Monday, July 17, 2017

The Heart Less Traveled

John Mark Green once said, ~Each person's grief has it's own fingerprint. Each journey of sorrow has a unique map. Hearts will heal in their own timetable. Never presume to know how others should deal with their pain.~ Without a doubt, the human heart can oftentimes be considered a representation of a road map that has been marked in regards to locations of the past, present, and possible future concerning true happiness. For its a road map that has most definitely experienced its fair share of mental/emotional/physical wear and tear. Thinking about it further, when you find yourself metaphorically unfolding and looking over one's own proverbial road map it can certainly be quite a journey in every sense of the word in seeing where, as well as how far your heart has traveled or is traveling to.

As I said before, the human heart can oftentimes be considered a representation of a road map that has been marked in regards to locations of the past, present, and possible future concerning true happiness. It's truly a though provoking situation indeed in a deeply metaphorical way to unfold your own heart in order to look over your personally journey you've taken so far regarding matters of the heart. True, there's certainly a sense of history when it comes to the past locations marked down involving relationships that have either been memorable or led you to absolutely nowhere. Essentially, it's that sense of history in which it can either cause you to express a smile of appreciation or a cringe of regret during a moment of reflection.

If you think about it, a road map and the human heart are synonymous with each other in such a way they both experience their fair share of mental/emotional/physical wear and tear. In the words, it's similar to a road map in how a person's heart can be folded/unfolded so many times over it can in a sense get to a point where it becomes faded, torn/ripped apart, written on, cried over, crumpled up, thrown away, etc. after experiencing the pangs of utter heartbreak. Unfortunately, it can be considerably difficult for any person to take it out, unfold it, and stand there questioning whether or not to mark a potential location of interest. Hey, even though it's risky what you'll potentially receive is a whole new road map that will hopefully withstand the wear and tear.

Let me ask this question to those living the single life, how many of you have permanently folded your heart and stored it away in the quintessential glove compartment of your soul never to be taken out again because of bad past relationships? I think it's safe to say there are a number of people who haven't opened their aforementioned glove compartment for quite some time because the thought of even taking it out and maybe opening up brings out the feels in a negative way. Of course, there may very well be a reason in one day wanting to take your heart out of the glove compartment and dust it off because he/she is gradually bringing out the positive feels within you. What it primarily comes down to is taking time and having utmost patience all the while mapping out the exact location back to your own heart.

Someone said, ~True navigation begins in the human heart. Its the most important map of all.~ In retrospect, the human heart is a complicated road map to navigate to say the least leaving you frustrated and not to mention totally confused trying to figure out, in a manner of speaking. Of course, finding the quickest and easiest way to the intended destination otherwise known as love/true love may sound simple enough; but there won't be any meaning when you do end up getting there. Ultimately, the times of getting lost, facing dead ends, experiencing wrong turns, asking for directions or whatever the case may be pertaining to your own heart will be worth it someday soon. In the end, if there is willingness in wanting to challenge yourself in getting to the destination that is your forever best friend instead of the easy route then I bid you safe journey as you make the decision to retrieve, dust off, unfold, and inevitably take the heart less traveled.

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