Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Genuine Article

Bell Hooks once said, ~Genuine love is rarely an emotional space where needs are instantly gratified. To know love we have to invest time and commitment.~ If you think about it, when it comes to matters of the heart it can certainly be quite difficult in meeting/finding someone who is truly genuine in ever sense of the word. Women, more often than not, want a relationship in which a man's intentions are absolutely genuine, which is considered to be a rarity these days to even experience. Essentially, its in the beginning stages of the dating relationship where a female will take the time to mentally and visually take note on whether or not if a guy is simply there for her of is actually there for her.

Without a doubt, eye contact is most definitely a plus in any woman's book involving a guy, especially when having a conversation. For its a comforting situation indeed for a female to know and see that while talking his eyes aren't roaming/wandering elsewhere to other locations of their body causing one to be incredibly uncomfortable. It shows that the guy in question would rather be 100% focused looking into their eyes and actively paying attention to everything beings said to where valid responses are given instead of acting like it in a passive way. The female species are considerably appreciative of the fact there are guys out there who have the ability to keep eye contact and hold a conversation to the point where it may very well completely throw them off in a positively amazing way.

As I said before, women want nothing more than to have a relationship in which a man's intentions are absolutely genuine, which is considered to be a rarity these days. I think its safe to say every female has encountered double speak by way of a man's body language. Of course, their intentions may look/seem genuine but their actions speak louder than words in regards to their non verbal cues. Hey, its a sad state of affairs when something so valued, as well as cherished by a women like personal space can instantly lead the atmosphere near/around them to feel as if she's been physically violated even without being touched. What it primarily comes down to for any guy is to know there are boundaries and if overstepped they've crossed the line.

Let me ask this question to you ladies who are in a significant relationship, to your knowledge what is the most worthwhile genuine thing you're husband/bf is doing or has done for you when you started dating? Thinking about it, guys raised the right way in regards to growing up to be a gentlemen there are countless examples. Walking down the sidewalk with traffic on his side while the woman is on the other side. Holding the door open and pulling out your chair to let you be seated first. Granted, those and other examples can be faked but its the guys who are 100% true blue genuine will continue to do these loving tasks without even thinking about it. You see, its instilled in guys like myself from an early age so don't dismiss it as merely ulterior motives.

In retrospect, it would be easy for all women to have their version of a genuine, loving guy to be perfect on paper and in person. Of course, the list of qualities they read on it don't always match up with who they have in front of them. In other words, don't always go with what you're list reads and just open your eyes because you'll inevitably see the truth right before your eyes. Let me tell you something, you can save yourself so much heartache and not to mention constantly editing/tearing up your list that reads like a interview from an article of a magazine. Oftentimes, its just a matter of taking a step back from your heart and taking in the bigger picture before ever allowing yourself to break the walls down for love/true love. In the end ladies, if the guy is the genuine article he doesn't have to prove it to you because he'll show you without even trying.

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