Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Up For The Challenge

Dr. Steve Maraboli once said, ~Rise to the challenge of bringing your dreams to life! Do not be discouraged by resistance; be nourished by it. Success is the experience of rising to the level of your true greatness.~ Let me ask you this question, have many of life's challenges have you been able to not only achieve, but continue to personally/professionally strive for in hopes of being able to accomplish what you've set your mind to in the present, as well as for the near future. For its a thought provoking and not to mention intriguing situation indeed in the type of person you truly are even though you may not see it in yourself.

Without a doubt, to find the challenge in regards to one's own creative side shows there isn't a limit to your imagination. In other words, what you think up in your mind turns to a potential planning stage inevitably ends up becoming a reality. What it primarily comes to mind is cosplay and showing how much of fan you are when it involves a particular television and/or movie fandom, such as Star Wars. Hey, it part of who you are and there is no denying that whatsoever. Of course, the process of thinking up who to be and then putting the costume together can at times be tediously difficult; but the quintessential payoff is absolutely worth it when you're asked to have a picture taken with you or vice versa.

As I said before, cosplay is primarily part of who you are and it's certainly rings true concerning your overall identity. True, you're a Star Wars fan due in part to being introduced by your parents to what I believe is the greatest franchise to ever be a part of or associated with for that matter. For the most part, it in all intense and purposes set the tone for daily life, especially when it involves everything from trivia, referencing quotes and/or collecting memorabilia i.e. POPS Maz Katana you've patiently waited for to finally arrive. In addition, it also includes being passionate about the love you have for Disney so much so your inner fangirl completely took over to the point where it nearly incited a public incident involving young children over a well beloved frozen character.

If you think it, every person has faced or is facing challenges in life, especially when it pertains to matters of the heart. I think it's safe to say when it comes to the dating/relationship department you've put yourself on hiatus and mainly focusing living life with a mixture of your best buds/gal pals by your side. Thinking about it further, you've mentioned in brief conversation that boredom can set in during a date signifying there is a lack of being able to be challenged. When I say challenged, I mean meeting a guy who has the innate ability to not just get your attention, but continually keep it to where genuine interest grows on your part. Let me tell you something, you'll meet that guy who will accept the challenge whoever he may be.

In retrospect, there is more than meets the eye in a non Transformers way if you take a step back and get the overall picture instead of what's on the surface pertaining to one Lauren Parisi. Granted, I don't necessarily know you on a deeply personal basis and haven't met you in person. However, within a 7 month period I can say you value friendship, you're a kickass trivia host, an adventurer when it comes to hunting Pokemon, a parent to a feline named Leia, a lover of red wine I believe or wine in general, etc. Ultimately, there is a considerably vast knowledge that has yet to be unlocked so much so that if one delves considerably deeper you'll might be surprised in what is found. In the end, you have the driving ambition along with the determination to tackle each day and be up for the challenge of whatever or whoever life brings your way.

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