Thursday, April 20, 2006

Stand By Me

Someone once said, ~Don't stand in front of me, I may not follow. Don't stand behind me, I may not lead. Just stand beside me and be my friend.~ Without a doubt, a friendship should be established before love ever happens between two people who have a gradual or instant connection. Yet, when it comes to love one can get ahead of himself or herself to the point where you're left not only standing either slightly or majorly embaressed but you alos jeopardized a friendship as well. Hey, its part of life as we all knowingly meets that special someone while on our own individual journey. Let me ask you this question, when it comes to potential love and friendship between you and a certain someone do you absolutely know where you stand?

Essentially, every person is standing or has stood in front of a certain someone whose friendship means so much but ever so often you just have to follow your heart and see where it takes you. When one does follow his or her heart one ends up metaphorically standing afar off raising it above your head towards that particular person, which is kind of similar as to what John Cusack's character Lloyd Dobler did in the movie Say Anything. In some aspect, we all can be considered a Lloyd Dobler and even though we may not have a boom box blaring a Peter Gabriel song, one has the next best thing, which is a beating heart that is blaring one's feelings loud and clear.

Where do I stand with you? If you think about it, its a question that has been asked so many times over by so many people to a certain someone. For its a heart pounding experience as you stand in front of that person with absolute vulnerability and wait for the possibility of a decision from him or her...if any. However, the decision is primarily left up to that person and that person alone and you can't force it or manipulate the sitaution in your favor, which is not how love works. What it all comes down to is patience and when the decision is eventually made one will reach out and ask that person will you take my hand and follow me?

Like life, love has a proverbial crossroads where the decision that one makes will determine whether he or she takes several steps back due to fear, doubt, and/or reservations or step forward straight into excitement, happiness, and/or contentment, which is a place every person wants to be in within their own heart. For its in that place where a person is truly real and the things you say or do while standing in front of that person cannot be faked. Ultimately one leaves it to chance and even though you can't guarantee what lies ahead in the future, you know you want to with him or her guiding that special someone mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually in the right direction.

Someone said, ~Love is like standing in wet cement. The longer you stay, the harder it is to leave. And you can never go without leaving your shoes behind~ In retrospect, every person deserves someone to truly love and be your best friend. That certain someone is unlike any other as he or she metaphorically is standing within one's soft and tender heart to where his or her so called footprints leaves deep and lasting impressions. For it those impressions within your heart that give you a sense of calm when situations around you fall part. In the end, when you look into the eyes of that special person you say will loving confidence as long as you stand by me everything will be all right and a song that tends to reflect this thought is Ben E. King entitled Stand By Me.

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