Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A Heavy Heart

Frederick Lanz once said, ~Fears are just conditioning. They don't exist. They are something that we are taught by people who are afraid or seek to make us afraid. It is time to unload the baggage.~ If you think about it, when it comes to matters of the heart pertaining to a past relationship or relationships a person in some cases brings along their own set of baggage associated with it. Yet, what's an absolute unknown is the sheer size, volume, and/or scope of what's in all intense and purposes packed inside. For it can most definitely be a tremendous weight to be constantly carrying around, so to speak, as it involves issues of heartbreak one has a tendency to in a sense pack away and never really open any more to truly experience much needed closure.

Without a doubt, you can certainly have a somewhat keen inclination as to whether or not a guy/girl you're potentially interested in has some kind of baggage they're carrying around. Granted, it may not be hidden and not seen right away until the right amount of time has passed to carefully unload them one by one, in a manner of speaking. The question is though, when is the right amount of time exactly? In any case, it's a totally natural instinct indeed to be cautious as you're gradually letting/allowing yourself to become unguarded/vulnerable and not to mention safe in a personal, mental, emotional, as well as spiritual kind of way as you're willingly unpackinging what's been quite possibly deemed a mess, which is an absolutely scary feeling for anyone to experience.

As I said before,you can certainly have a somewhat keen inclination as to whether or not a guy/girl you're potentially interested in has some kind of baggage they're carrying around. Oftentimes, its seen clear as day upon meeting him/her so much so their baggage is dumped on and/or in front of you whereby leaving you in an incredibly awkward situation. Anger, frustration, confusion, fear, doubt, worry, sadness, depression, guilt, bitterness, disappointment, contempt, betrayal, etc. are what each individual forms of baggage represent and have been dumped out either one by one or all at once. Of course, its how that person reacts and handles the seemingly overwhelming mess that determines if he/she actually sticks around to help clean up or walks ways completely.

Let me ask you this question to those living the single life and dealing with their own set of personal baggage they've been carrying around. How long have you been carrying it? Here's another question for you. Do you want to finally unpack and be done with it to get the closure you're in need of? Thinking about it further, it's not so much meeting someone who will help carry the painful burden of the baggage itself as its more about being able to have a deep understanding of each one of them that's been stuffed tightly away in order to try to forget and not deal with any longer. Easier said than done. What it primarily comes down to is having a guy/girl who'll want to stay in order to be able to patiently sort through an assortment of weirdly strange, complicated and complex issues.

Wayne L. Misner said, ~Keeping baggage from the past will leave no room for happiness in the future.~ In retrospect, you will never exactly know the magnitude of past relationship issues stuffed tightly away in the baggage(s) of a certain someone of interest. Granted, the solution doesn't always mean trying help fix whatever is wrong. You see, even though the guy/girl in question may not solve all the issues they'll hopefully handle them with as much gentle care, respect, tact, and dignity to where he/she becomes one's quintessential baggage handler of sorts. In the end, to those living the single life with a heavy heart may you one day find true happiness with your future best friend for life who'll somehow lighten the load of past issues to where you have nothing left to carry except a smile on your face and in your heart.

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