Sunday, September 04, 2016


Socrates once said, ~The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.~ Without a doubt, staying focused after making an important change in life can most definitely bring new found focus in a very positive way. For it's a sobering situation indeed when an individual able to most past a blurred past and be given a whole new perspective with absolutely fresh eyes. Its those aforementioned fresh eyes in which you're able to truly see or should I say focus on people, places, and/or things than can be taken for granted after focusing on particular vices of the addictive nature. Essentially, by putting one's focus on other positive alternatives the future looks increasingly brighter each day.

If you think about it, being able to focus on your family can in a sense be the best medicine in rejuvenating one's zest for life. I think it's safe to say when you're a member of a family such as an uncle you're job description is to basically be fun loving, goofy, and crazy when playfully interacting with one's own nephews and/or nieces. For the most part, its the standard prerequisite for being the quintessential family member who is all about having fun. True, the tremendous joy they bring to your life gives you the neverending rather than the temporary buzz you experienced in the past; but the big difference is you will certainly remember those precious/special moments for a lifetime, which matters more in life in regards to becoming a whole new you.

As I said before, having fresh eyes allows you to truly see or should I say focus on people places or things, especially if those places are Comic Cons where attending, as well as dressing up in cosplay as one's favorite fictional characters fills your life with enjoyment. Granted, not too many people aren't able to understand the pure fascination or in some cases the obsession of wearing a costume practically all day at a place filled where it can quite literally bring out your inner child. However, when you do find or meet people with the same enthusiasm regarding everything from purchasing collectables like comic books or collectables to taking pictures of/with your favorite celebrities/cosplayers one's day is momentously made.

Let me ask you this question in regards to collecting comic books, what is your most favorite and possibly priceless purchase? Thinking about it further, by trading one negative addiction for a given you the opportunity to in all intense and purposes drink in all the purchases you've made after hunting/searching/bidding for them. You see, the successful purchase of one's comic collectables you've set your eyes on is considerably far more satisfying to hold and read than any alcoholic beverage to quench one's thirst don't you think? Let me tell you something, never lose that fire for comic books as it has seemingly brought out a child-like enthusiasm into your life among other things as well.

In retrospect, Brion McAuley is a very much a different man than 5 years ago and has now focused his life on the more positive things in life. Whether it's being an awesome uncle, cosplaying at Comic Cons, purchasing comics, utilizing one's skills as a graphic designer by using photoshop, etc. keep the focus strong in your life. Of course, don't forget you have new found friends to support and not to mention encourage you along the way as well. Ultimately, I say to you my friend continue to build a new life for yourself all-the-while leaving your old life behind knowing full well second chances seem to be at times a hard rarity to come by these days. In the end, I think you yourself summed up this yodaism best when I mentioned it to you with just one word...potatoes.

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