Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fight Song

Someone once said, ~Never give up, no matter what the circumstances is. Throughout life, you will always hit high and low points; harder and easier experiences, but you have to stay strong; it’s the key to everything. Stay strong and NEVER give up, there’s always something out there worth fighting for an its always better and ALWAYS worth it. No matter how much you think there isn’t, there always is and you will find it, no matter what.~ Let me ask you this question, how many of you are fighting a literal and/or figurative battle in life where even though the circumstances may be different the fight is still the same. For it’s a tough and motivating situation indeed to fight and successfully move forward in life from either a past or current situation determining how personally, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong you are.

Without a doubt, I am a big supporter of the men and women of the United States armed forces who fight in order to protect the freedoms we hold, as well as cherish being that I’m the son of a retired military veteran. In any case, our soldiers endure a mentally tortuous fight after returning from overseas known as post traumatic stress disorder or otherwise known as PTSD. PSTD is the trauma soldiers face when serving in high risk combat whereby creating deep neurological patterns in the brain. If it continually persists they’ll suffer hyper responsive attacks such as dangerously lashing out or experience a deep emotional depression. Of course, with proper treatment provided for our veterans and the unwavering support of family/friends fighting along side him/her the internal hellish war they’re going through will considered to be a major victory.

As I said before, many are fighting a literal and/or figurative battle in life where even though the circumstances may be different the fight is still the same. True, there a certain number of individuals who have literally fought in the past or are still fighting with issues of physical/sexual abuse. Essentially, it’s considerably difficult to even understand or even empathize the kind of fight someone has gone/is going through knowing full well the possibility of strong, worthwhile relationships are kept at an arms length due in part to protect himself/herself from getting too close to a guy/girl. Fortunately, trauma and abuse counseling is available for those who have the inability to get past particular issues that a person never lets go of. Hey, the fight to allow one’s self to experience a positive, caring love that is genuinely real built with mutual trust is a situation people deal with every day.

Dueteronomy 31:6 says, ~Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.~ If you think about it, the battle to overcome cancer is a mentally, emotionally, and not to mention spiritually grueling fight that doesn’t care what age or race you are. Cancer can strike a regular person like my friend Julie Waldroup or a celebrity athlete such as Devon Stills whose daughter Leah is not only fighting it but is currently in remission. Unfortunately, there are those whose valiantly, courageous fight unfortunately ended and yet they are no longer in pain. However, if you don’t give up the fight knowing how some days it’s hard to put a smile on your face then the journey to be cancer free is well worth it. What it primarily comes down to is keeping your faith in God and having family/friends be supportive by way of constant, fervent prays.

In retrospect, life is a fighting battle that each one of us wake up to every morning. Granted, it can be an absolute unknown as to what we’ll encounter on any given day so much so we may very well experience a mixture of emotions both high and low. Oftentimes, its the inner voice in our head that either become our greatest ally or our worst enemy depending on the personal/professional situation being dealt with. Let me tell you something, there comes a point where you have to quiet that inner voice in your head that never shuts up causing you to doubt, question, etc. and let God speak to you in His still small voice through the scriptures of the bible. Ultimately, take solace in the fact we all have friends and family who don’t allow us to give up when life seems so unfair at times. In the end, we all have in a sense our own fight song and though it’s different for everybody it pushes us to keep going no matter how hard the trials of life are, which is a song by 2015’s Teen Choice Award’s Break Out Artist Rachel Platten.

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