Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Take A Bow

Oscar Wilde once said, ~Those who are faithful know only the trivial side of love; it is the faithless who know love's tragedies.~ As I said before in a past Yodaism, life can oftentimes feel like a tragic Shakespearean play, especially when it pertains to acts of betrayal involving matters of the heart. Its a sad situation indeed when a person experiences being cheated on by a guy or girl who in all intensive purposes truly gave a stellar performance in the relationship. When I say stellar, its in the negative context as he or she was nearly successful in the deception of one's hear leading to a plethora off mixed emotions. Let me ask you this question, how many times has the spotlight of betrayal shined on your heart?

Without a doubt, every person wants to have a relationship similar to that of Romeo and Juilet without the tragic ending of course, but being able to meet your very own Romeo or Juilet can be considered a tragedy in itself. Why? I think it would be safe to say that every woman has met or unfortuantely been in a relationship in the past with a guy who spoke to her in such a way it was pure poetry to her ears, which the same can be said for guys as well. Yet, what is said can most certainly be deceiving as you can be totally convinced by the touching, heartfelt words that pierce your heart causing you to believe he or she would never betray you only to find out it was just an elaborate act on their part leaving you with a feeling like you've just been stabbed in the heart with a dagger.

If you think about it, love and the tragedy that is infidelity play a significant role as it causes a metaphorical death of sorts. Essentially, a part of you dies when you find out the person who you shared center stage with for quite some time also shared the same stage with someone else. For its an all too familiar experience as you had this mindset that he/she would always be your leading man/woman and then to end up having the trap door of heartbreak pulled from under you is something nobody ever want to have happen. However, when it does happen or has unfortunately happened to you a said number of times the dagger of emotional pain can be twisted even further into your heart to the point that you want to die completely.

For the question can be asked to those who have been cheated on by a significant other, did you see it coming and with who did he/she cheat with? I fair to say the answer to that is a definite no because the villianous character that is inifidelity has not only so many faces, but it also has many stains of past heartache/betrayal on its hands, in a manner of speaking. A trusted best friend, your own brother/sister, a parent, etc. are the quintessential cast of characters in your life who can be the Brutus to your Juius Caeser who possibly have intentions of betrayal on their mind, which would be a twist you wouldn't see coming. In any case, though Shakespeare's plays of tragic love are scripted, our own individual stories aren't giving you unblieveable stories you can't create/make up even if you tried.

In retrospect, countless stories can be told of how guys and girls have used their nonprofessional acting chops in order to apologize by telling him/her it was a stupid thing on his/her part, it meant nothing, and you're the one that he/she loves, which are the usual responses for someone who messed up big time. For some people they sadly bought it as the I'm sorry I hurt you approach with tears added for dramatic effect was used only to have that person give repeat performances while others permanently closed the curtain on having him/her charm their way back on stage. In the end, you not only have to stand and give a round of sarcastic applause for the faithless at their failed pathetic attempts of reconciliation, but also have them take a bow for being so thoroughly entertaining as well, which is a song by Rhianna that best reflects this thought.

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