Thursday, April 17, 2014

Make It Count

The late Beatle George Harrison once said, ~Its being here now that's important. There's no past and there's no future. Time is a very misleading thing. All there is ever, is the now. We can gain experience from the past, but we can't relive it, and we can hope for the future, but we don't know if there is one.~ In some aspect, life can at time reflect one of the greatest movie trilogies Back To The Future. In a way, we're all considered to be a hopeful Marty McFly dreaming for better change in life. Of course, he's caught up in a series of unfortunate events one of them is mainly traveling back to 1955 in a modified DeLorean created by Doc Brown. True, it would most definitely be a mind blowing situation indeed to travel back to the past to correct a mistake or mistakes thus altering the timeline of our own lives. Yet, the question remains whether it would be a far better future each one of us ever dreamed/hoped for if we were able to?

Let me ask you this question concerning the first Back To The Future movie, what mistake did Marty make causing him to jeopardize his own existence? He pushed the younger version of his father away from getting hit by his grandfather's car is the correct answer. Unfortunately, it also set in motion awkward and uncomfortable moments more so for Marty than his mom. In any case, there are moments in deep reflection were we've all at some point wished to travel back to our past to certain fixed positions in time of our life to push away the younger versions of ourselves from being hit by the metaphorical car representing unwanted drama, unfortunate friendships made, utter heartbreak, failed relationships, or whatever the case may be. However, it is what it is and somehow through it all you didn't disappear and were able to pull yourself together whereby becoming a much stronger, as well as rejuvenated person.

Without a doubt, as all of us do from time to time we don't just look back to the past. Oftentimes, we contemplate what is in store for us in the future regarding marriage, family, kids, career, etc. In other words, having it all. Granted, when it comes to having it all you don't necessarily attain it by way of the inside track ala Marty purchasing The Sports Alamanac in the 2nd movie. I think its safe to say we hope to end up considerably successful in every aspect of life in the future so much so we don't get "needled" into something causing you to be in way over our heads. If you think about it, in today's society there are many different versions of how to illegally get ahead in life; but burning that thought from your mind is the best decision you'll ever for your future. You see, being able to get everything you ever wanted out of life without doing it through shady means one would certainly burn a trailblazing path of determination and hard work rather than burning ourselves, so to speak, causing utter chaos in the present/future.

For the question can be asked involving the final installment of the movie, would you risk life and limb to travel back to the past in order save the one person you loved/cared about...yourself? Thinking about it further, its a tough question for any individual to answer knowing full well matters of the heart are always involved. Essentially, you so want to go back to advise your younger counterpart of the wrong heart choices made in hopes he'll/she'll truly avoid getting "killed" mentally, emotionally, and not to mention spiritually by the bullet of bad past relationships. What it primarily comes down to is making the right choices that you know are right and so impactful they feel like a train barreling down on your heart, which every person has felt or is quite possibly feeling right now. Ultimately though, you take the risk to the point where you're not always thinking "what if" or ever regret hovering away with your Clara in your arms or being held in Doc Brown's arms being hovered away.

In retrospect, each one of us will always experience life's Biff Tannens and its simply unavoidable no matter where you are in life. You see, its just a matter of how you deal with it that determines whether you're the bigger person and walk away avoiding confrontation or take part in it after being called a chicken. Truth be told, it's hard to ignore because the right buttons can be pushed causing one to react negatively to what is being said to/about you. Its a sad state of affairs when you're not able to walk away leading you to live a life of confrontation by your own doing otherwise known as self sabotage. Hey, Doc Brown was right when he told Jennifer none of our futures haven't been written yet. Nobody's has and our future is whatever each one us make of it. I say to each and every one you about life is don't look back at the past with regret or looking ahead to the future whereby missing out on the present. In the end, make it count living in the here and now knowing the future will work itself out.

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