Saturday, November 26, 2016

Strange Kind of Love

Marvel movie character The Ancient once said, ~You think you know how the world works. You think this material universe is all there is. What if I told you the reality you know is one of many.~ In some aspect, matters of the heart and Marvel movie character Dr. Strange are synonymous with each other. How and in what way? You see, in the movie a physically Broken Dr. Stephen Strange would be introduced to a whole new reality or several different realities when he was able to fully open his mind to infinite possibilities. Thinking about it further, one can be metaphorically broken regarding bad past relationships and it can most definitely take an arduous journey to someday suddenly finding one's self standing in front of someone who is somehow able to fully open a world of infinite possibilities within an individual's heart.

Without a doubt, a person can certainly feel as if their metaphorically broken when experiencing the pangs of utter heartbreak instead of physically broken like in the case of Dr. Stephen Strange. For it's a tough and frustrating situation indeed to heal up in every sense of the word as the pain felt is a haunting reminder of what has been taken from you. The emotion, mental, and not to mention the personal turmoil one goes through in order to want to resume the life you've been living before having your heart broken and then being given/offered another chance. Essentially, it's a chance to be fully open and accepting of infinite possibilities never before seen or felt within your heart, which can surely be treated with tremendous amounts of doubt, as well as skepticism.

If you think about it, there is something strangely odd and mystifying, in a manner of speaking, when you're being gradually open to countless possibilities when it comes to meeting someone who has the uncanny ability in turning your world within your heart upside down, inside out, and sideways in a positive way of course. As I said before, there is at first tremendous amounts of doubt and skepticism concerning a too good to be true mindset involving a particular guy/girl in question. Oftentimes, it can be quite difficult to break that unfortunate mindset, but when it is the immense impact of that sudden realization is in some ways feels like a trippy out of body experience. So, how many of you are have felt or presently feeling the immense impact of someone truly special so much so it's as if you're having an out of body experience?

Let me ask you this question regarding the pivotal time loop scene to save the world between Dr. Strange and Dormammu near the end of the movie, when it comes to the world within your heart has it ever felt like you've been in all intense and purposes stuck in a endless time loop of heartbreak? True, to experience that type of continuous loop of bad past relationship can push any person to the brink of insanity. I think it's safe to say that for a number of people they would so want to have the time loop of sadness, anger, doubt, fear, frustration, bitterness, bitterness, cynicism, etc. be broken and finally be free of the past. Trust, patience, understanding, patience, contentment, hope, intimacy, commitment, etc. is considered to be an endless time loop relationship those living the single life like myself would so worth being caught in.

In retrospect, there are so many dimension within a person's heart that are still yet to be discovered, especially when love/true is involved. True, all it ever takes is the ability to quintessentially conjure up thoughts, feelings, and emotions that delve much deeper instead of stopping at the surface because of being too afraid that it's not what you signed up for. In other words, breaking the barrier walls keeping you from fully accepting a possibly magical future with your best friend for life. What it primarily comes down to is being able to have a strong connection with a guy/girl who may or may not potentially be on the same astral plane as you are. In the end, the thing about true happiness is we all wield untapped powers within our own heart and when each of us ultimately stand in front of our very own version of the Ancient those powers will awaken that strange kind of love.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Good Game

Someone once said, ~Life is like a game of UNO; no one knows how long its gonna last.~ If you think about it, life and the game of UNO are synonymous with each other in the sense that it's truly a seemingly ongoing game of unpredictability, especially when it's against life itself. For its most definitely an unpredictable game indeed as our hopes, goals, dreams, aspirations, etc. are in all intense and purposes shuffled around then dealt to us in a such a way they can either be for or against us. True, like the game of UNO there is an absolute unknown of when we're going to reach/achieve what each one of us are striving for until that golden opportunity of metaphorically holding in our hand the one final card we've been anxiously waiting to place it down for the win.

Let me ask you this question in regards to playing the game of UNO, what is one of cards that has the ability turn your life upside down and every which way? If you answered the wild card you'd be correct. Why you may ask? Thinking about it further, life can throw down a wild card on us personally, in a manner of speaking, whereby instantly throwing us off our focus on the game we're all individually playing. Essentially, the wild card can certainly have many representations one of them being diagnosed with cancer. Granted, nobody wants to have that particular UNO card placed down in front of us; but with encouraging support of friends and family by one's side they'll help in being a great motivator in making it to the end whenever that may be on your own terms.

