a person's heart is likened to a Rubik's cube because although it may be considered easy to solve it is in fact absolutely complicated. For it can most definitely be a frustrating situation indeed in trying to match up, in a manner of speaking, the seemingly colorful aspects of matters of the heart in regards to a relationship with certain guy/girl in question. Essentially, you'll endure a plethora of mixed emotions during it and in the process there can certainly be a tremendous amount of back-forth twisting and turning in hopes of being able to experience a gratifyingly victorious satisfaction instead of an irritatingly, confusion of defeat.

Without a doubt, when it comes to the Rubik's cube that is the human heart its best to asses beforehand all sides instead of primarily paying attention to one side. Why? The reason is by doing that one will be able to get an overall view of the directions and not to mention the possible number of turns, as well as twists its going to take to match not just one side, but all the other 5 sides as well. In other words, taking the time and patience to personally, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually assess that certain special someone's heart before attempting to even solve it. This goes both way in a relationship, especially in the dating scene. Unfortunately, there are those who quit to early and failed miserably whereas others stuck with it to the point where he/she finally experiences completing the hardest puzzle to ever solve.

As I said before, there are those who quit to early and failed miserably whereas others stuck with it because of experiencing the unfortunate twists and turns/turns of utter heartbreak. Anger, doubt, fear, frustration, disappointment, contempt, bitterness, hopelessness, etc. are a representation of the individual squares that don't have any color. You see, its the lack of color not matching up in which you end up somehow in the same spot with every twist and turn made in every direction imaginable in trying to get back the feel absolute true happiness. Of course this potentially leads to the manipulation of the heart by own's hand or by that particular guy/girl. Thinking about it further, its such an irritating, annoyance it will gradually push any person to the brink of sanity to where you want to throw your heart away in a literal and metaphorical sense.

Let me ask you this question to those who have ever completed a Rubik's cube, what's your overall feeling when you were finally able to solve it? I think it fair to say that for a number of people the experience of matching every side of a Rubik's cube without any use cheating by manipulation or whatever the case may be leaves a person with a temporary joyous accomplishment after being determined and focused to stay with it instead completely giving up on it altogether. Of course, it pales in comparison in being able to match up permanently with most and/or all 6 sides of the heart aspect relationship, which is considered an absolute rarity these days. What it primarily comes down to is working on figuring out the confusingly difficulty Rubik's cube or your own heart first and then when you're ready take on challenging task of wanting to figure out someone else's heart your genuinely interested in.

In retrospect, the challenge that is the Rubik's cube of the heart will have any individual deal with an unknown amount of combinations that will have you twisting and turning in every sense of the word. Both inwardly and outwardly. True, obstacles will be faced to where you'll be so close in matching up the solid colors representing faith, trust, honesty, hope, respect, honor, intimacy, understanding, communication, commitment, etc. you'll find yourself making mistakes. Unfortunately, its those mistakes that will cause you to constantly lose focus to where it increasingly gets harder to solve you'll just want to put it down and walk away completely. However, don't ever give up because when you're finally able to see which direction you're going all-the while slowly becoming far more excited about the twist/turns involving your potential future best friend then in the end my friend you'll easily solve your own 6 sided heart.

Saturday, June 01, 2019

True Believer

The late comic book legend Stan Lee once said, ~I used to be embarrassed because I was just a comic book writer while other people were building bridges or going on to medical careers. And then I began to realize entertainment is one of the most important things in people's lives without it they might go off the deep end. I feel that if you're able to entertain, you're doing a good thing.~ Without a doubt, Stan Lee became one of the biggest pop culture icons and not to mention a huge influence when it comes to being an artist for so many including myself. For he's most definitely an inspiration indeed as he has forever cemented his legacy in the hearts and minds of those who not only admired him, but also geeked/nerded over him as well.

Let me ask you this question in regards to Stan Lee, what's your earliest memory of him as it pertains to either Marvel comic books, tv, and/or movies? I think its safe to say for most people their earliest memory involving Stan Lee is through comic books. Personally speaking, my earliest recollection is in the mid 80's at around the age of 7 or 8 as I visually copied Hawkeye battling the Abomination in Solo Avengers #2 comic. For the most part, I vaguely remember visually copying the cover art so many times that I ended up drawing it on my own from memory without even looking at the cover itself. Although the comic didn't fair too well at the hands of7/8 year old kid back then, Stan's influence started me on an artistic journey that I'm still on today.

