Sunday, March 08, 2015

Top Priority

Anne Nwakama once said, ~Faithfulness and loyalty is not an option in a relationship; its a priority if it must work.~ If you think about it, when it comes to love/true love there should most definitely not be a mindset in which there is a set of interchangeable options established for their relationship to work. For it's a problematic situation indeed to be that type of person whose skewed relationship priorities cause utter conflict to the point where the partnership falters in every way. What it primarily comes down to is being a responsible adult and showing, as well as proving your willingness to work together instead of against each other in the following three ways: faithfulness, loyalty, and maturity.

Without a doubt, faithfulness is the act of how strong a commitment both of you are to keeping a long lasting relationship continually thriving. Oftentimes, showing how faithful your are and proving it are two totally different aspects. What do I mean? You have to ask yourself the proverbial am I/is he/is she being emotionally supportive to my/his/her feelings or are they being constantly challenged, taken for granted, and/or put into question? Am I/is he/is she sharing without any reservations/fears whatsoever my/their inner most thoughts involving my/his/her hopes, goals, and dreams one wants to achieve for the future? Essentially, its questions like these and many more that if answered in a positive way will build a much stronger and deeply layered connection with one's spouse.

As I said before, there shouldn't be a set of options established for a relationship to work, especially pertaining to one of the most important keys in matters of the heart and that is loyalty. You see, when I say loyalty I'm referring to being respectful of your best friend for life's insecurities and weaknesses to where you show unwavering support through positive encouragement even if he/she/you may possibly be wrong. Hey, it also means being a strong confidant and being able to keep a secret shared within absolute confidence whereby its placed in the quintessential vault never to be revealed. True, loyalty comes in countless forms in relationships so much so it's considerably difficult to keep a tight grip on it knowing full well you'll find yourself being tested from time to time.

Let me ask you this question to those who are in a potential and/significant relationship, how mature is your partnership you've established with one another? In other words, on your relationship list where does lets say your friends rank among the man/woman you're wholeheartedly in love with? It's a sad state of affairs when a person prioritizes their friends over their husband/wife whereby he/she is being taken for granted. Thinking about it, a mature person who has their priorities in order I think would have their better half at the top of the list, then family, and home with God being the main focus after all. Granted, friends are considered a priority but they aren't necessarily at the top of the list when it involves the maturity of functional adult relationship.

In retrospect, in the pursuit of true happiness we can think about so many ever changing options to go over it lead us to the brink of insanity. Unfortunately, it has become one of the main reasons that relationships have fallen by the wayside because the focus on one's own selfish options blind you to the fact that your priorities are leading you to utter heartbreak. Ultimately, God will open your eyes and in turn set aside your stubbornness in not wanting to relinquish the set in stone options established with your own heart and place His only option, which is to follow Him. In the end, make God your top priority because it's His faithfulness and loyalty that will guide you to the most mature true happiness you'll ever experience in an immature way you're truly deserving of.

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