Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Turn

Someone once said, ~Love is like a game of monopoly. You can have one last dollar and own the smallest, cheapest house...but sooner or later someone is about to land on it. When they do, charge them interest. If you don't, they are likely to not pay you at all and then you will end up losing the game.~ Without a doubt, love and the game of monopoly are synonymous with each other in such a way there is an innate mindset one can have going with either an absolutely positive outlook or have a completely negative view altogether. In other words, the "I can" competitive spirit comes with utmost confidence or lack thereof with the "I can't" mentality because it's deemed a no-win situation from the start. Essentially, when it comes to the monopoly game of establishing a truly worthwhile relationship you have the following three choices: play to win, give up entirely, or change the rules.

Let me ask you this question to those who have played the game of monopoly before, what do you need above all else to play? If you answered the board itself you'd be correct. In a sense, the human heart is most definitely considered to be the proverbial monopoly board with so many aspects of true happiness written on each individual square, so to speak. Yet, it's those same aspects of true happiness that can certainly be a tough and not to mention frustrating situation indeed to get to in trying to place the individual game pieces/tokens or otherwise known as thoughts, feelings, and emotions exactly where you want them to go not only within your own heart, but in that particular guy's/girl's heart as well. Unfortunately, it's a strategy that doesn't go in one's favor most of the time but you keep playing in hopes it eventually does. In any case, it's those 3 previously mentioned in which you should play a very smart game making the best decision possible with every potential roll of the dice to ultimately win.

If you think about it, monopoly has one thing in common with other board games...broken or missing game pieces. You see, the similarity also extends to a person's heart as he/she can find himself/herself with lost/broken pieces so much so the dating scene doesn't necessarily excite them anymore causing one to give up entirely. Patience, trust, faith, hope, honesty, love, passion, respect, communication, commitment, compassion, intimacy, etc. are an individual representation of metaphorical game pieces like the race car that have been lost/broken because of utter heartbreak involving a bad past relationship or relationships. Thinking about it further, there comes a point where if there is a continued experience of unlucky losing streaks pertaining to broken relationships then the urge to flip the monopoly board that is one's heart will happen or quite possibly already has happened for a certain number of people because they've been pushed to the brink emotionally and mentally.

For the question can be asked involving the rules of the monopoly, can they be changed? The answer is no. However, the rules involving your own heart can be but it has to be a change that doesn't cause you to sadly and angrily regret the mistakes due to the decision(s) made afterwards. Oftentimes, those regretful decisions can lead a person to all intense and purposes throw all their thoughts, feelings, and emotions concerning matters of the heart directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. As I said before, a very smart game should be played whereby making the best decision possible with every potential roll of the dice to ultimately win. What it primarily comes down to is being being able to find a balance between heart and mind instead of playing solely on emotions, which has the propensity to end up losing everything with one wrong move after another thus hitting rock bottom.

In retrospect, a monopoly game board or any game board for that matter will go through considerable wear and tear over time. Of course, the same can be said for the human heart too. Hey, it can at times feel as if it's unable to be put back together again because of how badly beaten up, torn, and faded it has become, in a manner of speaking. True, it would be considerably interesting if you had the ability to send your heart back to the manufacturer in order to get a fully factory restored heart free of the wear and tear of unfortunate memories with no sign whatsoever of the scars from past heartbreak. Unfortunately, you can't and and all you can really do is take each day one day at a time with your family/gal pals/best buds by your side. In the end, to those are still playing with immense frustration/confusion at times my advice is simply to focus on the journey filled with fun as a distraction to where one day you'll arrive at the destination that is falling in love with all the monopoly pieces falling into the right squares and once they do each of us can say with a genuine smile on our face it's finally my turn.

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