As I said before, playing UNO can be an ongoing game of unpredictability to the point where the possibility of mixed emotions can very well be experienced such as angered frustration. You see, there are times when playing the game against our most toughest opponent known as life that it places cards down in order to test how much patience we have and not to mention our overall attitude. In other words, there are moments when you think things are seemingly going your way career wise until something happens that causes your positive outlook to unfortunately reverse negatively then finding yourself drawing double the circumstances to where it feels as if it keeps continually adding up 4 times as much. I think it's safe to say we've all been there to where it pushes you to brink of absolute insanity.

Without a doubt, we've all been skipped on while playing the game of UNO because it's just how the game is played. For the most part, it's a well played tactic used to get the advantage to not only get more chances putting into play not only your own cards, but quite possibly adding more cards to their opponent's hand as well. In any case, do you remember how it felt being skipped? Disappointed? Frustrated? Impatient? Angry? Oftentimes, there is the belief that when it comes to those living the single life those same feelings previously mentioned can fester over time leading to that innate mindset of always being skipped over in matters pertaining to love/true. So the question remains, how many times do you believe you've been skipped in the true happiness department?

Someone said, ~Like the game of UNO, no matter what happens in life whether you win or lose keep playing the game even if it's just for fun.~ In retrospect, we're all are playing the UNO cards we're dealt with and even though it may seem we're not getting the one's that matter most we do our best in hopes the game somehow turns in our favor. Hey, it's that competitive spirit that makes the UNO game of life intensely fun, crazy, and at times insanely unpredictable. Ultimately, keep playing to the end and whatever unexpected situations happen during the game itself don't quit or you'll experience missed opportunities you weren't able to keenly notice. In the end, when it's all said done and about to place the last UNO card down for the final time whenever that will be one can hopefully say while looking back on a life well spent with a satisfying smile the following two words: good game.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

All Jokes Aside

The late legendary comedian George Carlin once said, ~...My mind doesn't work that way. I got this real moron thing I do, its calling thinking and I'm not a very good American because I like to form my own opinions...I have certain rules I live by. My first rule, I don't believe anything the government tells me...and I don't take very seriously the media or the press in this country.~ Let me ask you this question, how may of you are going to actually vote in this year's November elections for the next President of the United States? For it's considered to be the most important vote cast even though the 2 main choices being given to us aren't necessarily what most of America are thrilled about knowing there are other choices out there who haven't gotten enough of the much deserved attention they should be getting.

Without a doubt, George Carlin was right in saying that each one of us has the ability to think for ourselves in formulating our own basis of opinion concerning choosing the right person for president. Yet, the two main choices running aren't ideally presidential material because the both of them have a truly distorted sense of reality so much so NBC's Saturday Night Live is having a field day parodying their antics. Thank you Alec Baldwin and Kate Mckinnon For the most part, this coming election has basically become an utter joke and we're waiting for the unfortunate punchline knowing full well it's not going to be a laughing matter whatever the outcome may be. True, Donald Trump is considered a wild card with the disadvantage being his lack of experience whereas Hillary Clinton has the experience; but at the same time she has left a trail of past and current scandals that should automatically disqualify her from even running.

As I said before, this election has become an utter joke with parodies, videos, and memes being created in order to find the humor in the all out absurdity of it all. Of course, you can't help but experience amused disbelief in what both sides have said and/or done during the campaign process to where it just leaves you scratching your head. It's a sad and extremely embarrassing state of affairs for both Trump and Clinton who seemingly find ways to top themselves when it comes to breaking controversy/scandals. In some ways, it's like a real life political movie playing out before our very eyes with comedy, drama, thrilling terror, and intriguing mysteries all rolled into one. Hey, you can't make any of this stuff up and as much as we all want to have Ashton Kutcher come out on election day to say we've been all Punk'd the joke will potentially be on all of us whoever is chosen.

For the question can be asked, do you have any other choices there aren't just 2 main choices to vote for this November as other candidates are purposefully being left out of the spotlight by the media? Of course, it's a well known fact that there was a media black out involving Bernie Sander's campaign and the rallies that scores of people attended due to the influence of Hillary Clinton. In any case, there are other candidates to choose from such as now well known potential contenders Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein. In addition there are Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party, Evan McMullin of the Independent Party, Rocky De la Fuenta of the Reform Party, Independent Third Party Tom Hoefling, and list of other potential candidates who are alternatives to the influence/manipulation of the mainstream media.

