Monday, December 18, 2017

No Strings

Someone once said, ~I let it happen again. You've gotten the best of me all tangled up. You have known which strings to pull, getting depth in this beaten heart. I trust you won't walk out again, as we both had the custom. This feeling is not something that is wanted. It's just needed from now on. Love was a monster I had no intentions of facing, but all it did was chase. I have been worn down to the end of my rope, I know you'll catch me before I fall.~ If you think about it, it can oftentimes feel as if love/true love is considered to be a master marionettist with the ability to pull the strings of the metaphorical marionette/puppet that is the human heart. For it can truly be a frustrating situation indeed in trying to deal with the mental, emotional, and not to mention the physical strings that can certainly get tangled up when facing the possibility of a worthwhile relationship after experiencing utter heartbreak.

As I said before, it can oftentimes feel as if love/true love is considered to be a master marionettist pulling the wire/strings of the metaphorical marionette/puppet that is the human heart. Essentially, what I mean is a person can inevitably go through similar motions when the strings associating matters of the heart become in all intense and purposes attached once again to the point where it gradually takes hold and twists you up inside, in a manner of speaking. I think it's safe to say we've all experienced this or are experiencing this and it's an absolutely scary feeling. True, there is an initial mindset in which you think you'll have the strength to resist being moved by the wires/strings representing one's own thoughts, feelings and/or emotions. However, it really depends on how strong those aforementioned strings are that determine if you have complete control or end up losing that control completely.

Without a doubt, when you do get tangled up in the wires/strings of one's own thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions it can most definitely be quite difficult to untangle the mental, as well as emotional mess you find yourself in. Of course, that's where a gradual internal panic sets in to where the initial instinct is to immediately struggle merely out of sheer desperation to get free causing one to be even more tangled up than you were ever before. Unfortunately, it has a detrimental effect in how you think, act, feel, and/or say as it internally flips you upside down in a such a negative way whereby making it harder to untangle yourself thus focusing on anything remotely positive. What it primarily comes down to is to avoid getting tangled up in the same relationship mistakes in the past or be left in a sense mentally, as well as emotionally dangling from the same strings of doubt, frustration, anger, fear, confusion, bitterness, etc.

Let me ask this question to those who are living the single life, does it ever feel like you're simply a marionette/puppet dangling on a wire/string when it pertains to dating sites/apps? You see, the thought of placing your heart in the hands of so called master relationship marionettists who tout their ability in being able to expertly move you in the right direction towards true happiness sounds easy. Yet, even though it may sound easy having the marionette that is your heart being dangled out there "dancing" for a potential future best friend there lies within the difficulty of the unknown in attracting and then keeping someone's attention in an age where it's simply now a quick swipe to the left or right. Hey, as much as certain number people place their heart in the hands of these marionettists you don't ever want to ever have the feeling it's going to be left hanging there being passed by not being truly seen.

In retrospect, nobody ever wants to put their heart out there hanging like a marionette/puppet and have it be utterly ignored or even manipulated by a guy/girl with their own sordid ulterior motives. Sadly, for most people past bad relationship experiences and heartbreak have taught them the master marionettist that is love is an incredibly cruel monster who has the power to expose your beaten down heart so much so you're left hanging absolutely vulnerable. Ultimately, it's a hard to face a harsh and unwanted reality in which you can either accept the fate of forever being a marionette/puppet to it or making the decision to cut the tight bonds of those strings/wires allowing you to move freely in every sense of the word. In the end, if the latter is chosen then and not let the pursuit of a relationship be your entire reason for living then my friend you'll have the confidence in saying that when it comes to your own heart there are no strings on me.

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