Monday, January 29, 2018

Simply Perfect

Ed Sheeran once said, ~Your partner should be your best friend. You feel like you want to spend every single day with them and you always have something you can talk to them about.~ Without a doubt, its considerably rare these days to find/meet who will be considered your forever best friend. For its a type of forever best friend who you have the ability to in one's own unique way to perfectly communicate with each other verbally and nonverbally. Thinking about it further, it's a connection that is so deeply genuine personally, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and not to mention emotionally you can hardly believe he/she is real. However, when that realization finally sets in you smile knowing the guy/girl in question is someone who you've been truly waiting for has come true.

Let me ask this question to those in a potential and/or significant relationship, did you meet when you were childhood kids or later in life as a hopefully mature adult. Oftentimes, having two people who have been best friends since they were kids supposedly makes for a strong worthwhile relationship. Why? I think its safe to say a couple who have known each other since they were kids have more inside knowledge in regards to possible inside jokes, their hopes, dreams, shared family life/school experiences, and whatever the case may be while growing up together. On the other hand, the case can be said for those who've met/found each other after going through past relationship experiences whether they were bad or good whereby giving personal life lessons of love/true love. Hey, some people just click instantly while others just take time.

As I said before, you want a type of forever best friend who have the ability to in one own unique way to perfectly communicate with each other verbally and nonverbally. Of course, being able to show love without any words spoken can speak volumes with one's proverbial partner in crime. True, the eyes are said to be the windows to the soul and certainly have a way of to say so much without saying a single word when it involves matters of the heart. Yet, at the same time, a simple touch in a Sasuke touching Sakura's forehead from the popular Japanese anime Naruto has the innate propensity to affect any person in such a way your heart skips a bit, leaves you breathless, time stops, and/or all three combined. In any case, it's not always what you say in showing how much you love someone as its also how it can be said too.

If you think about it, having a guy/girl willingly hold your heart in their hands shows utmost trust. A trust in which that certain someone's heart is deemed the most valued and priceless possession any individual one can ever hope to. as well as lucky enough to own, in a manner of speaking. In a sense, its like being given the most special gift shared between one person to another you absolutely don't want to break, play with, and/or break for that matter. Essentially, it's a feeling you never want to go/fade away and if compared to it would certainly feel like walking barefoot in the grass, listening to a favorite song that defines the two of you, softly whispering underneath one's breath so much so it causes the back of their/your neck to stand, etc. For the question can be asked how many can say they've experienced this in the past or are experiencing it right now?

In retrospect, when it comes to the potential for true happiness you can either dive right in with someone who may/may not be your better half or keep yourself emotionally distant from experiencing something totally amazing. Fortunately, there are a number of people who taken the lead of successful leaps of faith and now are with their better half while others are keeping themselves from feeling the pain of getting hurt again. In some ways, whether you're diving in or keeping yourself emotionally distant it's like dancing in the dark and trying to blindly find then match the exact rhythm as him/her. Ultimately, we all want to find/share a literal and figurative home within someone heart who will be able to house, so to speak, more than just our own well kept/hidden secrets. In the end, when everything clicks whether you've know each other forever or for just certain amount of time it can feel simply perfect, which is song by 4 time Grammy winner Ed Sheeran that best represents this thought.

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