If you think about it, one of the many aspects that we as fans love about Stan Lee is the cameos he has appear in all the Marvel films with the exception of Deadpool 2. In any case, the Stan Lee cameos themselves have been or should I say are considered to be a highly anticipated aspect of any MCU movie. Of course, when he does show up/appear in a particular scene you can't help but smile knowing he has one again physically, verbally, as well as visually graced the fans with his presence. Sadly, his last came appearance was in Avengers:Endgame; but according to Kevin Fiege there is a possibility of him appearing in Spider-Man Far From Home. Hey, we'll all have to wait and see when the new Spider-Man moves comes out, which will truly be a bittersweet moment.

For the question can be ask to those who have met Stan Lee in person, how was your experience and where did you meet him? Essentially, my personal experience as it relates to meeting Stan Lee was at Megacon 2017 in Orlando where my friend Brion Mcauley and I were determined to meet him. You see, the reason was that it was rumored it would possibly be the last con he would attend so therefore we would want to miss a golden opportunity to meet and talk to him. Granted, we waited over an hour for his scheduled Photo Op due to him signing at his table but the wait was well worth it as he finally showed up giving an appreciative wave. Ultimately, it seemed like an absolute upon meeting him and even though it was brief its something I can cross off my personal bucket list.

In retrospect, Stan Lee would partly be responsible for bringing to life an incredibly imaginative world that would gradually become larger than life known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thinking about it further, he left a deep, impressionable impact on modern pop culture in which millions of fans continued to be shaped by the characters we've grown to love such as Spider-Man, Wolverine, X-Men, etc. Why do we love these characters Stan Lee created? The answer is simple and that is he humanized them in a way that could be relatable i.e. Peter Parker/Spider-Man. In the end, despite Stan Lee's death on November 12th, 2018 he is still teaching fans like myself to continually open their creatively, rebellious imagination and if they do then they're/you're certainly a true believer.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Find Your Center

Someone once said, ~Such as life the hula hoop has its own agenda. At times it will pull you in directions you may not want to go. The only way to get over those hurdles and through the pulls is by letting and diving in. By accepting your journey, those possibly painful and confusing temporary pulls can catapult you quite unexpectedly in to something beautiful and extraordinary. Embrace your pulls and hurdles. They will only lead you closer to yourself and your flow.~ Let me ask this question when was the last time you hula hooped? Did you do well? Fail at it miserably? In any case, life is synonymous with a hula hoop as an individual can perceive it to totally easy whereas its viewed as incredibly challenging for others. So, how are you fairing thus far with life circling around your waist, so to speak?

As I said before, life is synonymous with a hula hoop as an individual can perceive it to totally easy whereas its viewed as incredibly challenging for others. Essentially, its how you all intents and purposes handle the hula hoop representing life as has put/is putting himself/herself in a certain mindset in order to move in the right direction. True, it oftentimes takes a positively optimistic instead of a negatively pessimistic mindset, as well as attitude to being with to where the initial momentum becomes increasingly stronger. In other words, keep moving and stay focused all-the-while trying not to overthink any particular issues/situations causing to lose that aforementioned momentum. Hey, its a tough task indeed to keep in mind without any kind of distractions hindering your progress.

If you think about it, the ability to hula hoop has a tendency to be forgotten as a person grows older to the point where it can be absolutely frustrating trying to figure out the right way to move. Of course, the same can be said for life as well in regards to making the right move in our own personal and not to mention professional life too. Thinking about it further, when you're not able to get an exact handle on life, in a manner of speaking, the frustration being felt pulls you in other emotional directions. For it the emotional directions such as anger, worry, fear, doubt, disappointment etc. that become a factor in being unable to attain that much wanted free flowing movement of life. What it primarily comes down to is simply going for it in hopes of achieving positive movements that continually stay up and not fall down.

