Thursday, April 10, 2014

Less Than Amazing

Someone once said, ~Love is an amazing feeling. When you feel it truly you're going to feel the amazing feeling which you never felt before.~ If you think about it, when it comes to matters of the heart it has been described in so many ways to the point where there are absolutely no words in describing it at all. For its most definitely indescribable at times leaving you with a plethora of mixed emotions so much so it causes one to become overwhelmingly frustrated in trying to find the right word or words. Hey, guess what!? It's not just you having difficult in that particular department as there are others out there as well who have experienced or are experiencing now feelings/emotions so genuinely intense its leading him/her to the brink of the insanity; but at the same time they can't stop smiling because of it.

Without a doubt, the genuinely intense feelings one has for another can certainly lead a person to the brink of insanity all the while continuing to keep a smile on their face. Thinking about it further, its truly surprising indeed for any individual to fully be mentally and emotionally at 100% in control knowing the guy/girl you're interested in has those same genuinely intense feelings too. I think its safe to say it befuddles the mind how men/women are able to function at all with one's best buds/gal pals by their side knowing you've completely lost your mind. Yet, its those same circle of friends who could have very well disowned you at any point have your back no matter what because they are that amazing. Essentially, its that type of amazing friendship you want to strongly establish with your best friend for life.

As I said before, love/true love is most definitely indescribable at times leaving you with a plethora of mixed emotions so much so it causes one to become overwhelmingly frustrated in trying to find the right word(s). You see, if it is a genuinely worthwhile relationship you turn into a sort of Rain Man/Woman like raving lunatic, in a positively humorous way of course. On the flip side, there are times where you can't help but be left speechless at how incredible he/she is in your eyes. In other words, the too good to be true mentality where you're totally amazed in finding/meeting a guy/girl who is everything you've ever dreamed of and so much more. True, every person living the single wants to experience a kind of bewildered amazement in which you're left at a loss for words instead of constantly cursing a past relationship.

Let me ask this question to those in a potential and/or significant relationship, how amazing is the guy/girl you're with/spending time with? Oftentimes, you can gauge the amazing factor in future mate by how loyal he/she is. Granted, when I mention loyalty I don't mean being everywhere you go at all times in a beckoned call sort of way. What I am referring to is being personally, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually loyal in such a way he/she knows she can be safe with you and not ever feel like they're going to be betrayed. Trust, patience, faith in God, hope, respect, honesty, intimacy, commitment, communication, etc. all considered to be valued aspects of true happiness not only are deeply treasured, but reciprocated back by him/her.

In retrospect, its hard these days to have a relationship role model pertaining to what or in this who best fits an amazing relationship with some/most of them lasting merely several years. However, you can't look too far for an excellent examples of amazing relationship from those you read about or watch on tv concerning couples who have been married 40, 50, 60, 70 most recently 80 years. Parents, grandparents, great grandparents...the pearls of wisdom we can learn from the ones who are still going the distance to this day and spread it to the younger generation should/must listen up. In the end, its those before us that have set a seemingly high standard and for a certain number of guys/girls they feel like after listening to/reading about/talking with them anything less than amazing is just plain dull.

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