In retrospect, there are so many possible ideas pertaining to the election one of them being having the United State of America not have a President for a whole year. Granted, another idea that comes to mind is a survivor style election where Trump, Clinton, and the rest of the candidates are left on island. The winner and next President is determined by who is smart enough to get off the island. Instead of being televised, it's live streamed via Facebook, Snapchat, and/or Vine. Ultimately, all are eyes and ears are open taking every bit of information that the media has neglected to provide whereby giving us the opportunity to decide for ourselves. In the end, no matter the conspiracy mindset that are votes don't count in the whole scheme of things do it any way and all jokes aside take heed to the words of George Carlin before making the most crucial vote of our lives.

Friday, October 07, 2016


Ruta Sepetys once said, ~Sometimes there is such beauty in awkwardness. There's love and emotion trying to express itself, but at the time, it just ends up being awkward.~ Without a doubt, it's a considerably hard enough situation indeed when it comes to the dating scene; but its even harder when you find yourself in an incredibly awkward moment or should I say moments that can most definitely be deemed utterly embarrassing. It's those moments where you can fondly look back on it now as a whole and laugh but at the time you just wanted to forget it every happened to you altogether. For it's a type of awkward embarrassment in which there may have been an attempt to smooth it over only to create an even bigger awkwardly embarrassing situation in how it first started off to be regarding a certain someone of interest. Essentially, the following two choices can be made: 1.) stop and start over. OR 2.) continue talking yourself into a much deeper metaphorical hole you're digging.

If you think about it, there is a seemingly unspoken agreement between our brain and mouth to cooperate with each other. You see, in every day life the information we've taken the time to formulate and carefully structure in our head is sent to our mouth then clearly articulated out loud. However, that's not the case as the cooperation between one's brain and mouth suddenly falls apart to where one's own mouth decides to go rogue when matters of the heart are involved. In other words, blurting out the first thing from our mouth in a very unpredictable way. Of course, in your head you'd gladly take that opportunity to use an MIB neutralizer to wipe any memory of what just happened to start over but you can't. Instead, you continue on hoping you don't do or say anything stupid again inevitably digging yourself deeper into the metaphorical hole of awkward embarrassment. I think it's safe to say we've all been in a situation where we knew what we were going to say only to find ourselves saying to him/her something so incoherently confusing it literally caused our face to cringe while standing there.

As I said before, the cooperation between our brain and mouth suddenly falls apart in the presence of a guy/girl you're genuinely interested in due to one's mouth deciding to go rogue. Thinking about it further, the unpredictably of one's mouth going rogue or as I like to refer to it sometimes as experiencing an unfortunate brain fart can put a damper on in trying to make a great first impression. Furthermore, it sets the tone to where the atmosphere can be either absolutely relaxing or uncomfortably awkward. True, being nervous plays a tremendous factor as so many thoughts are running through one's own head to the point where you end up verbally stumbling over words each of us normally say on a semi daily basis without any problems whatsoever. Personally speaking, I recall a situation involving meeting someone and I was mentally prepared to greet this woman and introduce myself. Needless to say, my brain shut down and I was so nervous standing in front of her that I got tongue tied messing up my own name. The urge to run did cross my mind as I freaked out in my head but I didn't.

Let me ask you this question to those who have experienced in the past or recently experienced a very awkward dating situation with a guy/girl, were you able to turn it around in your favor? Oftentimes, the ability to have a sarcastic sense of humor and be self deprecating can turn an awkwardly embarrassing first meeting into a memorable moment where laughter along with easy flowing conversation that's not forced is shared. Granted, it's not always necessarily the case evident by the unfortunate awkward first date horror stories that have been shared with me over the years. In any case, if a guy can genuinely make a woman laugh and smile by using that awkwardness he's feeling to their advantage there's a safe bet a truly deep appreciation will be felt putting her at ease not knowing she's possibly experiencing the same exact awkwardness as well. What it primarily comes down to is simply taking a moment beforehand to just close our eyes and take several deep breaths to calm ourselves.

In retrospect, experiencing awkwardness in the pursuit of love/true love will never not be part of the dating scene. Yet, it's how each one of us deals with and are able to learn what we've embarrassingly said or done in the past that can positively turn a regrettable memory into a hopefully unforgettable one. For the most part, we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously but at the same time be polite and respectful. In addition, trying too hard in breaking the tension will build it up more thus creating an increase in uncomfortable silence whereby both of you are in a desperate mental search for a topic to discuss in order to salvage a date deemed an already epic failure. In the end, we're always going to experience awkwardly embarrassing situations in regards to living the single that have us experiencing those unfortunate facepalm moments; but it will be well worth it my friend as they'll individually lead each one of us to eventual true happiness.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