For the question can be ask to those who have found or still finding it quite difficult to hula hoop, have you found different alternatives in getting what in a sense has been a constant movement of back and forth in successes/defeats? I think its safe to say every person has used another body part like arms, legs, and/or to successfully achieve the results of conquering a hula hoop. Granted, even though it has the propensity to be viewed as a form of cheating you do it any way but you have you're own uniquely, interesting way of handling life in every sense of the word. You see, what may work for some people in the back and forth movement of life doesn't necessarily work for others thus utilizing a different way to get to the same goal/destination without having to bend or break for the matter the rules of life.

In retrospect, there comes a point where a person thinks he/she is not going anywhere with life circling back standing in the same spot one started at. For the most part, don't let yourself become personally mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually pulled in the wrong direction regarding life thus causing you to experience a plethora of mix emotions. Unfortunately, its those mixed emotions that will make you want to quit on yourself even before you get started knowing that those around you are seemingly moving with ease with their own lives. However, looks can be deceiving on the outside as its completely different on the inside. In the end, have fun while trying not to take it so seriously and when you do you'll ultimately find your center whatever it may be to get a handle on the hula hoop of your own life.

Friday, March 29, 2019

A Heartfelt Image

Krishna Das once said, ~The heart is like a mirror. When we dust it off, we are able to see ourselves. The dust is all our stuff - guilt, anger - this stuff is reflected back to us. Practice removes dust from the mirror our hearts.~ If you think about it, when it comes to matters of the heart in regards to true happiness a person living the single life would most definitely want to meet a guy/girl who is able to reflect back a similar image or images in hopes of mirroring a strong, worthwhile relationship. For its certainly a tough and not to mention frustrating situation indeed in meeting someone who exactly reflects a mirror image of some, most, and/or all aspects of a potential/significant relationship without the possibility of those images turning out to be absolutely deceptive.

Without a doubt, when you're living the single life being able to meet a potential future best friend for life who is able to exactly reflect back mirror images of what's in your own heart back to you is considered to be a dream come true. Essentially, its those images that have a clear representation of trust, faith, hope, respect, honor, intimacy, honesty, understanding, patience, communication, commitment, etc. one wants to see reflected in his/her heart. True, it can instantly be seen in some where as for other it may take time or none at all depending on the guy/girl in question. Of course, you don't want to end up being someone who sees only what one wants to see whereby deceiving yourself into believing the images of quality attributes/aspects previously mentioned were never there to begin with.

As said before, the tough and frustrating part of living the single life is finding out the reflective images seen within a guy/girl of interest's heart turned out to be absolutely deceptive. Thinking about it further, its a sad state of affairs when an individual finds himself/herself mentally, emotionally, personally, physically, as well as spiritually fooled by the truly deceptive images reflected back leading to the gradual dark stain of utter heartbreak, Unfortunately, experiencing that type of being constantly fooled is considerably embarrassing thus causing their own mirrored heart to lose its luster/shine as it is gradually covered with dust/smudges/scratches/cracks representing doubt, fear, worry, frustration, disappointment, anger, guilt, confusion, contempt, bitterness, etc.

Let me ask this question to those living the single life as it pertains to looking within the mirror of one's own heart, have any of you lost the ability to see yourself because of how gradually dark and stained it has become? Oftentimes, the loss of one's self due to the darkened stains of unfortunate heartbreak leads any individual to forget who they're staring at, in a manner of speaking. Essentially, this unfortunately leads a person to all intents and purposes to see the mirror opposite of who they really are in the reflective heart of a bad relationship thus being blinded by the red flags of deception. What it primarily comes down to is being reminded who and how strong you are with the help of best buds/gal pals by your side to where you'll hopefully see yourself clearly once again.

Someone said, ~Work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much but is still standing.~ In retrospect, its a really astounding thought of how many images a person sees from within mirror of their own heart on a daily basis as it involves love/true love. Granted, its also the negative painful/hurtful reflective images along with it that makes the duality of it all quite difficult/challenging in keeping a more positively clean instead of negatively messy outlook. In other words, don't quite because you're just plain tired. In the end, hold on to the thought of one day seeing the possibility of a heartfelt image reflected back in someone who helps you work in becoming who you want to be every time you look literally and metaphorically at yourself in the mirror.