Friday, January 27, 2017


Jerry Gillies once said, ~Confront your fears, list them, get to know them, and only then will you be able to put them aside and move ahead.~ Without a doubt, dealing with the pain of utter heartbreak can most definitely take a personal, mental, emotional and not to mention physical toll on anyone. Thinking about it further what is equally painful is not allowing yourself or refusing to deal with the resolved issues that have a tendency to be a seemingly haunting, tortuous reminder that annoyingly linger in one's own thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions regard a past relationship. Oftentimes, there comes a point where the plethora of mixed emotions swirling within leads a person wanting to have a have to face confrontation with the following 3 aspects or abstract conceptual embodiments of matters of the heart: death, time, and love. So, the question remains what would you want to say to death, time, and love if you had the opportunity/chance to confront them?

If you think about it, when it comes to confronting death pertaining to dealing with a bad past relationship and the unresolved issues associated with it can feel as if a part of you has metaphorically died. In other words, that sense of feeling dead inside because death in all intense and purposes took or should I say ripped/torn the very soul of hope away so much so it left a considerably cold, empty void in one's heart to where there is a possible lack of empathy, compassion, and feeling. However, what certainly replaces it is the emotion of anger in knowing how patience, trust, hope, respect, faith, understanding, honor, intimacy, compassion, contentment, commitment, communication, etc. are the innate essence of hope's soul of which were ripped/taken away by the grim reaper leaving behind the haunting pain of utter heartbreak. Essentially, it can most definitely be a frustrating and tough situation indeed to regain those back from death itself to feel like that sense of hope has not only been brought back to life, but restored fully once again.

I think it's safe to say death and time are so closely synonymous with each other in such a way that they may very well be one and the same. In any case, it's been said that time heals all wounds but at the same time it can feel in some ways like a prison cell within yourself, which is a fate worse than death. For it can be a time consuming situation being locked within yourself and wanting to be so desperately freed as it slowly instead of quickly moves forward. You see, while in your mentally self imposed prison sentence you want to confront time for mentally and emotionally wasting the time of a truly regrettable past relationship thus potentially destroying the ideal concept of what love/true love is to you. Granted, it causes you to constantly wonder if time is slipping away and the more time gets away from you the farther in distance of where or should I say who you want to be with grows increasingly larger. Yet, what it primarily comes down to is having that mindset that time is a precious gift and it frees you in a positive way rather than wasting it all in a negative way of thinking.

Let me ask you this question to those who are living the single life, how many of you would want to confront love and give it a piece of your mind? The answer would be a unanimous and resounding yes I'd say. As I said before, wanting to have a face to face confrontation with love and being able to be given a reasonable explanation as to why the trust in betrayal and why you've been countlessly left holding the personal, mental, and emotional ashes that stains one's own heart to the point where it has physically effected you. True, it can be quite difficult to want to wipe away the darky, ashy stains of unfortunate relationships past and no matter how hard you try it won't go away thus spreading, as well as potentially covering his/her/your entire heart with doubt, frustration, sadness, disappointment, bitterness, hostility, resentment, etc. However, don't ever allow yourself to completely say goodbye to love because those stains will someday be wiped away by someone special who by when you look deeply into their eyes, hear their voice, or by the touch of their hand letting you know your heart won't ever be broken again.

Andy Andrews said, ~When confronted with a challenge, the committed heart will search for a solution. The undecided heart searches for an escape.~ In retrospect, dealing with unresolved issues of bad past relationships are always challenging and sometimes you just have to confront them so that you'll be finally be stress free from or you'll find yourself always being imprisoned by them. Yet, all it ever takes is having the opportunity to let yourself talk to or at least have someone quietly listen knowing full well the floodgate of emotions will possibly burst wide open. Ultimately, the death of true happiness is never permanent as some claim to believe as it's merely temporary rather than permanent leaving you with time to focus on yourself instead of finding a solution in another relationship to escape in. In the end, the face of love will eventually find it's way back to you in the aftermath of committing yourself in confronting the challenging obstacles after coming face to face with death and time.

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