On My Way

Karen Salmansohn once said, ~Do not go speeding into love. Get to know who someone is, so you don't fall in love with the idea of them but the actual them. Don't confuse romance for intimacy. Romance attracts you speedily and physically. But intimacy is what connects you heart to heart, over time.~ In some aspect, when it comes to love/true love it can seem as if we're all wanting or should I say speeding towards, so to speak, a designated location within our own heart only to get pulled over. Unfortunately, each one of us can find or has found one's self being caught in the proverbial single life speed trap and ticketed for an infraction or a number of infractions in regards to the dating/potential/significant relationship scene. Essentially, you can either talk your way out of it and avoid paying the so called fine or completely accept the consequences to where it's another added life experience.

As I said before, it can seem as if we're all wanting or should I say speeding towards, so to speak, a designated location within our own heart only to get pulled over. Thinking about it further, a person can most definitely be eager in wanting to be in an established worthwhile relationship with a guy/girl who one will gladly go well past the speed limit for, in a manner speaking. For it's an adrenaline rush of a situation indeed as one floors it personally, mentally, emotionally, and maybe even physically pertaining to a certain someone of interest. In other words, making up for lost time after being constantly stopped and passed by other "motorists" who are now riding in the fast lane together with their forever best friend riding shotgun causing one to experience a mixture of emotions such as frustration, anger, and not to mention impatience.

Without a doubt, living the single life mistakes can certainly be made like being too eager/impatient in wanting to speed through obstacles hindering you on the road towards true happiness. True, its annoyingly irritating and oftentimes an embarrassing state of affairs finding ourselves suddenly noticing the all too familiar flashing lights of dread in our heart's internal rear view mirror. Of course, this leads to our thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions to be in all intense and purposes cited for being reckless knowing full well mistakes were made but drove faster despite of it. Heartbreak, frustration, anger, sadness, disappointment, resentment, utter contempt, fear, bitterness, etc. are a representation of individual citations being given on one's speeding ticket of the heart whereby giving the possibility of 2 harsh realities: 1.) you're never going to make it. 2.) you're late getting there and just missed him/her.

Let me ask this question to those who are presently driving on you're own metaphorical road in hopes of getting where you want to be within your own heart, how fast are you going? I think it's safe to say that for most of us we're on the highways/byways otherwise known as the single life simply cruising along and having fun jamming to CD's or the radio. However, for others they're fast and furiously speeding past us like a bat out of hell in order to catch up to the one that is seemingly father away each time he/she thinks they're getting closer. Let me tell you something, when you're too focused trying to reach as fast as humanly possible in what you've wanted for your own heart you end up on the side of road getting ticketed and missing out on the opportunity in noticing your scenic surroundings with hopefully your best buds/gal pals along for the ride as well.

Someone said, ~We all drive at the same speed. Just not necessarily at the same time or on the same road. Although, we are all heading in the same direction and towards the same destination.~ In retrospect, the directions to the ultimate destination that is matters of the heart can be an utterly confusing road to navigate at times. You see, it's best to calm down and not worry/panic about getting there because its absolutely futile. Hey, take that opportunity for however long it will be to get lost in order to find yourself and enjoy having fun seeing where the road leads you. He/she will be there waiting to pull you over so don't be in too big of a rush. In the end, for me personally I'm 99.9% sure there is someone waiting to finally pull me over who I'm unknowingly driving towards within the designated posted speed limit plus 10 over and all I can say to her, whoever she may be, is even though it's taking longer than anticipated I'm on my way.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Right Kind of Wrong

Carl Hiaasen once said, ~Sometimes you're going to be faced with situations where the line isn't clear between what's right and what's wrong. Your heart will tell you to do one thing and your brain will tell you to do something different. In the end, all that's left is to look at both sides and go with your best judgment.~ If you think about it, figuring out right from wrong is part of life, especially if it pertains to matters of the heart regarding one's own thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions. For it's a tough and not to mention complicated situation indeed knowing its possibly the right decision to make but at the same time struggling within yourself to the point where the following question is asked: Is it right or wrong?

Is it right or wrong to not immediately act on one's instinctive impulse to move towards the possibility of a potentially worthwhile relationship even if it's someone who is considered to be everything you've ever imagined and then some. Thinking about it further, it's totally understandable in holding back in every sense of the word of what you want to say or do involving a certain someone of interest because of past experience teaching you to become considerably cautious when it comes to one's own heart. True, as much as you want to be in a relationship you don't want to mistakenly be in one out of feeling lonely and/or witnessing those around you finding absolute true happiness whereby that sense of hope/faith is lost.

