Saturday, February 17, 2018

What's The Catch?

Someone once said, ~Once in a lifetime maybe you meet someone who is instantly different from everyone else. Whatever level it might be the two of you belong together. As just friend, or lover, or something entirely different. For some reason, you just work. What is it called? Not coincidence. Not sheer luck. I don't know what I believe in. Fate sounds too good to be true. Whatever it is, it makes me believe in something.~ Without a doubt, every person has heard or said the expression "if it looks too good to be true it probably is" and in this particular case it can most definitely involve a guy/girl in regards to love/true love. For its a suspicious mindset indeed to inhabit when meeting someone new after experiencing disappointments pertaining to past potential and/or significant relationships.

As said before, the expression "if it looks too good to be true it probably is" has been heard or said at one point or another, especially when it involves a guy/girl in regards to love/true love. I think its safe to say every person finds or has found himself/herself mentally questioning what could possibly be wrong with someone they're interested in/dating who by all accounts is deemed boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife material. Yet, he/she has been living the bachelor/bachelorette life for quite some time. True, one can certainly have a nagging feeling to the point of being absolutely suspicious at what he/she could be personally, mentally, emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually hiding.

If you think about it, to have the too good to be true mentality has the propensity to constantly dig for anything to be suspicious of even though there may not be any evidence/proof to the contrary. Unfortunately, it can become a persistent nagging feeling as previously mentioned that's so unrelenting it has the ability to negatively affect how and what an individual thinks/feels/views pertaining to a potentially hopeful worthwhile relationship. Essentially, its a type of mental and emotional self sabotage of nitpicking something seemingly insignificant or totally irrelevant and turning it into a much bigger issue knowing full well there's none at all to deal with.

Let me ask this question to those who have encountered in the past or are encountering now a "too good to be true" guy/girl, what questions weighed/are weighing on your mind on whether he/she was/is genuinely the real deal? Thinking about it further, those aforementioned questions could be as such: Why has he/she been single for so long? How many exes does he/she have? Is he/she not over an ex? Does he/she have a great relationship with their mom/dad/parents? If not, what sort of issues is he/she dealing with? Is he/she relationship material? Of course, the inquiring minds of the vast majority of women than men want those questions to be answered and so much more.

Someone said~ It's sad how I just wait for the best things in my life to end cause good things never last for me...and this is almost too good to be true.~ In retrospect, experiencing consistent heartbreak can leave someone jaded to where there's no meaningful value in the word trust anymore and replaced it with a highly suspicious mentality. What it primarily comes down to is being able to meet a guy/girl unlike any other who somehow has the innate ability to forever break that suspicious mindset whereby giving trust back its meaning and value. In the end, I say to those who are hoping and maybe even have met that person may your first thought not be the following three words: what's the catch?

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