Wednesday, March 20, 2013

That's Funny

Mary Hirsch once said, ~Humor is a rubber rubber sword - it allows you to make a point without drawing blood.~ If you think about it, every person has a different way of expressing humor whether it be dry, cynical, sarcastic, morbid, sick and twisted, etc. You see, when it comes to a certain mail radio personality from St. Louis now residing in the Gulf Coast, the listening audience receives a mixed bag of humor. For it's a type of mixed bag humor in which you can totally laugh at because one knows what he's speaking of is the truth; on the other hand, there are those moments where you laugh in absolute disbelief regarding the shock value of what is said on air. Hey, he has the proverbial rubber sword in hand known as the mic and it's just a matter of how hard he'll in all intensive purposes slap you with his own off the cuff style humor.

Without a doubt, one of the many things you can find humorous about one half of an incredibly awesome morning radio duo is the fact he's a die hard Kenny Chesney fan. It's a comical situation indeed knowing on any given morning the conversation or topic at hand can most definitely take a quick turn out of nowhere putting the focus on Mr. Chesney. Thinking about it further, whether it's a concert in or near the Gulf Coast, a CD coming out, an appearance on a certain tv show, or whatever the case may be you'll surely hear about it because he's that big of a loyal fan. I think it would be safe to say if it were up to him when he eventually passes away he would like to buried in a Kenny Chesney coffin with built in speakers playing his songs.

As said before in the above mentioned quote humor is a rubber sword allowing you to make a point without drawing blood. This fits him to a T. Essentially, the keeper of Screwy News will sometimes wield his rubber sword of humor towards the listening audience myself included, which is at times a back handed compliment. True, the humorous verbal barbs be slaps us with, in a manner of speaking, are in jest and not to be taken seriously most of the time because quite frankly the entire Gulf Coast is practically used to it by now. Oftentimes, the listeners who call in not only get the brunt of the being amusingly sliced and diced without any blood being spilled, but have been hung up on live on the air. Let me tell you something, if he's done that to you then consider it an honor, especially if you're a first time caller but long time listener.

Let me ask this question to each and every person who listens to the Gulf Coast's hit music station, do you truly believe the man who continually calls Blondie's cat Big Frank fat will end up one day on the receiving end of a live on the air massive beat down? Truth be told, I believe so and the rest of the listening audience would agree with me knowing how absolutely sensitive she is when it comes to her big boy's weight. Granted, she may not seem the violent type but if he continually jabs/provokes her all-the-while enjoying every second of it he knowing full well it gets under her skin she'll one day Hulk up and go on a rampage of epic proportions. Of course, it that ever happens may God have mercy on this man's soul because it will take more than just the entire Morning/97.5 WABD crew to stop her.

In retrospect, Glenn Johnson otherwise known as Qtip is one of kind when it comes to morning radio personalities. He is surrounded by 3 beautiful single women on a semi daily basis and for any guy that would be considered a treat but for him it's torture. In any case, one may recall he started out employed by a rival music station as their stunt guy but he would inevitably cross over to the other side a few years later bringing along his brand of humor working with 97.5 WABB. For it's there, he would meet his future best friend for life Cherish Lombard. Fast forward a few years and he's at the helm of one of the most awesome morning radio shows in the Gulf Coast. In the end, Qtip is the type of guy who never expresses an all gut busting laugh but you'll hear two familiar words he always utters to where it has becomes his signature reply when he finds something hilarious...that's funny.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! That's absolutely true!! So glad that you've observed that, he never laughs! Lol (and my ticking bomb will go off one day....just wait lol) love u! Rachel "Blondie"