Is it right or wrong to compartmentalize your thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions when attempting to figure out whether or not the guy/girl in question you're interested in is someone you want to get to know on a more personal basis? Without a doubt, there is a big difference between a crush and genuinely liking someone to where being able to leave out emotions altogether gives an individual the opportunity to mentally investigate within yourself of one's own intentions are truly real. In other words, think it through logically with your head instead of your heart. Granted, it's not necessarily a proven method and trust me when I say the questions aren't always answered causing one to be pushed to the brink of insanity.

Let me ask you this question to those who are experiencing a quintessential balance of sorts, is it right or wrong weighing the pros and cons when dealing/facing a dilemma of heart? I think its safe to say we've all been through or are currently going through right now weighing, in a manner of speaking, our thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions so much so the tipping point can go either way. Of course, when I say tipping point I'm referring to that one aspect/thing about him/her that would in all intense and purposes overwhelmingly tip the scales in a positive rather than a negative way. Let me tell you something, be prepared to have a continuous even balance at times causing tremendous difficulty telling/revealing to you love/true love.

In retrospect, the single life is like one big scale for individuals such as myself with our own heart placed in the middle as the proverbial arrow pointing towards a happy ending while the other points to constant wonder. Oftentimes, we think we know what's right for us but end up finding ourselves at the wrong end of utter heartbreak. What it primarily comes down to is taking your time and having the patience in knowing when the right moment presents itself whenever that will be regardless if it's right or wrong. In the end, each one of us want someone who is right for us who may be weirdly odd but compliments you in such a way that those are around you say in an amusingly surprised way the both of you are the right kind of wrong for each other.

Sunday, September 04, 2016


Socrates once said, ~The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.~ Without a doubt, staying focused after making an important change in life can most definitely bring new found focus in a very positive way. For it's a sobering situation indeed when an individual able to most past a blurred past and be given a whole new perspective with absolutely fresh eyes. Its those aforementioned fresh eyes in which you're able to truly see or should I say focus on people, places, and/or things than can be taken for granted after focusing on particular vices of the addictive nature. Essentially, by putting one's focus on other positive alternatives the future looks increasingly brighter each day.

If you think about it, being able to focus on your family can in a sense be the best medicine in rejuvenating one's zest for life. I think it's safe to say when you're a member of a family such as an uncle you're job description is to basically be fun loving, goofy, and crazy when playfully interacting with one's own nephews and/or nieces. For the most part, its the standard prerequisite for being the quintessential family member who is all about having fun. True, the tremendous joy they bring to your life gives you the neverending rather than the temporary buzz you experienced in the past; but the big difference is you will certainly remember those precious/special moments for a lifetime, which matters more in life in regards to becoming a whole new you.

As I said before, having fresh eyes allows you to truly see or should I say focus on people places or things, especially if those places are Comic Cons where attending, as well as dressing up in cosplay as one's favorite fictional characters fills your life with enjoyment. Granted, not too many people aren't able to understand the pure fascination or in some cases the obsession of wearing a costume practically all day at a place filled where it can quite literally bring out your inner child. However, when you do find or meet people with the same enthusiasm regarding everything from purchasing collectables like comic books or collectables to taking pictures of/with your favorite celebrities/cosplayers one's day is momentously made.

Let me ask you this question in regards to collecting comic books, what is your most favorite and possibly priceless purchase? Thinking about it further, by trading one negative addiction for a given you the opportunity to in all intense and purposes drink in all the purchases you've made after hunting/searching/bidding for them. You see, the successful purchase of one's comic collectables you've set your eyes on is considerably far more satisfying to hold and read than any alcoholic beverage to quench one's thirst don't you think? Let me tell you something, never lose that fire for comic books as it has seemingly brought out a child-like enthusiasm into your life among other things as well.

In retrospect, Brion McAuley is a very much a different man than 5 years ago and has now focused his life on the more positive things in life. Whether it's being an awesome uncle, cosplaying at Comic Cons, purchasing comics, utilizing one's skills as a graphic designer by using photoshop, etc. keep the focus strong in your life. Of course, don't forget you have new found friends to support and not to mention encourage you along the way as well. Ultimately, I say to you my friend continue to build a new life for yourself all-the-while leaving your old life behind knowing full well second chances seem to be at times a hard rarity to come by these days. In the end, I think you yourself summed up this yodaism best when I mentioned it to you with just one word...potatoes.