Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Marshall Oxentine once said, ~Love is a deserted island with only water with a shark in it. You can be scared, but if you don't try you're going to die anyways.~ If you think about it, when it comes to matters of the heart in regards to figuring out your feelings for a certain guy or girl it can most definitely feel as if you're metaphorically stuck on a deserted island. For it can certainly be frustrating and not to mention a maddening situation indeed to the point of absolute insanity in wanting to get off one's own self imposed emotional/mental exile in a castaway like sort of mentality. Of course, what is primarily stopping you from leaving the island, in a manner of speaking, is a shark that represent a number of reasons/excuses hindering one from being able to potentially swim bravely past the dangerous apex predator infested barrier towards true happiness.

Without a doubt, the deserted island otherwise known as the single life can oftentimes be at times a lonely existence. The deserted island that presently was once inhabitable by one's own best buds/gal pals, who are representation of the human version of the volleyball Wilson, has gradually dwindled down. You see, as time passed the island filled those living the single life found themselves in all intense and purposes off the island enjoying the freedom of a significantly strong, worthwhile relationship. Granted, even though they may no longer be on the island there is still constant communication nonetheless making the loneliness a little less strenuous to bear. Thinking about it further, for those of us standing on the shore of uncertainty like myself we're looking out with determined hope at the opportunity of some day happily experiencing the vast beauty of love/true love.

As I said before, what is primarily stopping you from leaving the island is a shark that represents a number of reasons/excuses hindering one from being able to potentially swim bravely past the dangerous apex predator infested barrier towards true happiness. Doubt, fear of rejection, anger, lack of self worth, he/she is out of my league mentality, etc. are just a number of reasons/excuses that are a representation of the shark that has the ability to rip to shreds, so to speak, all the sheer determination and focus you have in wanting to pursue a relationship with someone you're potentially interested in. I think its safe to say there are quite a few individuals still standing on their own personal deserted island shore because of past shark bite scars of utter heartbreak left on their heart to where they just don't want to face what they know full well will cause their mental, as well as emotional death.

Let me ask this question to those who have been on their own personal deserted island for quite some time, is there someone in sight or somewhere out in the distance causing you to want to bravely risk fighting and ultimately swimming past the shark of your own thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions? True, there comes a point where in the midst of the voice in your head, figuring out your feelings, and dealing with so many mixed emotions you just have to go for it with every fiber of your being. Oftentimes, risking it all to fall in love is the considered to be not only the bravest thing any one person can do, but it's also the most foolish as well when you know it may not end well for you. However, you do it anyway for the simple fact that you don't want to end up stuck being alone for the rest of your life on your own deserted island and all it took was the initiative to move forward knowing how truly scared you are.

In retrospect, spending time alone is actually a good thing as it gives you time to think and figure out who you really are. For the most part, you don't want to be the type of person who is absolutely desperate in wanting/finding love so much so you're in a significant relationship with the first person who "rescues" you. Essentially, play it smart like Tom Hanks did in the movie Castaway by using the deserted island itself, its surrounding, and the weather to his advantage. In other words, use the time you have by yourself to your fullest advantage and have fun living it until that very moment arrives then go for it. In the end, don't ever allow yourself to be stranded on the deserted island of your very own heart because you never know when an opportunity in the distance is seen that you find yourself bravely risking and fighting past a shark for a chance at spending a lifetime with your future best friend.

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