Thursday, March 14, 2013

On Fire

Helen Keller once said, ~Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.~ Let me ask you this question t those who are avid listeners of Qtip and Blondie in the Morning, among the 5 individuals behind the mic who do you consider to be more of an absolute free spirit? I think it's safe to say the answer would most definitely be a unanimous if you have ever met in person or listened to this free spirited woman on a semi-daily basis then you know who I'm talking about. For it's always an entertaining and certainly adventurous situation indeed for any listener on the radio as they are taken for one wild ride, so to speak, when you hear her speak so much so you can't help but smile.

If you think about it, every radio personality started out with humble beginnings and when it comes to this down to earth blonde she began as a YouTube contestant vying for a spot on the old 97.5 WABB Morning Show with John and Johnna. Essentially, she was a fresh faced and energetic young woman who back then pressed forward toward change which could clearly be seen in the desire/determination in her eyes. For its that desire/determination for change in which she would slowly but surely gain the love of not only the Gulf Coast audience, but practically the entire male species as well. Listen, you can't deny she has a winning personality that truly shines forth not just by the sound of her voice, but in person as well whether it's in location or simply somewhere out in public.

Without a doubt, one thing that hasn't changed is her passion for her two cats Big Frank and Domino. True, the proud and protective mother of two make felines is easily offended when Big Frank is referred to as fat leading her to strike back. Oftentimes, the target in her proverbial crosshairs sits directly across from her every morning jabbing the unfortunate fact her big boy is a bit on the husky side. In any case, the emotional bond she has with her two cats is undeniable to the point where she nearly/has shed tears talking about the both of them as if their her own kids. Let me tell you something, the love she has for them gives her considerable amount of strength and despite being given the moniker "crazy cat lady" by Qtip she continues to speak proudly of them no matter what.

For the question can be asked to the ladies of the Gulf Coast who are currently suffering utter heartbreak, would you at a drop of hat take part in a creation she and a teacher/producer formed in order to help a friend/intern stuck in a rut? Of course, the answer would be yes because quite frankly their success rate is 100%. Granted, they've only had one client, so to speak, but it's a success nonetheless with the woman known as Slim Lady back to her old self once again. However, something tells me many heartbroken women who are unable to move past from their exes could very pay for the experience of going through her ingenious 5 step boot camp. Hey, who knows it could be a very successful business venture if she ever decides to leave the radio business behind.

Rachel "Blondie" Jones. A woman who can look proudly back on where she started from to where she is now in her career and possibly not have any regret. Yet, when it comes to her love life she's still hoping to meet Mr. Right who is truly deserving of a woman who many believe is the Gulf Coast hit music station's sweetheart. In other words, the radio version of America's sweetheart Julia Roberts. In addition, she is a fiery ball of awesome who has taken it upon herself to introduce available single males and females to the Gulf Coast in a segment well known as Hotties Of The Week. In the end, as long as there is loving support for this incredible woman who is absolutely priceless her star will never burn out and this girl will be on fire for years to come, which is a song by 2001's Best-selling artist/R&B artist Alicia Keys.

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