Tuesday, January 08, 2013

No Guarantees

Someone once said. ~Love without trust is like a car with no engine. You can push, but won't get very far.~ In some aspect, love is like a car and when it comes to our own heart it can most definitely be a representation of an engine, battery, odometer, etc. I think its safe to say in matters of the heart in regards to love/true love each one of us certainly want a relationship that is absolutely reliable, can go the distance, and won't ever give up on you when you truly need it the most. Women, more often than not, are much more prone to doing their homework for a great deal, so to speak, as they take into account a list of expectations to fulfill their so called transportation needs towards the possibility of absolute true happiness for himself/herself.

Let me ask you this question ladies concerning choosing what you believe is compatible for your own heart, would you rather have quality or quantity involving that certain special someone? In other words, are you basing your heart's decision on all the features, in manner of speaking, to where you're not only mentally but visually stimulated as well? For it's an unfortunate situation indeed for any woman who may have the mindset that by having all the proverbial bells and whistles pertaining to their relationship list it will be a dream come true. Granted, it may bring you happiness and satisfaction but like a fully equipped car there are going to be more repairs required whereby causing you more grief, headache, frustration, etc.

As I said before, our own heart can most definitely be a representation of an engine, battery, odometer, etc. Thinking about it further, one's heart surely represents an odometer than anything else because it, in a sense, tracks the number of "miles" your heart has traveled/been up and down on in relationship road. It's a sad state of affairs for those unfortunate number of people who have wasted miles upon miles within their heart due to going in the wrong direction or nowhere for that matter knowing full well he/she will never get it back ever again. However, what one loses in wasted mileage in the form of tears one fortunately/hopefully gains in learning experience to the point where you know where you want to be and being absolutely deserving of it with all the miles you've traveled to get there.

For the question can be ask to those who have found themselves with a dead car battery, what is the one thing you hope to get from a friend or complete stranger? Of course, the answer is a jump start in order to temporarily rejuvenate the engine because without it you're not going anywhere. You see, when suffering utter heartbreak the battery of one's heart tends to metaphorically die. Even though it may not be a complete stranger per say, you're thankful you have your best buds/gal pals to help jump start your heart in getting you in all intensive purposes slowly back on the road of life. Let me tell you something, to have that kind of unwavering supported when dealing with personal, physical, mental, spiritual, and not to mention emotional turmoil gives you that much needed spark to gradually come alive.

Oron D said, ~Falling in love is like buying a car. Nothing to compare and it is sure much more than that. One can buy many brand new cars but never experience the excitement and the thrill of falling in real true love.~ In retrospect, nobody knows the blue book value of a potential significant other. What it primarily comes down to is research. True, your eyes may attract you to the flashy, superficial outside but what you end up getting yourself into without even thinking is countless drama and high maintenance. In the end, there are no guarantees in a lasting worthwhile relationship unless you take a good, hard look under the hood, kick the tires, take it for a spin, and familiarize yourself with who you have in front of you.

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