Friday, April 28, 2006

Across The Miles

Sara Paddison once said, ~You'll discover that real love is millions of miles past falling in love with anyone or anything. When you make that one effort to feel compassion instead of blame or self blame, the heart opens again and continues opening.~ Love, in its most real, honest, and purest form, is considered to be one the greatest experiences one will ever feel with that special someone. In some aspect, it the real, honest, and purest from of love that fuels a person's heart to the point where it never runs on empty, so to speak. If you think about it, its rare indeed these days to meet someone who continually fills your heart with happiness, contentment. as well as, a sense of peace within your heart.

Without a doubt, when you have love that is real one can be personally and emotionally driven far beyond the exeeding limits in one's heart. For if one's heart were ever equipped with an odometer, you would see a representation of the number of miles spent going up, down, and all around behind the wheel of your heart, in a manner of speaking. In a metaphorical sense, each individual mile can signify times of happiness, heartache, sadness, angry, frustration, confusion, etc. either in a past or in a current relationship. Let me ask you this question, when it comes to real love with that certain someone are you ready to go farther than you've ever gone before both personally, as well as, emotionally?

You've probably heard the _expression put the pedal to metal and in this instance it describes pushing your own heart beyond a level you never normally go past. Its amazing the strength and resilience the human heart has when the love you have for someone causes to you do miraculoous things such as chase after him or her on foot no matter the ddistance between you and that particular person of interest. In any case, you have to make each individual mile count for something because when you take a look at one's proverbial rear view mirror you not only see the number of miles you've attained, but you also see how much you've maturley grown over time within your heart.

Are we there yet or should I say am I there yet is a question that tends to be asked quite often when a person wants to know when he or she will finally arrive at a place in his or her heart that has been somewhat like an missed exit. An exit that one has either seen and/or tried to enter but for some reason got lost along the way. As we all tend to do at times, we place blame on a particular person(s) but more often than not we place blame on ourselves, which is considered to be salt that ruins the richness and purity of love that pumps within one's heart. For the most part, blaming yourself will consequently leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere, so to speak, within your heart and soul to where one gives up on ever saying, I'm finally here.

In retrospect, when you share a love that is real and honestly pure with that someone special you want to initially start out by setting your heart on cruise control. Why? So that you don't run the risk of wasting all your fuel to where it simply is running on fumes, which is a situation that certain relationship are currently in. What it comes down to is gradually shifting your heart to a higher gear to the point where you heart is eventually wide open to let someone else in and develop complete trust with each other as you let him or her place one's hands on the steering wheel of you heart. I end this throught with a poem entitled Across The Miles author unknown that perfectly fits with what I've been conveying to you.

Across the miles of times
Through trials and tribulations
Two hearts connected
We built a life
Out of trust and sincerity
Together we want a partner
To love, trust and confide in
As we bond
We will build a life
Together as one
Your pain is my pain
Your fears are mine
Your tears are mine
Your laughter is mine
Combined we will be one
Apart we will be nothing
Together we will be
The fire in the night
The warmth on a cold night
The desire that ever one wants
But most can't find
Why because they can't open
Thier hearts and soul
You are my soul mate
Alone I'm nothing
Together we become
The forces of the universe
Gods creation of love
In what it is meant to be
Loves perfect union
Life ultimate desire
See it for what it is
It don't come along again,
One shot at happiness forever

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