Sunday, December 18, 2016

A New Hope

Felicity Jones' Rogue One character Jyne Erso once said, ~We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope.~ If you think about it, the Star Wars story Rogue One's theme of hope and matters of the heart are most definitely synonymous with each other in the sense there is an rebellion of sorts in fighting to regain both after experiencing being metaphorically broken by a past relationship or a number of relationships. True, hope can certainly be taken away to the point where there is an inner struggle to fight in every sense of the word for any sort of peace that it hauntingly resonates in one's own dreams. A fight filled with doubt, anger, confusion, hatred, fear, disappointment, utter contempt, frustration, bitterness, etc. that most assuredly can take it's toll mentally, emotionally, physically, and not to mention spiritually as well. Essentially, there is a mindset in which one can give up on it entirely due to not wanting to face the odds that are absolutely overwhelming or continue fighting on no matter the odds you find yourself facing right in front of you.

Without a doubt, Jyne Erso is an angry and frustrated rebel who didn't take any side after being abandoned at the age of 16 by her former guardian Saw Guerrera whereby her only allegiance has been to herself. Of course, one of the ways she's been able to survive was to simply not look up and ignore the dark and gritty reality of her surroundings. Thinking about it further, when it comes to living the single life one can attain an "I am my only ally" mentality rebelling with angry frustration against the helpful advice of friends, family, and even ourselves in regards to surviving at times the dark, as well as gritty reality of the dating scene. For it's seemingly an easy enough situation indeed to just keep our head or in this particular case heart down in order to constantly avoid the pain of utter heartbreak. However, as easy as it may seem how long can any individual keep their heart down, in a manner of speaking, until you look up one day and notice there is a potential sign of hope that was once lost?

As I said before, hope can certainly be taken away to the point where there is an inner struggle to fight in every sense of the word for any sort of peace that it hauntingly resonates in one's own dreams. It's an incredibly painful state of affairs for any individual in suddenly finding one's self confronting part of an unresolved past like Jyne reuniting with her father. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be a happy reunion between father and daughter as Galen Erso dies during a rebellion attack in the planet of Eadu. Yet, at the same time it's her father's death that is considered to be the pivotal motivating factor that brings about a revitalized sense of hopeful resolve for Jyne to confront head on in what she's been hiding/running away from. Oftentimes, being able to confront head on unresolved past relationship issues one's been rebelling against for months/years that it dies a quintessential death is considered to be a pivotal moment for any person needing/wanting some much needed closure to move forward regarding their own true happiness.

Let me ask you this question to those who have seen Rogue One, what was your favorite scene? I think it's safe to say there's a number of faves that stick out and are considerably memorable. Personally speaking, none stick out more specifically than scenes involving Donnie Yen's character Chirrut Imwe. A character who verbally repeated a steadfast belief in not only being one with the force, but having the force with him. Of course, his introduction in Jedha was quite literally kickass and his unfortunate heroic demise after flipping the switch near the end in Scarif is in some ways a representation of how a strong, worthwhile relationship is at times or should be. In other words, there comes a point in the force of love/true you have to sometimes walk in rebellious blind faith while placing/putting your trust in your own version of Baze Malbus in keeping each other's thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions safe from harm. What it primarily comes down to is having an unwavering hope and belief in one another no matter the ensuing chaos happening around the both of you.

In retrospect, never give up the fight in one day experiencing a strong, worthwhile relationship knowing full well it's going to be an extremely tough battle in order to get there. Granted, there will be moments where it can feel as if the dark side of the single life makes it's presence known with lightsaber in hand to brutally destroy you without any mercy whatsoever. Let me tell you something, don't allow it to by continuing to rebel against it and you'll be able to survive the struggle long enough to get where you most want to be gradually bringing back the smile that once was lost. You see, what it takes is having/getting key information such as trust, respect, honesty, patience, intimacy, understanding, contentment, communication, etc. that is considered to be vitally important from a rogue one rebel who made the ultimate sacrifice, so to speak, in potentially turning the tide for a better future for yourself. In the end, the rogue one rebel in question may or may not be your best friend for life, but his/her effort will not be forgotten giving you a new hope within your heart.

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