Friday, January 04, 2013

The Best Policy

Kari Torkalson once said, ~Loving honesty builds on up, bitter honesty makes one strong, whereas secrets, even those with good intent, are death to the fragile flower of trust.~ If you think about it, one of the most important aspects when it comes to being a loving, worthwhile relationship is honesty. For it seems these days it's a rarity to meet a guy/girl who has the proverbial moral compass to be totally honest with someone they either love/care about or just met in regards to the dating scene. It's most definitely a tough and frustrating situation indeed for any person when on deals with dishonesty, especially when it happens on a consistent basis to the point where faith is lost in possibly meeting that certain special someone.

As I said before, it seems as if it's a rarity these days to meet a guy/girl who has the proverbial moral compass to be totally honest with someone they either love/care about or just met in regards to the dating scene. Women, more so than men, feel there is a lack of honesty from the entire male species causing them to not only be cautious, but not trust anything a guy says as absolute truth. True, there are a number of "gentlemen" out there who will say anything a woman wants to hear knowing full well they're lying through their teeth in order to in every sense of the word get in. However, not all guys are like this ladies as guys like myself are openly genuine, honest, and up front without a hidden agenda whatsoever. Hey, as shocking as that sounds it's the God's honest truth.

Without a doubt, to be honest and trustworthy are two essential qualities many women want/looking for in a potential best friend for life. Of course, it doesn't necessarily work out that way to where unfortunate utter heartbreak occurs leaving one personally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and not to mention emotionally hurt in the past or recently. Thinking about it further, it's a sad state of affairs when the guy who blatantly lied to them is someone they've known for quite some time whereby the betrayal is much more painful to bear. I think its safe to say a plethora of women know all to well the experience of having the shared trust in a potential/significant relationship be broken from being lied to and having those lies covered up with more lies, which ends up blowing up in their face by their own outright stupidity.

Let me ask this question to you ladies out there who are sick and tired of being lied to, have you sworn off guys completely or just temporarily in order to focus on you for the time being? Oftentimes, swearing off guys on a temporary basis is great for the heart and soul because it gives a woman the opportunity to focus on themselves while living life to the fullest with their gals pals by her side. You see, while she's on a dating sabbatical she doesn't have to deal with the nonsense of dishonesty and untrustworthiness of certain guys who lead her to the point she loses complete faith in love/true love. What it primarily comes down to is having patience and not rushing into a relationship just because your in a mindset where you're simply lonely or you miss your ex. Ultimately, you deserve to experience true honesty in matters of the heart.

In retrospect, honesty and trust along with love is truly a powerful combination if you ask me. Yet, when combined with other potent qualities such as respect, honor, communication, understanding, faith, hope, integrity, etc. and share it with someone who makes you smile inward, as well as outward you've truly met/found "the one". Granted, women can be dishonest as well when it comes to the dating/potential/dating relationships as well...but I digress. Essentially, you have to give it to God for giving you the patience as He guides you to the guy you're going to spend the rest of your days with who will speak the truth from his own heart instead from his buttocks region. In the end, I say to you ladies who are living the single life it's absolutely the best policy when you finally have the sweet smell, so to speak, of honesty within true happiness.

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