Saturday, April 14, 2018


Joseph Joubert once said, ~Words are like eyeglasses, they blur everything that they do not make clear.~ If you think about it, life is in a sense like wearing glasses in which any one of us can seemingly have a clear vision, so to speak, when it comes to certain goals one wants to achieve. For its a seemingly thought provoking situation indeed in being able to in all intense and purposes try to clearly see in the distance a better future but at the same time it can turn considerably blurry as well. Why? Essentially, a person starts off with a strong line of sight of where they want to go to the point where if doubt happens it gradually becomes harder to see. What it primarily comes down to is having the determined, clear focus pertaining to each objective in hopes of successfully achieving what one's seeing behind their own prescribed lenses.

As I said before, in life any one of us can seemingly have a clear vision, so to speak, when it comes to certain goals one wants to achieve. Although, there may be an innate clear focus on our hopes, dreams, goals for a number of people it can at times become quite difficult to see or fully focus on because of foreseen, as well as unforeseen circumstances that turns them considerably blurry, in a manner of speaking. In other words, its all about having a completely different perspective in how the way you look at what's in front and all around you with a positive instead of a negative attitude. I think its safe to say the decision to metaphorically put on/wear the quintessential rose colored glasses of positivity can certainly make the difference whereby seeing the potentially complicated situations in life in a totally interesting albeit unique way.

Without a doubt, glasses help bring into focus what a person is struggling or struggles to see and the same can be said in regards to aspects of life such as friendship, career, walk with God, matters of heart involving relationships/love/true love, etc. True, each one of us can most definitely find ourselves being stubbornly blind in not wanting or refusing to see the red flags that can clearly be seen by those around you who care about enough in looking out for your own best interests. Thinking about it further, being someone who unfortunately is shortsighted or farsighted for that matter has in some ways a blurred viewpoint to where they're constantly stumbling/bumping their way into/though life. Hey, you have to set your ego aside and be humble enough in helping you put on the glasses of reality when you're unable to see the truth for yourself.

Let me ask you this question to those who have worn or are wearing glasses, what's do you think is considered the most important aspect of the glasses itself? If you answered picking the right frame you would be correct. You see, the right frame makes all the difference so much so it in a way brings it all together, which is a mindset relating to life too. Of course, picking the right frame is synonymous with life in the context of setting the overall tone. What I mean is we oftentimes try our best in being able to always perfectly frame or should I say having stability that's continually strong as it pertains to our own personal, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual journey we've individually set forth on. So the question remains, do you believe you have a sense of stability as it pertains to picking the right frame of life?

In retrospect, there are times its hard to make out and clearly see where we're going in life, which is often the case. Of course, even though we may try to avoid the unfortunate scratches on the lenses of life it can't be helped and all we can really do is not let ourselves focus on them or you'll end up being driven insane. In any case, its all about making constant adjustments in order to comfortably see/feel and for the most part it makes a difference. Ultimately, I say to those who are having troubling seeing with their glasses of life they're wearing now it may be blurry, but it will eventually clear up if you continue making focused adjustment that best help you see. In the end, make sure you have the right fit, make those occasional adjustment and see with as much 20/20 vision or better so you won't be able to miss out on seeing/experiencing what life itself is showing you.

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