Monday, December 24, 2012


William Shakespeare once said, ~Love asks me no questions, and gives me endless support.~ If you think about it, one of the most important aspects to have for those in a potential and/or significant relationship is their support. Essentially, having the unwavering support of someone you truly love means so much and vice versa to where it gives one that much needed sense of security, especially for women. Hey, its just one of the many aspects in a relationship both the male and female species are looking for, which has been found by a lucky number of people. For it's a comforting situation indeed to have a certain special someone who most definitely has your back through not only the good times, but the tough/bad/difficult times as well.

Without a doubt, a potential and/or significant other knows with absolute certainty how bad of day you've had despite flashing a smile towards you/him/her. True, the guy/girl/you could quite possibly take their word concerning the answer of "I'm Fine" after being asked if they're doing okay but he/she/you know better if you're paying close attention. You see, one has to be keenly observant in the sound of their voice, facial expressions, and not to mention body language. Its all three combined in which you witness the one you love/care about to their very best to keep it together and at the same time knowing full well at any moment they'll emotionally, mentally, and physically crumble in front of you. Fortunately, you're there to catch him/her when it happens.

As I said before, having the unwavering support of someone you truly love means so much and vice versa to where it gives one that much needed sense of security, especially for women. Thinking about it further, any woman absolutely appreciates a guy who is supportive in every sense of the word to the point where if things in life go horribly wrong he's consistently right there by your side every step of the way. Yet, its a sad of affairs when a guy who one thinks will help pick up the broken/shattered pieces has completely disappeared out of sight. Unfortunately, it may possibly lead to her breaking down mentally, physically, spiritually, as well as emotionally. Let me tell you something ladies, not all guys are like this because they weren't taught the time honored tradition of being respectfully considerate to a lady.

Let me ask you this question to you ladies who are in a potential/significant relationship, when life beats you down do you share all the worries, fears, and tears showing you have 100% trust in your best friend for life in not ever dropping them, so to speak? I think it's safe to say, a woman is undoubtedly touched within her heart to have a man who is able to have her forget about the stresses of the world felt by the embrace of his warm embrace. What it primarily comes down to is him being there for her even when tears are being shed and oftentimes no words need to be spoken because their mere presence is all that is oftentimes needed. In other words, a shoulder to cry on giving her the comfort and satisfaction that even though she's vulnerable he's not going to take advantage of her whatsoever. Of course, it's rare to experience but it is a reality.

In retrospect, there comes a point in life when the weight of world is a heavy burden on each of us so much so you want someone to either take some or all of it off our weary shoulders. As a individual who is living the single life, you can't help but be somewhat envious, jealous, and/or have considerable admiration to those fortunate people who don't question the unwavering support of their potential/significant other. The decision made in life, though may it be risky in his/her/your eyes, will wholeheartedly be supported by one who brings you true happiness within your heart. In the end, I say to those who are continuing to patiently wait for the one who gives you endless support for the rest of your days I hope you'll meet the guy/girl who'll catch you every time you fall, which is a song by country recording artist Clay Walker performed by recent X-Factor winner Tate Stevens.

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