Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What Does It Say

Someone once said, ~Everybody's got three hearts. The first one is what you show strangers. The second heart is shown to your family. Now, when it comes to the person put on this Earth to walk by your side never let him or her see that third heart. Why? There's too much truth inside. Too much risk. Have you let anyone see your third heart?~ Without a doubt, the human heart is considered to be not only strong and resilient, but its quite possibly the most protected as well. Thinking about it further, each one of us tend to provide a glimpse into our heart on a semi daily basis amongst strangers, friends, and not to mention family members. Yet, when it comes to matters of the heart we can most definitely become very protective in not letting/allowing ourselves to feel thus keeping the quintessential gates safely secured from ever being breached.

As I said before, when it comes to matters of the heart we can most definitely become very protective in not letting/allowing ourselves to feel thus keeping the quintessential gates safely secured from ever being breached. Why? Essentially, its that innate aspect of experiencing absolute vulnerability and intimacy in a way that completely opens yourself up not necessarily physically, but certainly mentally, personally, and emotionally. In other words, you're giving that someone special you're possibly falling in love with access, so to speak, to see you without any walls up whatsoever. For its a scary situation indeed to fully take the risk of breaking down every barrier you've built up to protect yourself from the pain of utter heartbreak and reveal the real person underneath the fa├žade, which is a considerably difficult task to undertake.

If you think about it, when you do take the risk of showing your 3rd heart to that particular guy/girl you don't want to reveal too much truth from within your heart or you'll end up scaring him/her off. Also referred to as diarrhea of the mouth connected to the heart. What it primarily comes down to is not to have him/her become so overwhelmed to where it feels as if he/she is suddenly carrying, in a manner of speaking, your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Of course, all that dumped on you at once can truly weigh any person down. In any case, its a sad state of affairs when a person in all intense and purposes wasn't ready or ever actually prepared for that matter for the immense impact of it all leaving the individual in question with a mixed bag of emotions to deal with so much so all he/she can really do is respond in awkwardly stunned silence.

Let me ask this question to those who are maybe walking by the side of your potential best friend for life, has he or she seen/noticed/listened to/felt/keenly observed glimpses of your 3rd heart? The moments of stolen glances in which he/she notices you doing simple things like fidgeting with your hair whereby a smile is expressed on their face. When listening to the sound of your voice as you talk somehow makes him/her feel stronger but at the same time weaker evident by their body language. A personal item of importance that means so much to you that you let him/her hold on to it whereby showing unwavering trust on his/her part to keep safe and never lose. Oftentimes, it's those 3 previously mentioned and others like it that you can't keep hidden or deny it from ever happening because you've allowed yourself to feel. So the questions remains, do you find yourself doing any of the above mentioned?

In retrospect, when you do find yourself feeling with your 3rd heart there comes a point where you automatically take a step back leading you to want to tread lightly in the possibility of true happiness. The inner turmoil of fighting the questions you don't want to have answered swirling within your mind/heart because if you do make the decision to face them then it will push you to the brink of absolute insanity. True, you would just rather push all those thoughts, feelings, and emotions deep down in order to get back to life as normal. However, normal is thrown out the window when you're faced with the possibility of love/true love and that's when you come to that ever so familiar crossroads. Ultimately, it's that proverbial crossroads where you're right now currently standing in front of that guy/girl and hear the voice of your 3rd heart. In the end, I say to you what does it say and what is it telling you to do?

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