Saturday, February 08, 2014

I'm A Pro

Mahmoud Darvish once said, ~Sarcasm helps me overcome the harshness of the reality we live in, eases the pain of scars, and makes people smile.~ Without a doubt, sarcasm is the ability in such a way that it may possibly be difficult for another individual to know if you're actually serious or not. For its truly a skilled art form indeed for anyone who has experience in dealing with the stupidity of the general public, reality of the world, or simply responding in amusement to one's own family/friends. Essentially, you can't help but be sarcastic when you're given a window of opportunity to express a zinger of a response to the point where the guy/girl/child either stares at you blankly then turns around in order to walk away or ends up giving a sarcastic response of his/her own.

Let me ask you this question pertaining to the local/national news we watch/listen to/read on a semi daily basis, do you respond sarcastically at the it knowing the harsh reality we live in today? I think its safe to say many of you would wholeheartedly agree we've primarily become as a whole a cynically sarcastic society because not much surprises us any more when it involves our government, as well as the high ranking officials within to where you just have to shake your head in disbelief at how utterly absurd it is. The debt ceiling, NSA phone tapping government shutdown, the length of the war, Obamacare, etc. are just a handful of hot button issues in which so may across the United States and worldwide can't help but have alternative solutions to fixing the problem. Granted, the solutions may be 100% sarcastic in nature but very serious at the same time.

If you think about it, matters of the heart can most definitely be painful in regards to constantly having your heart broken leads one to gradually turn into a cynically sarcastic person. Oftentimes, its a sad state of affairs when someone's outlook concerning true happiness is met with a considerably sarcastic response associated with lets say hell freezing over or when Justin Beiber finally gets deported back to Canada. Yet, it all depends on how the scars of past heartbreak run deep so much so that if there is a possibility of love/true love happening the sarcastic defense mechanism immediately goes up. In a sense, we automatically turn into a quasi Chandler Bing from the hit NBC show Friends dripping in sarcasm and suffice it to say he eventually found his forever best friend in Monica. So, there's quite possibly hope for all us Chandler Bings in the world.

Personally speaking, I lost my best friend of 18 years last month due to an unfortunate aneurysm and it was not only a shock to me but his friends/family as well. True, there was much sadness, despair, and tears to be shed; but what got us through it is being able to laugh by being able to be sarcastically funny with each other. For example, hours before the funeral we were all sitting in the living and someone brought in a couple bulletins. As we were all looking at the, someone walked in and noticed what we were all doing. He then proceeded to ask if there were going to be more to be passed out to the other people in attendance. The aforementioned window of opportunity provided itself leading me to look up and respond straight to his face with a resounding no followed by me telling him that we're all going to memorize it then pass it down. Hey, laughter alleviates the pain.

In retrospect, being able to respond with sarcasm is not something that can't be taught as it's more naturally experienced over time. A learning experience if you will and it doesn't hurt to have a sort of Mr. Miyagi in sarcasm to emulate whoever it may be for you. In any case, you primarily have to pick perfect opportunities to respond because not every situation needs a sarcastic response. Thinking about it further, just because you think you can do it doesn't necessarily mean you can. Let me tell you something, if you're not fluent in it then don't attempt it because you may not only very well fail miserably and cause utter embarrassment to yourself, but you'll end up mentally hurting yourself too. In the end, leave the sarcastic quips to those who are well versed in the straight faced zinger responses and don't try this at home because take it from me I'm a pro.

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