Friday, May 13, 2016

Keep It Poppin'

Janine Boylan once said, ~Life is like bubble wrap. At times there's no need to explain it so just have fun popping away.~ If you think about it, life and bubble wrap are synonymous with each other in the sense that each day we wake up or in this case pop open our eyes we're given the opportunity to make something happen. For it can most definitely be a unpredictable situation indeed due to the absolute uncertainty every single day brings. In other words, it's all in the way one metaphorically holds between their fingers their own perception of life that when pressed we can either experience pure fun or utter disappointment. What it primarily comes down to is making the choice to either dwell on it or adapt to it by pressing on and moving forward.

Without a doubt, any person can truly experience unexpected fun in popping bubble wrap and the same can be said for life as well. Thinking about it further, its just a matter of having an optimistic rather than a pessimistic outlook concerning life because a considerably bad day can instantly change causing the frown to become a smile. Essentially, the smile can come from the unexpected efforts of one's own best buds and/or gal pals who somehow have the innate ability to pop the utter disappointment that life has a tendency to come our way and bring some much needed relief in the form of laughter. Hey, its the friends who are always there to help distract you from the harsh reality of life who are considered to be the best form of free therapy possible.

As I said before, the way each of us metaphorically hold life representing bubble wrap between our fingers shows how we can perceive particular aspects of life on any single day leading to either fun or disappointment. Unfortunately, like bubble wrap you won't be able to get the same pop, in a manner of speaking, out of life every time to the point where it seems as if it's becoming no fun at all. True, frustration and anger set in leaving an individual to want to give up entirely because the life they presently hold in their hands, so to speak, isn't making him/her/you happy. Oftentimes, the best example is the zeal lost in a job/career they're currently in and the decision to change professions for the pursuit of being happy once again.

Let me ask this question to those who have popped bubble wrap before, how challenging is it to have the self restraint and patience do you have in not wasting what you're given all of it once? Of course, the biggest challenge bubble wrap can give is the challenge of self restraint and patience, especially when it involves matters of the heart regarding a potential and/or significant relationship. The self restraint and patience to not waste all at once the precious, as well as cherished bubbled aspects of a relationship you've established like trust, faith, honesty, respect, understand, communication, commitment, etc. So, have any of you wasted or still have plenty of bubbles still in tact within a certain guy/girl?

In retrospect, the bubble wrap representing life gives us valuable lessons that inevitably challenge us on a semi-daily basis as I've mentioned before. Personally speaking, you can't really explain the appeal of wanting to just take it and pop every last bubble. Is it the power one wields smashing the bubbles flat between our fingers? Is it the sound of the satisfying pop? The momentary relief of stress it gives? Who really knows. You see, it's that same concept in which you sometimes can't explain why there are moments in life where we want to just ditch being an adult and channel your inner child to simply have fun "popping" the bubbles of pure enjoyments in life like going to the movies, going fishing, calling in sick to work, or whatever the case may be. In the end, all I can say is don't waste or take for granted the bubble wrap of your own life, have fun in the process, and just keep it poppin'.

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