Saturday, April 21, 2018

Frame Of Heart

Khano Makwarela once said, ~Sometimes broken relationships are like broken glasses. People often hurt themselves trying to put the broken pieces back together.~ Without a doubt, matters of the heart involving broken relationships is most definitely synonymous with getting glasses after it has been for quite some time or ends up getting broken. You see, when you experience both there is in a sense the inability to see clearly even though there have been attempts to try to fix it the best way you can. True, fixing what's been broken or close to being broken can sometimes help you see in the visual context. Of course, the same can be said in regards to trying to fix a relationship that has gradually lost the sense of sight mentally, as well as emotionally whereby there is an inability to see clearly in a person's or one another's heart, in a manner of speaking.

If you think about it, when you deal with broken glasses or glasses close to being broken you can find yourself taping it up as a temporary fix, which those who wear glasses such as myself have done in the past. Essentially, that's how it can be at times as a guy/girl/couple tries for the previously mentioned temporary fix deemed absolutely easy for his/her/their relationship only end up re-taping the part/parts again because the problem wasn't truly dealt with or should I say discussed in depth. Thinking about it further, although the tape on a broken or soon to be broken relationship is viewed as metaphorical it has the propensity to make its presence known in an annoyingly, irritating way. So the question remains is there presently tape put on as a temporary fix on your relationship right now? Here's another question, how long has it been on there?

As I said before, when experiencing a broken relationship and glasses there is in a sense the inability to see clearly even though there have been attempts to try to fix it in the best way one can. Unfortunately, when its not able to be fixed via the aforementioned temporary fix the alternative is getting new glasses thus getting your eyes or in this particular case your heart checked in order to in all intense and purposes see what you're truly deserving of on the quintessential strong, worthwhile relationship eye/heart chart. For it's certainly a tough and frustrating situation indeed to go through as you're in a way doing an oftentimes exhaustive self eye/heart examination so that you'll be able to see clearly line by line in someone else all the quality aspects of a deeply meaningful relationship such as trust, faith, honesty, respect, faith, patience, hope, understanding, communication, commitment, etc.

Let me ask this question to those who have been wearing broken glasses and have constantly been fixing them with tape, how did it feel when you were able to finally wear it without always having to make those annoyingly, irritating adjustments? In other words, how many of you are with your best friend for life and are now clearly seeing the quality aspects of a deeply meaningful relationship mentioned above instead of unfortunate aspects like doubt, being lied to, anger, fear, worry, hatred, confusion, frustration, bitterness, utter contempt, disappointment, etc. Granted, it takes time along with the much needed eye drops of reality in which it puts into perspective the type of guy/girl one hopes to find/meet/encounter someday. What it primarily comes down to is facing the temporary tape fix head on and not avoiding the issue(s) so you won't always feel absolute discomfort.

In retrospect, wearing the right glasses makes all the difference as it helps see what you've been missing out on after your heart has experienced the discomforting blurriness and/or feeling of a bad past relationship. For the most part, when you get your eyes checked in the form of your best buds/gal pals in possibly helping you getting them wide open visually in mental and emotional capacity it's an experience unlike any other. Ultimately, what brings it all together is having the right frames with occasional adjustments that will positively stick with you. Hey, it may take days, months, and/or maybe even years before you inevitably find the frames that will keep you stable in every sense of word but its so worth it.. In the end, it's when you're able to get into a genuinely right frame of heart with a certain special someone in hopes of being able to see with continuous 20/20 vision or better a future that makes you smile.

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