Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Free Your Heart

The Oracle from the 1st Matrix movie once said, ~I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. Being the one is just like being in love. No one needs to tell you you're in love; you just know it, through and through.~ Without a doubt, matters of the heart and the main character Neo in the sci fi blockbuster movie The Matrix are most definitely synonymous with each other. How? Essentially, the unknown, hidden potential held within both that once it's unleashed an absolutely extraordinary, unexplainable power is never felt ever before unlike any other so much so one word can best be expressed...whoa. For it can certainly be a struggle and not to mention a bewildering situation indeed in trying to figure it out all-the-while tapping into your own thought, feelings, and/or emotions. For it's a type of unexplainable power in which you can/will find yourself making a life altering choice.

As I said before, a life altering choice can/will be made pertaining to one's own heart in the sort of way Morpheous gave Neo the following two choices: take the blue pill or red pill. Of course, the blue pull represented the end of what could have been whereas the red pill represented the chance to see how far the rabbit hole goes. In other words, there comes a point in every person's life where someone you meet who is so uniquely intriguing you'll take the red pill to knowingly or unknowingly experience an oftentimes painfully harsh, mind bending reality of epic proportions. Thinking about it further, the deeper you go into the proverbial rabbit hole representing your own heart the likelihood you'll metaphorically come face to face with the frustrating/annoying version of the dark shaded, black suited, ear piece wearing Agents in the form of our own thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

If you think about it, when it comes to encountering and inevitably battling are thoughts, feelings, and emotions known as The Agents it's not as easy as it looks by any means whatsoever. In a sense, we can find ourselves dodging bullets in Neo like fashion to avoid getting hurt but that's not always the case. Truth be told, it's considerably difficult at times in finding any type of a winning strategy battling against a ruthless adversary who somehow comes at you in every direction ala countless Agent Smiths against Neo in the 2nd movie Reloaded. Hey, we've all been or are currently in a situation where the overwhelming sense of what we're thinking and/or feeling can at times be as if they're piling on top of you one after another to the point where it's hard to breathe. What it primarily comes down to is having the mindset that even though you may lose the battle in the form of rejection, the war of inner mental and emotional turmoil for true happiness still wages on.

Let me ask this question to those who have watched the 3rd installment Matrix Revolutions, what happens to Neo when he and Trinity head to Machine City? The answer is Neo's sight was taken away from him by Smith who has assimilated himself into the body of Bane. You see, from that point on Neo relies on his other sight perceiving the world in golden light to where he ends up saving the day but sacrifices himself in the process. I think it's safe to say when we're unable to see clearly in every sense of the word because of being in all intense and purposes attacked by our thoughts, feelings, and emotions we blind fold ourselves or should I say simply close our eyes whereby shutting out the seemingly chaotic world around us in order to get a much better perspective. Fortunately, no self sacrifice needed. Ultimately, by doing that you're given a far better calming, appreciation to where you let yourself focus and see a world, in a manner of speaking, in form of a guy/girl who saves the day making the darkness and gloom completely go away around you by brightly shining forth their golden positivity. This goes both way.

In retrospect, I'm personally plugged into The Matrix that is otherwise known as living the single life with a care free mentality. A care free mentality that is able to stretch far beyond than I am capable of ever imagining for myself. True, I make the rules of my own reality and in a way bend them to my own unique and incredibly weird way and so far I'm have an awesome time. Now, until I meet my reason to unplug from the Matrix and take the red pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes in the form of not only my heart, but that certain special someone in question's heart also I've swallowed the blue pill for now. In the end, to those who are presently in a blue pill/red pill situation and just want to free your heart by taking the red pill now because you want to fall in love; I say be patient with all that is in your heart because as it's been said before timing is everything and when it's time you'll know it as love/true love is so worth waiting for.

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