Monday, March 18, 2013

The Bright Side

Brahma Kumaris once said, ~To be a teacher means to touch the heart rather than the head. Teaching others means being subtle and explaining in such a way that the mind opens because the heart has understood. The one who truly teaches inspires rather than just becoming the one who teaches others. There is the recognition of the positivity that is in each one and so no comparisons are made with others. Once we are able to look at the positivity in another individual and have the pure desire of enabling progress within that person, we are able to feel love from him. This is like a parent's love where love for the child is that which makes him grow. We become a teacher who inspires rather than the one who teaches.~ Without a doubt, the power of positivity is being taught and shared by a female radio producer throughout the Gulf Coast.

As I said before, the power of positivity is being taught and shared by a female producer throughout the Gulf Coast. For it's this 97.5 WABD producer who is most definitely a public servant when it comes to teaching the impressionable young minds of children. It's a noble and sometimes thankless profession but if you have the patience, as well as caring fortitude to make a positive impact in any way on each of their lives such as this woman is striving for then my friend it show on her part the desire to make an absolute difference in a child's mental/social/behavioral upbringing. In any case, you can't help but admire her dedication and determination to teach /inform the future generation, but the entire Gulf Coast as well in regards to what listeners possibly have weighing on their mind.

Oftentimes, being taught and retaining positivity is certainly a life lesson, especially when it comes to the online dating scene. True, this proud college graduate is on several dating websites and has admitted it freely on air many times to everyone who listens to the show every morning. Yet, it's an unfortunate situation indeed knowing her prospective dates haven't gone the way she wanted, which isn't her fault by any means whatsoever. Thinking about it, one may dwell on it to no end focusing on the negative; instead she is focus in on the positive and moving on to the next potential date who will quite possibly bring to her heart true happiness someday. Essentially, it's a sentiment countless Qtip and Blondie In The Morning/97.5 WABD collectively hope also because we got your back supporting you every step of the way.

If you think about it, certain segments within the show are spawned to become a whole new creation by way of social media known as Twitter. You see, it had it's humble beginnings when this plucky producer began tweeting positive, uplifting messages to unfortunate souls who were feeling down to the point where it was put on YouTube for other see if you're a follower of hers of course. Granted, it started off simple, meaning, and heartfelt but they eventually have become larger than life to where she has put her own flare and style into each message. Personally speaking, I look forward to what is in store with her daily positive YouTube messages because you never know what you're going to get or who may show up for that matter.

In retrospect, Heather Bright is considered one of the important cogs that helps the Gulf Coast's favorite hit morning radio station run smoothly. In a sense, it's the person behind the scenes who help keeps the two cogs otherwise known as Qtip and Blondie along with Nick Fox, Intern Alyssa, Scott Adams, and not to mention Crazy Dale running on full cylinder, in a manner speaking. What it primarily comes down to is positive teamwork because quite frankly if one cog doesn't work properly then something is surely off, which can heard and somehow felt live on the air. In the end, heed the YouTube message of positivity Ms. Bright gives every morning because they'll teach you something and if you're unable to then look on the bright side, you at least got a cyber hug from her.

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