Monday, January 19, 2009

Rest In Peace

Someone once said, ~Cycles of life and death can be likened to the alternating periods of sleep and wakefulness. Just as sleep perpares us for the next day's activity, death can be seen as a state in which we rest and replenish ourselves for new life. In this light, death should be acknowledged aling with life, as a blessing to be appreciated.~ In life you can bever really be prepared to witness the passing of a beloved family member who brought happiness and joy to those who came in contact with him/her, especially when that family member is a grandparent. It's a difficult situation indeed to have that peaceful calm within you heart and soul knowing the person you love/care about is breathing their last remaining breathe on God's green earth.

Let me ask you this question, how many of you were at the bedside of a grandparent who was being called hom to the be with the Lord? I think it would be safe to say it can considered such a surreal moment to be standing there to not only watch, but also wait for a loved one to pass on. For its at that particular point time can can in all intensive purposes hurt you as you in an emotional way leading you to go through a seemingly nightmarish pain within your own heart that is most definitely torturous. A torture in which you struggle to find the words to explain the loss of someone who you've grown up with and gottent to know over a period of time to the point where there is a close bond that has been established. Ultimately, all you can do is simply pray as tears are shed.

Without a doubt, tears are most definitely shed in the grieving process and yet the question remains is it viewed insincere when there aren't any tears being shed? My answer is no because each one of us handles grief differently and we've all seen, known, or are that someone who tends to show outward strength all-the-while keeping their emotions inside in check. However, even though tears aren't necessarily being shed doesn't mean one isn't feeling the pain of loss inside. For a number of people being able to find another outlet to express their grief by doing something such as cooking, making music, singing, painting, writing, etc. are ways that help someone deal both emotionally and mentally the heartache we all go through when death touches our lives.

Psalm 4:8 says~ I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; For You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.~ For the question can be asked of you, when it came to a loved one passing away was he/she surrounded by loved ones all-the-while praying he/she go peacefully without experiencing any pain or suffering whatsoever. If you think about it, one should not be sad that a loved one has passed on to finally sleep in peace and instead be happy he/she is now awake not only in Heaven embraced in His arms, but reunited with loved ones as well. Essentially, the memories that we hold dear will always keep him/her alive whereby giving us the peace within ourselves to sleep soundly at night knowing he/she is in a safe place filled with love.

My grandmother passed away living to the age of 86 years old. She lived a long life without any regrets as she was able to raise a total of 8 children who inevitably gave her countless grandchildren such as myself to spoil. Thinking about it, she was not only loving but she was also funny in her own way as she made me laugh plenty of times giving me great memories to think back on. Though the circumstances resulting in her passing will never be forgotten leading to a difficult time for my family to deal with we inevitably found solace through riends, prayer, as well as, in the word of God. In the end, I say this to my grandmother who is now looking down from Heaven with smile on her face along side my in peace.

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