Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Girl Next Door

Dave Matthews once said, ~Where you are is where I want to be. And through your eyes all the the things I want to see. And in the night you are my dream. You're everything to me.~ Without a doubt, every guy hopes of seeing, meeting, getting to know, then falling in love with, marrying, and ultimately spending a lifetime with a girl who, in some ways, reminds you of Wonder Years' character Winnie Cooper. A girl who is sweet, unassuming, and yet truly doesn't know how beautiful she truly is. For some, most, or all guys know this type of girl and whether one hangs out with or sees her on a semi-daily basis she is not only special in her own unique way, but also exudes beauty both inside and out.

If you think about it, as a guy its impossible not like this type of girl who in some ways places a hypnotic spell for the right reason of course. A spell that tends to fly under the radar so to speak as the beauty she exudes shine forth from within her personality, which can oftentimes be overshadowed by the physical beauty of certain girls. Its because she flys under the radar, she has an unexplainable, mysterious charm to her that guys tend to be attracted/drawn towards. In other words, its this type of girl who any guy would love to be in a realtionship with and if not in a relationship then just as a friend one would enjoy hanging around.

Let me ask you this question, have you ever wanted someone to see you not just with their eyes, but with their heart as well? As a guy, you always tend to wonder as to what a girl sees through her own eyes and whats going on within the complexities of her mind as she looks for Mr. Right. Yet, time after time you see her tend to pick Mr. Wrong to where guys ask the standard question which is what does she see in him that? If it were ever possible, you want her to see through your eyes a guy who has all the qualities she is looking for in Mr. Right and he is or has been standing right in front of her the whole time.

Every guy, in some metaphorical/Steve Urkel kind of sense, has been chasing or is chasing their own so called dream girl. For some guys, they've caught her and never let go, but unfortunately for others that particular dream irl is seemingly out of reach. For that guys tend to look for in a girl tend to be considered delusional due to the fact that in some people's minds no one fits a complete description of the qualities one is looking for and you never will. However, there is a saying that goes never say never because there is a girl who fits all the qualities that a guy, like myself is looking for and one day that particular girl will step out of my dreams and become a reality.

In retrospect, the qualities that a guy like myself is looking for in a girl are the following:down to earth, strong, witty, smart, funny, sweet, shy, simple, loyal, reserved, talented, pretty, serious, patient, soulful, sophisticated, innocent, womanly, caring, gracious, dependable, nurturing, protective, generous, wacky, etc. Its these particular above mentioned qualities that mean alot to me and thinking about it, this type of girl is a rare jewel to find and you have to admit any guy would love to live either near or next to her. Ultimately, the type of girl I'm looking for is what I like to describe as the girl next door.

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