Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Right Time

Someone once said, ~The words I Love You. Say it when you feel the time is right to say it. Sometimes its said back and other times it takes a little while for them to say it back. Other times they completely flip out. People say it after three weeks. Some never say it but know it. Others say it after two years. It's a very big thing. So make sure the the time is right for you to say it.~ Let me ask you this question, when it comes to being in a newly formed relationship is or should there be a time limit set in saying the words I love you to the point where a break up occurs if it doesn't happen? For it's most definitely a question that raises eyebrows as it deal with an individual's high expectations concerning three impactful words in hopes of cementing their dream of experiencing true happiness.

Without a doubt, establishing a time limit in regards to expecting a potential future mate is considered to be a deluded mindset, especially if it's in the early stages of a relationship. True, we've all imagined a well thought out timeline of events involving our own future, especially when it pertains to matters of the heart. Women, more often than not, tend to put a time limit on such things as getting married and having a family, which isn't all that surprise. However, what is surprising is to establish a set time limit on saying the words I love you and not to mention breaking off the relationship when it's not said brings about a morbidly skewed concept of their version of love/true love. So ladies, do you know or are someone like this who I'm describing?

As I said before, it certainly raises eyebrows as a person has seemingly high expectations concerning hearing three impactful words in hopes of cementing their dream of experiencing true happiness. Of course, to continually wait and expecting those three specific words to come from his/her mouth early in a relationship may very well not only causes one to lose their sanity, but endure absolute disappointment as well when the words aren't utter from his/her lips. Thinking about it further, the yearning to verbally hear it at a particular point and time in their fledgling relationship possibly shows the lack of loving security/self esteem on their part is missing for one's life. In other words, being able to hear those words from a potential future mate sadly validates the expectations selfishly set for themselves.

For the question can be asked to you ladies who are now or have been in a significant relationship for quite some time, do you vividly remember when and how long did it take for your husband/bf to say to you the following the three words: I love you? Essentially, it's primarily different for each individual but similar in the sense that it was hopefully a memorable moment one can reflect back on and smile from ear to ear. Granted, it probably doesn't matter if the setting wasn't considerably romantic like standing in line getting tickets for the movie because the sole importance was the two of you sharing that special moment together. Hey, for any woman to be totally surprised or some cases be completely thrown off by the words I love you only if it's genuinely real and the guy took his time to eventually say it.

In retrospect, to become overly obsessive in wanting to hear what is considered to be the three most important words you can say to someone you love shows you shouldn't be in a relationship. You see, if you feel the need for verbal self gratification of knowing for sure he/she actually loves you and establishes an "or else" clause within it then you're portraying a lack of maturity on your part. What it primarily comes down to is being in a relationship without any high expectationsor set ultimatums in mind because you'll set yourself up to fail miserably. Essentially, once you do you'll get everything you've ever wanted from those three little words. In the end, never find yourself anticipating/waiting for/establishing a deadline for the right time in having I love you said to you because to be perfectly honest there is no right time.

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