Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Year To Forget (Last Yodaism of 2016)

Brooks Atkinson once said, ~Drop the last year with the silent limbo of the past. Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go.~ Without a doubt, 2016 is considered to be The most heartbreaking, unbelievable, and not to mention shocking year indeed to the point where a MIB neuralyzer would be very much needed in wiping away any memory of its existence. Thinking about it further, its an existence where part of one's own childhood has been taken one by one and the year long presidential election was tortuous beyond belief. I think its safe to say there is general consensus among everyone that this year has taken a toll on us personally, mentally, as well as emotionally.

As I said before, 2016 is considered to be THE most heartbreaking, unbelievable, and not to mention shocking year indeed where a MIB neuralyzer would be very much needed in wiping away any memory of its existence. Sadly, 2016 took no prisoners and didn't stop in taking the livesof such legends starting with Ziggy Stardust otherwise known as David Bowie. Unfortunately, little did any of us know that Bowie was just the beginning of the seemingly personal childhood onslaught where a number of legendary musicians/singers/producers, athletes, and actors who many of us grew up with up are now gone. Alan Rickman, Aton Yelchin, Prince, Gene Wilder, Florence Henderson, Muhammad Ali, George Michael, Motorhead's Lemmy, Alan Thicke, Kenny Baker, and just announced earlier today Carrie Fisher.

Speaking of Kenny Baker and Carrie Fisher, their deaths are and still remain unbelievably heartbreaking and shocking because of the deep connection to Star Wars. Personally speaking, my introduction to Star Wars was at the very young age 6 watching Empire Strikes Back. You see, even though my all time favorite character is Yoda, Princess Leia along with R2D2 hold a special place in my heart. For it's a sad state of affairs when the announcement of the actor who portrayed R2 Kenny Baker passed away causing a tremendous impact amongst the Star Wars fandom. However, the biggest impact thus far was the shocking news of Carrie Fisher suffering cardiac arrest during a flight and then her unfortunate passing left many fans including feeling completely heartbroken.

If you think about it, this year's presidential campaign was something resembling an utter circus and I'm not referring to the fun kind either. Essentially, it was a year where a bunch of circus clowns rather than potential candidates attempted to say and/or do anything to garner the nation's votes. Granted, it was considerably entertaining to a certain extent only to get more mind numbingly annoying and tortuous beyond belief so much so you wondered how ridiculous it would get. The question would certainly be answered when Trump and Clinton became the final 2 candidates leading to a nasty divide among voters giving way to a much nastier divide by way of verbal/physical assaults once Trump won inevitably becoming the President Elect.

In retrospect, the year that now shall not be named has had so many moments you want to forget such as the Dallas/Orlando shootings, the Clinton email scandal, Zika virus, all the protests happening, etc. Yet, there has been some things that have happened this year that have brought mostly everyone together one of which is the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series after a 108 year drought. In any case, I'm sure I can speak for everyone else when I say we as individuals are looking forward or in this particular case urging 2017 to get here soon and hope nobody else falls at the hands of the year that shall not be named. In the end, it has gotten to the point where enough is enough where we'll collectively and happily say good riddance because it truly is a year to forget.

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