Tuesday, October 25, 2016

All Jokes Aside

The late legendary comedian George Carlin once said, ~...My mind doesn't work that way. I got this real moron thing I do, its calling thinking and I'm not a very good American because I like to form my own opinions...I have certain rules I live by. My first rule, I don't believe anything the government tells me...and I don't take very seriously the media or the press in this country.~ Let me ask you this question, how may of you are going to actually vote in this year's November elections for the next President of the United States? For it's considered to be the most important vote cast even though the 2 main choices being given to us aren't necessarily what most of America are thrilled about knowing there are other choices out there who haven't gotten enough of the much deserved attention they should be getting.

Without a doubt, George Carlin was right in saying that each one of us has the ability to think for ourselves in formulating our own basis of opinion concerning choosing the right person for president. Yet, the two main choices running aren't ideally presidential material because the both of them have a truly distorted sense of reality so much so NBC's Saturday Night Live is having a field day parodying their antics. Thank you Alec Baldwin and Kate Mckinnon For the most part, this coming election has basically become an utter joke and we're waiting for the unfortunate punchline knowing full well it's not going to be a laughing matter whatever the outcome may be. True, Donald Trump is considered a wild card with the disadvantage being his lack of experience whereas Hillary Clinton has the experience; but at the same time she has left a trail of past and current scandals that should automatically disqualify her from even running.

As I said before, this election has become an utter joke with parodies, videos, and memes being created in order to find the humor in the all out absurdity of it all. Of course, you can't help but experience amused disbelief in what both sides have said and/or done during the campaign process to where it just leaves you scratching your head. It's a sad and extremely embarrassing state of affairs for both Trump and Clinton who seemingly find ways to top themselves when it comes to breaking controversy/scandals. In some ways, it's like a real life political movie playing out before our very eyes with comedy, drama, thrilling terror, and intriguing mysteries all rolled into one. Hey, you can't make any of this stuff up and as much as we all want to have Ashton Kutcher come out on election day to say we've been all Punk'd the joke will potentially be on all of us whoever is chosen.

For the question can be asked, do you have any other choices there aren't just 2 main choices to vote for this November as other candidates are purposefully being left out of the spotlight by the media? Of course, it's a well known fact that there was a media black out involving Bernie Sander's campaign and the rallies that scores of people attended due to the influence of Hillary Clinton. In any case, there are other candidates to choose from such as now well known potential contenders Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein. In addition there are Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party, Evan McMullin of the Independent Party, Rocky De la Fuenta of the Reform Party, Independent Third Party Tom Hoefling, and list of other potential candidates who are alternatives to the influence/manipulation of the mainstream media.

In retrospect, there are so many possible ideas pertaining to the election one of them being having the United State of America not have a President for a whole year. Granted, another idea that comes to mind is a survivor style election where Trump, Clinton, and the rest of the candidates are left on island. The winner and next President is determined by who is smart enough to get off the island. Instead of being televised, it's live streamed via Facebook, Snapchat, and/or Vine. Ultimately, all are eyes and ears are open taking every bit of information that the media has neglected to provide whereby giving us the opportunity to decide for ourselves. In the end, no matter the conspiracy mindset that are votes don't count in the whole scheme of things do it any way and all jokes aside take heed to the words of George Carlin before making the most crucial vote of our lives.

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