Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Going and Going

Smiley Blanton once said, ~Love is the immortal flow of energy that nourishes, extends, and preserves. Its eternal goal is life.~ In some aspect, love can be compared to a battery that if you're lucky enough is able to never die out. For it contains a type of energy in which it keeps your heart permanently rather than temporarily charged to its fullest capacity to where you experience true happiness with a guy or girl who in all intensive purposes energizes you in a positive way. Yet, for some people they've unfortunately found themselves lacking the energy to power their heart, so to speak, as past relationships essentially drained what's left of that positive energized excitement and replaced it with the dead negative emptiness of disappointment, bitterness, anger, confusion, heartbreak, etc.

If you think about it, when it comes to love you want the same level of energy flowing within your own heart to flow from within the heart of your significant other. In a sense, when you're truly "plugged" into each other's heart you can most definitely feel the genuine warm, caring, tender, kind hearted, understanding, fun loving, friendly, compassionate energy that endlessly powers a relationship. Hey, its something that is seemingly a rarity to experience these days because of how "disposable" love can be considered at times. What it comes down to is having the right combination to power two hearts that inevitbaly become one and I think we can all agree that being able to feel the surge of energy within each other can literally/metaphorically knock both of you off your feet.

Let me ask you this question, how many of you have ever put batteries in the fridge or the freezer in order to extend/preserve the remaining energy in it? Does it actually work? Whose to say but in sort of the same context love can try to be prolonged to where it dies out, in a manner of speaking, leading the guy, girl, or both to try everything in his/her/their power to bring back that fresh just out the package high energy level felt back in the beginning of the relationship. Its a sad situation indeed when relationships die out when certain aspects are so problematic they're stored away to not only cool off from excessive heat of discussions/arguments, but to also complete avoid what is seemingly in his/her/their mind not worth working hard for to give it a recharge of sorts.

As said before, love can be seen as disposable by those who have this skewed view on how it can be used for their own sordid pleasure, as well as, how it can easily be thrown away when they're finished, which a mindset that will never bring true happiness. Yet, for others like myself its something you don't want to waste because of how special it is, especially when you meet the right person who energizes you in such a way your brought to life emotionlly, mentally, physically, and spiritually. How many people can say they have someone in their life who even though he/she may possibly be a polar opposite there is an absolutely electrifying connection established to the point where the current of emotions being felt is very real.

In retrospect, you have to be amazed at how the energy of love can be powerful, dependable and long lasting even when experiencing difficult times that can drain your heart. For the question can be asked, are you in a relationship where the energy is being wasted because that particular guy/girl is selfishly feeding off more than he/she can get from within your heart or it is a nice steadly flow of giving/sharing with each other that grows increasingly stronger as time goes on? I hope many of you have the latter in your life and come to think of it, to have that type of love gives you that 100% assurance you're going to always light up with a bright shining smile on your face. In the end, I say to those of you who share a love that continues to be fully charged within each other's heart I hope it keeps going and going.

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