Wednesday, September 28, 2016

On My Way

Karen Salmansohn once said, ~Do not go speeding into love. Get to know who someone is, so you don't fall in love with the idea of them but the actual them. Don't confuse romance for intimacy. Romance attracts you speedily and physically. But intimacy is what connects you heart to heart, over time.~ In some aspect, when it comes to love/true love it can seem as if we're all wanting or should I say speeding towards, so to speak, a designated location within our own heart only to get pulled over. Unfortunately, each one of us can find or has found one's self being caught in the proverbial single life speed trap and ticketed for an infraction or a number of infractions in regards to the dating/potential/significant relationship scene. Essentially, you can either talk your way out of it and avoid paying the so called fine or completely accept the consequences to where it's another added life experience.

As I said before, it can seem as if we're all wanting or should I say speeding towards, so to speak, a designated location within our own heart only to get pulled over. Thinking about it further, a person can most definitely be eager in wanting to be in an established worthwhile relationship with a guy/girl who one will gladly go well passed the speed limit for, in a manner speaking. For it's an adrenaline rush of a situation indeed as one floors it personally, mentally, emotionally, and maybe even physically pertaining to a certain someone of interest. In other words, making up for lost time after being constantly stopped and passed by other "motorists" who are now riding in the fast lane together with their forever best friend riding shotgun causing one to experience a mixture of emotions such as frustration, anger, and not to mention impatience.

Without a doubt, living the single life mistakes can certainly be made like being too eager/impatient in wanting to speed through obstacles hindering you on the road towards true happiness. True, its annoyingly irritating and oftentimes an embarrassing state of affairs finding ourselves suddenly noticing the all too familiar flashing lights of dread in our heart's internal rear view mirror. Of course, this leads to our thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions to be in all intense and purposes cited for being reckless knowing full well mistakes were made but drove faster despite of it. Heartbreak, frustration, anger, sadness, disappointment, resentment, utter contempt, fear, bitterness, etc. are a representation of individual citations being given on one's speeding ticket of the heart whereby giving the possibility of 2 harsh realities: 1.) you're never going to make it. 2.) you're late getting there and just missed him/her.

Let me ask this question to those who are presently driving on you're own metaphorical road in hopes of getting where you want to be within your own heart, how fast are you going? I think it's safe to say that for most of us we're on the highways/byways otherwise known as the single life simply cruising along and having fun jamming to CD's or the radio. However, for others they're fast and furiously speeding past us like a bat out of hell in order to catch up to the one that is seemingly father away each time he/she thinks they're getting closer. Let me tell you something, when you're too focused trying to reach as fast as humanly possible in what you've wanted for your own heart you end up on the side of road getting ticketed and missing out on the opportunity in noticing your scenic surroundings with hopefully your best buds/gal pals along for the ride as well.

Someone said, ~We all drive at the same speed. Just not necessarily at the same time or on the same road. Although, we are all heading in the same direction and towards the same destination.~ In retrospect, the directions to the ultimate destination that is matters of the heart can be an utterly confusing road to navigate at times. You see, it's best to calm down and not worry/panic about getting there because its absolutely futile. Hey, take that opportunity for however long it will be to get lost in order to find yourself and enjoy having fun seeing where the road leads you. He/she will be there waiting to pull you over so don't be in too big of a rush. In the end, for me personally I'm 99.9% sure there is someone waiting to finally pull me over who I'm unknowingly driving towards within the designated posted speed limit plus 10 over and all I can say to her, whoever she may be, is even though it's taking longer than anticipated I'm on my way.

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