Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Never Grows Up

Peter Pan once said, ~So come with me where dreams are born and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, in Never Never Land.~ If you think about it, the fictional literary and Disney character known as Peter Pan and matters of the heart are in some ways synonymous with each other. For it can most definitely be an intriguing situation indeed comparing the boy who proudly proclaimed he’ll forever be a youth to something that is seemingly ageless. Yet, both have considerably similarities when it pertains to thinking happy thoughts in order to fly, a villainous protagonist, and not to mention the metaphorical playground that is Neverland. What it primarily comes down to is not just opening up your mind to the totally unimaginable, but your heart as well.

Without a doubt, we all know how Wendy, John, and Michael were able to fly by way of not only pixie dust sprinkled on them by Peter, but thinking about one particular happy thought too. Thinking about it further, we all want in a potentially loving relationship to in all intense and purposes be sprinkled with the proverbial pixie dust of true happiness and think about a possibly bright future with your best friend for life. Essentially, it’s the individual happy qualities one mentally holds on to such as trust, respect, faith, hope, intimacy, honesty, understanding, patience, passion, commitment, communication, etc. in which you want that certain guy/girl to also think about and have a mental hold on. In other words, happily sharing a continually and mutually strong mental connection to where the smile never leaves both your faces while flying together.

As I said before, matters of the heart and Peter Pan have considerable similarities, especially involving a villainous protagonist. Hey, each one of us know Captain Hook is Peter Pan’s archrival who vows to strike his young adversary down no matter what. True, it’s a battle of the ages that stands that test of time. Oftentimes, love’s protagonist that is drama has the ability to hook any individual to where he/she is struck down with anger, doubt, frustration, confusion, bitterness, sadness, hatred, rage, etc. whereby being captured in its clutches. Unfortunately, it can be a sad state of affairs when a person becomes so hooked by the sharp pain of utter heartbreak it strikes down hard to where one’s emotions may possibly end up swallowed in darkness never to be seen again like Hook’s left hand by the alligator.

Let me ask you this question to those who are in a significantly loving relationship, do you consider the home you share together wherever it may be the quintessential mythical play land otherwise known as Neverland? Of course, to have a Peter and Wendy relationship dynamic in a more romantic context in which you want to experience a child like energy filled with fun and adventure. A type of love/true love where the stories shared with your own lost boys or in this case kids, if any, are absolutely endless that they are eager to want to hear more so much so they’re quite possibly passed down from generation to generation. Let me tell you something, every person wants to have a classic love story such as this while there are those who are actually living it, which to them I give a hearty crow call.

In retrospect, the story of Peter Pan is truly timeless and something so worthwhile it just brings you back to your childhood. You see, its that mischievous innocence found within an endearing character you would want to meet and find in someone who makes you feel like a kid again. However, be smart about it and trust in the fact that your best buds and gal pals will always be there for you as they’re a representation of Tinker Bell as they’ll help advise you in any way. Ultimately, don’t let your priorities regarding your own heart become the sole focal point that you gradually lose the twinkle of innocence in your eyes because you've found yourself turning into/becoming a sarcastic cynic. In the end, even though time passes on leading us to physically grow older, become more emotionally stable, and hopefully be mentally wiser with each passing moment you can be rest assured youthful love never grows up.

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