Sunday, March 25, 2018

2 Words 8 Letters

Damon Lindelof once said, ~I think that, at the end of the day, I'm drawn to a certain level of ambiguous storytelling that requires hard thought and work in the same way that the 'New York Times' crossword puzzle does: Sometimes you just want to put it down or throw it out the window, but there's a real rewarding sense if you feel like you've cracked it.~ Without a doubt, there is in a sense similarities between matters of the heart and a crossword puzzle to the point where both have the ability in have you trying to figure out and solving any clues provided. For it can most definitely be a thought provoking and mentally challenging situation indeed knowing there is the potential for wrong answers before you truly end up with the right one that somehow brings it altogether.

Let me ask this question to those who enjoy doing crossword puzzles, was there anything that it has taught you in attempting to complete it in its entirety? I think its safe to say what it can certainly teach you is what you think is probably right is in actuality totally wrong. In other words, being so certain you have the right answer only to discover it doesn't fit/match what's relating to the other horizontal and/or vertical clues. What I'm trying to say is all too often a person can achieve premature success then failure of a connection that wasn't actually there. Hey, every person has mistakenly interpreted the verbal/physical clues to where the answers of true happiness easily fit into every empty block of the metaphorical worthwhile relationship crossword puzzle that is the human heart.

If you think about it, the clues each of us are given can at times be frustrating to figure out and the same can be said for a forever best friend as well. Oftentimes, its not difficult to figure out what the answers are; but there are times where it will get so confusing it becomes absolutely frustrating. Essentially this best describes the struggle in figuring out our own thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions as it relates to looking for any sort of clues within what is being said/done by that certain someone of interest. Thinking about it further, its during one's mental and emotional struggle the blocks within the aforementioned metaphorical crossword puzzle representing one's heart are constantly being filled in then erased because of the all out indecisively, insane inner turmoil of figuring out the right answer.

For the question can be asked to those who have spent time doing crossword puzzle, how many times have you constantly erased and wrote an answer that isn't quite falling into place? As I said before, it gets considerably confusing and frustrating as it to pertains to figuring out our own thoughts, feelings, and emotions. True, there are moments where we find ourselves constantly erasing, so speak, the answers we think are right in the horizontal/vertical crossword grids of your heart that it by all intense and purposes is torn apart. What it primarily comes down to is being able to stop and take a step back to rethink, as well as relax in order to look at it with a clear mind/heart from a new approach, which is how it should when living the single life as it pertains to the dating scene.

Craig Finn said. ~There's this moment sometimes, when you do a crossword puzzle and you have the one really long word. And once you get that, the whole thing kind of comes into focus.~ In retrospect, there a those who are incredibly luck enough to have figured out the answers to the entire crossword puzzle grid representing their heart. Trust, faith, honesty, hope, respect, understanding, patience, communication, commitment, etc. have been correctly filled vertically and horizontally to where it intersects perfectly with each aspect of a strong, worthwhile relationship. Of course, those who are still working on and figuring out their own heart crossword puzzle like myself it's just a matter of patience and taking a step back for a fresh take on it from a completely different perspective. In the end, I leave you with this clue of 2 words 8 letters as it's something people either believe it does exist while other simply don't believe it exists at all.

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