Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rough Around The Edges

Claridad Lacon once said, ~Life is like a book, waiting to be filled with interesting stories that can make you cry when needed to let go of something that doesn't need to be held on to. To make you laugh. Laugh to yourself when you make a mistake but learn from it. To enlighten you for the things that you don't understand yet. Finally, to test you if there is faith in you and hope in the time of when you think that there is nothing that you can do.~ If you think about it, life in indeed like a book as each one of us are primarily the author to our own individual stories. Humor, action, drama, tragedy, and everything in between all intertwined within one's ongoing living autobiography that continues to be a work in progress.

Without a doubt, we all tend to live our lives with an all intensive purposes open book mentality, especially now with the advent of social media allowing others a glimpse into one's life. In any case, when it comes to our friends they inevitably take part in helping write out our story. Thinking about it further, who better than to contribute shared memories than those who more than likely know us more accurately than we know ourselves. Granted, moments and situations can very well be embellished by them causing those "reading" our living autobiography to be on the edge of their seat, so to speak, because of how truly compelling it is. Hey, it's totally impossible to make this stuff up knowing it's real life with you're own personal fist hand accounts of what happened.

As said before, we're primarily the author to our own individual stories so much so a person is able to change the course of their story in regards to one's professional career. Oftentimes, like any story it takes a major turn to where it not just affects your life, by possibly those around you too. In other words, an epic plot twist in which something so unexpected happens it changes the course of the story where it was originally intended to go. A major life even leaving you at a momentary loss for words such as a job promotion, being fired, being overlooked in one's job, stabbed in the back by a friend/co-worker, or whatever the case may be. So, how many plot twists have occurred while climbing the ladder of success?

Someone said, ~ Love is like an endless book. For every page you turn something that's new, but little happens. Every new chapter something bigger happens. Unfortunately you cant tell whats happening next. There's no glossary to turn to, no index to look through and no summary of what happens in the end. Love is a mystery and you just have to turn one page at a time.~ You see, the chapters involving regarding love/true have already been filled out for a certain number of lucky people. However, for those living the single life such as myself it's either yet to be written or we keep finding ourselves starting over because he/she couldn't creatively inspire us anymore. Of course, one continues to write from the heart until we finally fill in, in a manner of speaking, the chapters with inspiring words of true happiness for others to read.

In retrospect, we've all heard the the saying don't judge a book by it's cover. Granted, not every person's life may seem boring and un-fulfilling on the surface; but once you in a sense sit down, open the book, and take the time to read what he/she is all about you end up having a far better understanding of his/her story. Essentially, the story we are all individually living isn't by all means perfect and not to mention done by any stretch of the imagination. Essentially, we learn from the past to succeed in the present for a better future. Ultimately, when you take a look inside your book is there full of bent corners, torn/missing pages, words or should I say moments highlighted/marked out, and is the cover faded. In the end, the book of life we're currently writing is considered rough around the edges, may not necessarily be deemed a best seller, but it's ours nonetheless.

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