Friday, December 28, 2012

The Next Level

Someone once said, ~Life is like Tetris. Things just keep coming one by one, and you can't stop it all.~ In some aspect, life is indeed like the game for the Nintendo Gameboy Tetris, which I own. Thinking about it, the game many of us like myself grew up playing as a kid is not only about strategy, but racking up major points in the process as well. In a sense, that is how life is as it pertains to making moves/strategizing to the point where each of us are metaphorically racking up major life points, so to speak, in certain areas of ones daily living. Of course, we can't restart the game of life when things don't necessarily go our way and you end up just having to continue playing until you reach the point where you see the following two words pop up, in a manner of speak, on screen: game over.

Let me ask you this question to those who have mastered the game of Tetris such as myself, were you the type of person who waits and builds up the blocks in order to eventually get a high score or goes for the points immediately upon seeing an open opportunity? Personally speaking, I was the type of guy who waited and built up the blocks so I could be able to pick up big numbers on the points scale. Hey, in my opinion, it's a sound/reasonable strategy and like life we're given the choice to either wait patiently for or go after with reckless abandon the big build ups in regards to friendships, our professional career, and/or matters of the heart concerning love/true love. So the question remains, do you live by the credo good things come to those who wait?

Without a doubt, each of us are in control in the decision of where we want to be in life because every move whether it be big or small is considered absolutely critical. In other words, it's the risks we take on a semi daily basis that determines if we made a truly great accomplishment in which our friends, family, and/or peers can be proud of or a grave mistake causing disappointment/disbelief to be seen on the faces we love/care about. Let me tell you something, it can most definitely be a tricky and not mention a difficult situation to maneuver where you want to be in life. However, it can be achieved by not giving up no manner unwanted blocks or should I say obstacles appear you find standing in your way, which can be frustrating to experience. Yet, it is possible to turn those negatives into positives.

For the question can be asked once again to those who are experts on the game of Tetris, what is the one thing you found challenging and to be perfectly honest didn't look forward while playing? If you answered the level of play becoming increasingly faster leaving to make quick second decision in where to put the blocks you would be correct. You see, in the similar context things in life can seem as if there moving towards you in such great speed you don't have time to think. Oftentimes, it feels like they're all coming at you at once to where you have the tendency to freak out as it involves maybe finances/bills, a rocky relationship/friendship/marriage, a job, drama.etc. True, it can be certainly overwhelming but if you take a moment to breathe, close your eyes, and pray to God knowing full well He is ultimately in control of your life.

In retrospect, it would be a whole lot easier and simpler mind you if life were in fact the game of Tetris. The important decisions would literally made at the press of an A or B button along with moving left and/or right on the directional key pad. Unfortunately, its not how life is and previously mentioned in the beginning you can't start over by just turning turning off the system because if it were that easy all of us would continually do it. Granted, it would be interesting to experience blasting off in a rocket ship once you've reached over 100,000 points as a reward for achieving personal or professional goal...but I digress. In any case, nobody should be satisfied staying on the same level when it comes to living a comfortably because it gets quite boring. In the end, always strive to get to/go for the next level in the game of life and if you do you'll find yourself surpassing your very own high score every time.

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