Saturday, January 31, 2009

Less Is More

John Kendrick Bangs once said, ~What fools indeed we mortals are, To lavish care upon a car, With ne'er a bit of time to see, About our own machinary.~ Let me ask you this question to all the guys out there, how much money do you spend on your car in order to have a pimpin' ride? For it can truly befuddle the mind on the spent in order to have a high perfornance vehicle that others are possibly envious of. Now before you come to the assumption I'm hatin' on you I'm actually giving up mad props for all out dedication and quite frankly a few of my friends are dedicated car enthusiasts as well, However, when it comes to tricking out ride could you tone down in the following accessories/parts for your car: exhaust system, spoilers, and hydraulics.

Without a doubt, one of the things that makes a high perfornance vehicle so destinguishable is the exhaust system or systems, which is considered both pretty impressive and annoying for people like myself. I think I can safely say we've all been sitting at a traffic light or driving along going to a particular destination listeng to the radio/talking with friends when a loud, high pitched rumbling sound of sorts is hear rolling up from behind. Its a type of loud high pitch noise that tends to not only communicate to other car enthusiasts their possible location, but also causes deafness among people who weren't really expecting on losing the ability to hear as one unfortunately experiences the roar of their mechanical beast as it passes him/her.

If you think about it, there are certain accessories that go great witha car and then again not so great leading to the topic of spoilers. In all honesty, I'm all for spoilers on a car for the expressed of having an aerodynamic feel to it, but you have to draw the line on whether or not your car actually needs one because there are certain one's that just don't seem to mesh together Granted if you own a car such as a Honda Civic Si you would be able to pull it off, but if you own a car such as a Toyota Prius it just looks bad. You have to admit, when you see a certain spoiler that is attached several feet above the trunk of the car you think at some point wings are going to potrude out to the point where its going to take off into the sky like in the old 80's cartoon M.A.S.K.

For the question can be asked of you, do you personally own a car or know someone that does who installed hydraulics giving one the ability to lift and lower your car at will? Thinking about it, the cars that usually have hydraulics installed are lowriders such as a 1958 Chevrolet Impala Convertible and its thoroughly entertaining to watch these vehicles bounce up and down to point where they in all intensive dance, especially when their in a battle with another car. Yet, when hydraulics are installed on cars like on lets say an old 4 door wood panel station wagon you have to wonder what in the world the the possessed that person to do that. Trust me when I say I've have seen it with my very own eyes and all you can do is just stand back, look at the owner, and say WTF!?

In retrospect, you have to commend car enthusiasts who use their hard earned money to purchase items that they feel enhance the look and feel of their car. Spinners on their wheels, speaker systems installed in the trunk, paintjob, neon lights under the car, nitris, custom made gear shift handle, etc. are essential items in a world where the need for speed is the name of the game. As a guy, you understand the necessity of having a tricked out sweet ride as it is truly awe inspiring and is admired by others guys, as well as, the ladies, but it's not all that important. Hey, as long as I have a car that gets me to point A to point B I'm a happy camper as the money is spent on repairs and gas. In the end, when it comes to having a flashy car I have one thing to say less is more.

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