Thursday, October 09, 2014

Through The Motions

Someone once said, ~Even in the best relationships, we have to be diligent about looking after our partner and showing them, even with small gestures, that they are important to us and that we love them like we did in the initial stage. Doing so is one of the factors that make a couple good, even exceptional. When you become too complacent about giving of yourself to the one you love, you should not be surprised if the end of your relationship looks nothing like the beginning.~ Let me ask you this question when it comes to being in a significant relationship, what is considered to be one of the many pitfalls couples find themselves in? The answer is being complacent and it can most definitely lead a couple down a path of absolute predictability.

Without a doubt, every couple would love to continually have that quintessential new relationship smell, so to speak, and not end up hitting the wall of complacency. For it can certainly be a tough situation indeed to creatively find ways to make things consistently fresh between you and your signification other without the tendency of having it feel as if it’s repetitive. Thinking about it further, a couple would much rather sustain the vibrancy and mystery of a partnership where every day something new is revealed to where it’s so profound even if it’s a minor detail a much deeper connection is established. What it primarily comes down to is being able to verbally communicate face to face with one another, which is sorely lacking these day with the age of social media.

As I said before, social media can unfortunately stagnate a previously energetic relationship where instead of talking face to face you’re “talking” screen to screen. It’s a sad state of affairs when a significant relationship is unable to escape the mundane routine of speaking social media to each other to the point where it becomes totally awkward talking one on one. I think its safe to say we know or are that someone whose worthwhile relationship has grown stagnate because they don’t know to communicate anymore without having a Iphone, Ipad, or laptop in front of him/her. Let me tell you something, for the sake of saving a relationship, put down the electronics and look up because quite frankly you’re missing out on something or should I say someone spectacular who is much more amazing live than on a screen any day.

For the question can be asked to those who are in a significant relationship, what do you and your husband/bf/wife/gf do in order to not let yourselves get stuck in a type of neverending Goundhog Day situation/schedule? Date nights? Impromptu Lunch dates? Weekend getaways? You see, whatever the case may be for you two to break at times the seemingly boring revolving door of monotony whereby effecting one or both people personally, emotionally, mentally, physically, as well as spiritually. In other words, going through relationship déjà vu. Essentially, it merely takes willing determination to break the chains of complacency to bring life back into what gradually became lifeless. Hey, life can basically get away from you with kids, career, and home; but to be able to keep a thriving, rejuvenated relationship filled with endless excitement falling by the wayside is something you or your best friend for life truly don’t want to get away from.

In retrospect, making the effort to not become complacent in regards just being plain lazy in regards to working hard to keeping the flames of true happiness not burn out shows an ever changing mindset, in a good way of course. True, there will be times where it will be difficult to figure out how to top or in some cases redeem yourself each year concerning surprising your partner, especially if you’re a guy. In any case, don’t be the type of robotic couple where your actions and words are instantly automatic once your eyes opening in the morning to when they close at night. Ultimately, nobody wants that type of relationship and truth be told I may very well be describing your relationship…but I digress. In the end, I say to each and every one of you who are in a relationship or potentially will be in one don’t end up going through the motions because love/true allows you to break away from repeating past mistakes.

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