Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Iron Heart

Game of Thrones character Robb Stark once said, ~Love's now always wise, I've learned. It can lead us to great folly, but we follow our hearts...wherever they take us.~ If you think about it, the HBO hit series Game of Thrones and matters of the heart are synonymous with each other in a such a way there can be a sense of immense victory, as well as tragedy along with everything in between within the fictitious world of fire and ice. For it's a seemingly epic world where intense battles are fought in regards to utter heartbreak, confusion, betrayal, death, trust, faith, honor, and most definitely name. Oftentimes, you fight with everything you have to win and other times it's an all out losing battle altogether where the odds are so overwhelming you have no chance whatsoever like the Battle Of The Bastards just outside the gates of Winterfell. True, it's a difficult decision indeed to not always know whether or not the fight will be worth it unless you're actually in the battle itself. Thinking about it further, when you're living the single life you try to metaphorically conquer/restore those previously mentioned in hope of one day uniting/establishing all 7 Kingdoms in your own heart with one's unknown King/Queen ruling by your side, so to speak.

As I said before, when you're living the single life you try to conquer/restore those previously mentioned above in hope of one day uniting/establishing all 7 Kingdoms in your own heart with one's unknown King/Queen ruling by your side, so to speak. Granted, even though its considered a work of mere fiction it can become reality with the right guy/girl in question. Yet, there are times while fighting the intense battles that are quite certainly deeply personal in a mental, emotional, and not to mention physical way you can come to a point where you end up telling yourself, others close to/around you, or being told you know nothing like Ygritte tells Jon Snow from seasons 2-4. In any case, it's those metaphorical relationship scars that you receive in the field of battle otherwise known as the dating scene hopefully help you gain significant perspective and clarity so much so you'll be more rather than less in the know. Hey, it's a constant learning experience as you put yourself out there knowing there will be times where you'll be faced with cold, hard truths and hopefully you don't end up meeting your "demise" by an arrow straight through the heart from behind like Ygritte in the battle of Castle Black.

Without a doubt, there are times when suffering and dealing with utter heartbreak it can feel as if you've been stabbed several times with a knife in the heart as did Jon Snow by 4 members of the Night Watch at Castle Black. Essentially, you've in a sense died because of the treacherous betrayal of being cheated on whereby leaving you humiliated and feeling absolutely exposed like Cersci Lannister walking the street of King's Landing by order of the High Sparrow. Essentially, the feeling of being "naked" and fully exposed leaves you completely vulnerable as you metaphorically walk the street of your own heart. While doing so the quintessential crowd of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are angrily yelling as your conscience rings a bell repeating the word "shame" right behind you, in a manner of speaking, whereby making it a truly brutal/tortuous experience for yourself to say the least. What it primarily comes down to is being able to come back from death with help from your own red witch Melisandre representing your best buds/gal pals by your side who'll always be there to help/encourage you to move past the humiliation then forward to grow stronger in every sense of the word.

Let me ask you this question to you single ladies, if you could mix together character traits of the guys of GoT and create your future best friend what would they be? If I'd fair to guess it'd be the responsible leadership of Ned Stark, insightful wisdom of Tyrion Lannister, informative nature of Varys, and pure innocence of Jon Snow's honesty in wanting to do the right thing. Jamie Lannister's sense of honor and not to mention handsome features along with the sarcastically dark, humorous bad boy mentality of Bronn make for some potentially attractive qualities. The skilled hands of Gendry, Grey Worm's strong sense of duty, and the unwavering determination of Podrick Payne make a admirable combo. In addition, the passionate Wildling Warrior like spirit of Tormund Giantsbane, no nonsense, straight forward bluntness of The Hound, and the untamed, charismatic fierceness of Khal Drago gives off a quirky albeit confident strength. Of course, the keen foresight of Bran intertwined with the protective nature of Hodor along with the mixture of Samwell Tarly's sensitivity and the loyalty of Davos Seaworth sprinkled in with the loving devotion of Jorah Mormont make for one guy who is seemingly perfect. However, the question is does he exist?

In retrospect, the proverbial throne of love/true is quite certainly what those living the single life such as myself want to find ourselves sitting on, especially with someone truly special by our side. Yet, be careful and avoid encountering any Littlefinger/King Joffrey/Ramsay Bolton type individuals who have their own scheming, entitled, and/or morbidly twisted ulterior motives with incredibly bad intentions in mind. Truth be told, it would be far better to simply handle bad past relationships by commanding Drogon to engulf those aforementioned individual types in fire wouldn't you say? Unfortunately, it's not always the case as a number of people have sadly turned into no one exuding a cold, emotionless White Walker on the inside after struggling to fight beyond the wall for their efforts in experiencing their dreams of a strong, worthwhile relationship. Hey, you just have to attain that inner Sansa like graceful strength with a happily flirtatious sprinkle of Margaery Tyrell along with an added pinch of Oleanna Tyrell sassiness swirling in some kickass Arya and a gallantly stoic Brienne medium to balance it all out. Ultimately, for those seeking a Theon like redemption regarding true happiness you'll have it as it just a matter of being patient. In the end, never let yourself have an impenetrable iron heart mindset because someday you'll find yourself standing in front of/encountering someone who may very well be your prince/princess that was promised.

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